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A Domestic Inquisition

Posted on Mon Mar 16th, 2015 @ 6:41pm by Sub-Commander Valk'o

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: Romulan Consulate

Sub Commander Valk'o had spent more than half her life as an undercover intelligence operative, working within the Romulan military. She had previously been assigned to keep an eye on several high ranking officers. However when the assignment came down to gather intel on the Ambassador, it was not an opportunity she could pass on.

No stranger to covert intelligence and subterfuge, she was not surprised when she was alerted to an incoming transmission to Captain Harrisonn from Admiral Waldorf.

She watched as the Admiral's face filled the screen, and listened as she and Harrison spoke.

“Harrison,” he said simply.

"Captain, I'm calling in regards to the new Romulan ambassador." The Admiral hesitated. "I have concerns, ones that I'm afraid I can't express to you, not yet at least. However, I'd like a close eye kept on her."

“Understood, Ma’am,” Harrison replied. “I’ll get my Security Chief onto it right away.”

"And Harrison, discretion will go a long way. We don't need any.... excitement. Understood?"

“Yes, Ma’am. I assure you she will be discreet.”

"Good, I'll be along as soon as I resolve some issues on my end. Waldorf out."

As the com channel closed, Valk'o stood, and made her way to the Ambassador's office. Without hesitation, she entered.

S' Ranya looked up arrival of her security officer. "What is it Sub Commander? "

" You'll want to see this." The younger of the pair said keying a monitor to life.

S' Ranya watched, her face not betraying her thoughts. When the recoded exchange was completed, she turned to Valk'o. "Very good. Keep me apprised of developments. "

Looking very confused, Valk'o nodded to the Ambassador, and departed the office.

'So it begins.'S' Ranya thought, recalling information about the Admiral.


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