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Foreign Food

Posted on Thu Feb 19th, 2015 @ 5:50am by Civilian Haqtaj Matlh & Petty Officer 1st Class Vartog

Mission: The move
Location: Klingon Consulate

Haqtaj opened the door between her inner meeting room and the reception of the new Klingon Consulate. She called, in a voice slightly louder than necessary, "VARTOG!"

“M’am,” Vartog replied. He was on his feet in an instant.

"Come in here and try this food!" she gestured him inside.

The room was almost identical in set up to the previous station with a red carpeted floor, some House banners and torches to add effect. It was all done out int he red and blacks that are ubiquitous in the Empire. She brought Vartog to stand in front of an empty desk.

"I found this in the stores when I got here. I have not tasted anything quite like it before."

Before Vartog had a chance to respond Haqtaj gestured for him to look very closely at a spot on the desk leg. She kept talking as he bent to examine it.

"Definitely exquisite. I thought It might be something the Cardassians had left after they departed, but it is too fresh."

For a moment Vartog couldn't work out what was going on, then his expert eye caught a slight discolouration. He ran his finger over the spot and felt the faintest of shapes.

A bugging device.

Vartog eased his finger away so as not to disturb the device. It could easily be sensitive enough to register being moved, even ever so slightly, thus alerting whoever placed it there that it had been found.

"Try a bit of this, Vartog."

For a holovideo designer, Vartog was not very good at play acting. “Hand me that spoon, please, M’am,” he said a trifle too theatrically.

"I can't quite place the taste," Haqtaj continued. "I am not sure if it is Federation. Maybe it is something brought by the new Romulans. They do like their food a little spicy. Or perhaps it is something Cardassian after all."

Vartog paused, giving himself time to ‘taste’ the food.

“I’m not sure, M’am. There is no such thing as ‘human’ food, just as there is no such thing as a single human language. I think it is theirs though. It reminds me of something Crewman Hespeth once cooked. He called it a curry, if I remember correctly. They can be fiery so maybe someone is experimenting with an eye to our new guests.”

"I wasn't sure if I liked the taste of it at first; I thought I might just throw it out. But If I do that, I'll never know when I could get more."

“Would you like me to ask around, M’am? I could have a word to Chief Jrez; he usually knows what’s going on below decks.”

"No," Haqtaj said cautiously. "I wouldn't want word to get around that I was trying Non-Klingon food. You never know who might be listening. You have to be sure who you can trust with a question like that, especially if it IS Federation fare."

“Then I could say that it was me who tried it,” Vartog suggested. “Chief Jrez wouldn’t enquire too closely about that. He already thinks I’m odd anyway for taking on the job of your aide.”

"It is not impossible that this is just Klingon food, repackaged to trick me. There are some on the homeworld who suspect my tastes have become so muddied by my time with the Federation that I no longer even recognize my own food. You know," Haqtaj added, "I think with food like this around, I may be eating out a lot more."

“As you wish, M’am.”

All the while, Vartog was studying the bug. It did not look to be of Federation or Cardassian manufacture but that meant little. It would be a poor Federation spy who made it obvious by using a Federation device. Most would purchase something on the black market to throw suspicion onto some other race.

"Still, I have work to do. There is that Yiridian trader who wants a right of passage, is there not? Business must go on."


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