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Science team

Posted on Tue Apr 14th, 2015 @ 1:57am by Lieutenant Serge Maschnost & Lieutenant Commander Soraya Delrisa & Chief Warrant Officer Akina Jrez

Mission: Moving in
Location: Science Lab 5

The Science Lab still had a slightly unreal feel to it. Jrez had managed to pack most of the equipment away but empty crates still lay around the walls. Serge was somewhere, his head – quite literally – buried in his latest project.

Jrez looked up at the sound of the door swishing open. A woman was standing in the entrance way It took Jrez a moment to recognise her. “Lieutenant...Kendra?” he said. “I’m Chief Jrez. We met on the Promenade.”

The dark haired science officer nodded, "Of course Chief. Thank you for finding me, I appreciate it."

“Have you been to see the Captain yet?”

"Yes, I went right to see him. He seems nice," Hume said, she shifted the PADD that she carried from one hand to the next. Her mind was still on her assignment.

The head of a young man appeared from out of the structure of a Subspace fabricator.

"Psst!" it hissed urgently to J'rez.

Jrez saw Serge’s head sticking out of an opening in the side of his current project. Serge’s face was a picture of horror and trepidation.

“What are you doing in there?” Jrez asked.

"Not so loud," the head begged. "I am hiding. There is supposed to be a new assistant Science Chief arriving today. Her records say she's beautiful, and I am in enough trouble with Natalya already over the Risan stunt you pulled on me. If I hide here maybe she won't find me."

Jrez noticed that, from where she was standing, Kendra would not be able to see Maschnost.

“Our Chief Scientist?” Jrez said, as if Hume had actually asked where she might find Lieutenant Maschnost. An evil grin lit his face. “He’s over there inside that weird looking contraption.” His voice dropped to a conspiratorial whisper. “I think he’s building a time machine.”

Serge's face appeared again, "Is not a time machine! Is a Temporal Active Relocation and Distribution Inductive System. And keep your voice down, please. I don't want Lieutenant Kendra to find me."

“Like I said,” Jrez commented, the grin still firmly in place, “it’s a time machine. You must forgive Serge, he likes big, fancy sounding words.” Jrez leant in closer to Kendra. “You have to watch out for him. He’ll bamboozle you with jargon then, when he thinks you’re getting dizzy, he'll turn the charm on. You'll be defenseless.”

Kendra raises an eyebrow, "That sounds like a good way to get a meeting with the Department of Temporal Investigations. I had a roommate that went to work for them. I'd really suggest we avoid getting them interested. Their meetings can be Kafka-esque."

Heading towards the other Lieutenant she smiled, "Lieutenant Maschnost, I'm Lieutenant Hume. Please don't rip a hole in the space time continuum. I just got here and its nice to meet you."

There was a sound, not unlike a skull connecting with the reinforced section of a Subspace fabricator. A very sheepish looking youth extricated himself from inside.

He looked all of sixteen, but Kendra knew this man had multiple papers published, first class honours from Starfleet Science and had been Acting CO of this station for a period. Still, she couldn't shake the feeling that he was about to wet himself in terror.

"Er... yes. Erhum," he tried, wiping his hands nervously against his uniform. "Hello. I am Chief Scientist Serge Maschnost. It is a..."

He took a step forward to offer a hand to shake but his foot was tangled in cables and instead he fell forward. He grabbed wildly to stop himself face planting the deck, succeeding only in grabbing his arms around Kendra's waist and burying his face in her stomach.

He gave a scream as he realized what had happened and let go, falling face forward and landing with a crunching sound on the deck.

He lay there for a moment without moving. Eventually his muffled voice came up from the floor, "I think I may be in need of some medical attention."

Jrez shook his head. “He’s really quite nice once you get to know him,” he assured Hume. “Jrez to Infirmary,” he said, tapping his commbadge. “Lieutenant Maschnost has taken a tumble. He says he’s in need of medical attention.”

"Medical is enroute," came the duty nurses' reply. A moment later Doctor Delrisa came through the door.

"Oh my goodness," she said softly, kneeling down next to Maschnost. She began to scan him with her tricorder, glancing around the lab. "Chief, Lieutenant, what happened here?"

Jrez took a mental step backwards. It was all well and good making fun of Serge but now was the time for honesty. “Lieutenant Maschnost was working on that machine over there. He came out in a bit of a hurry when Lieutenant Hume walked in.” Then the devil took him. “I think he was anxious to introduce himself to the Lieutenant, given that she’s going to be working here.”

"I see," Soraya said with a smile that disappeared as Maschnost turned over. She slipped her tricorder into her pocket. "Little bump on the head, nothing serious. You just got your bell rung," she said, offering her hand to help him sit up.

Serge could hardly talk his eyes were watering and his head spun. "Da. I think Lieutenant Hume's hips rang my bell. I think you might be sick, Doctor. I see blue spots on your face.... dancing... blue spots...."

"Just sit for a few minutes, and keep your eyes closed," the doctor said gently.

TAG: Serge

“So, your hips ring Serge’s bells,” Jrez commented, turning to Hume. “I feel I must warn you that the Lieutenant is in a steady relationship.... With a Risan.... You know what they can be like.”

He ushered her to one side, out of the way of Delrisa. “Seriously, Lieutenant Maschnost is a lovely man. He’s socially inept but he does indeed have a Risan girlfriend which makes him the envy of most every male on this station; and quite a few other stations, as well. That, unfortunately, only adds to his unease. He is also one of the most brilliant scientists I have had the pleasure to work with. Don’t tell him that though as he’s likely to babble incoherently in an attempt to downplay his gifts. Yes, I enjoy making fun of him but it is all in jest. And before you start thinking that’s what any bully would say, it is indeed all in jest. Jesting about Serge’s awkwardness does, I think, help him to cope. I fear he has faced his fair share of bullies in his short life and that would not have helped at all. What I do – or what I try to do, anyway – is make light of ineptness and social...faux pas is I think the term you humans use. If I go too far, please pull me up.

Hume shook her head and looked at Jrez, "I really don't know why I need to know that. I don't care who the Lieutenant is dating and I don't know why it's my business."

There were a lot of places for Lieutenant Maschnost to be brilliant which would not require the social interactions that Hume felt that she was being told he was incapable of. Indeed, even within Starfleet there were roles in labs and outposts that would allow him to work in isolation without a team to be affected. The situation was starting to concern her, if not just for his actions so far but because the rest of the team seemed so willing to indulge him.

She frowned. "Unless this is some kind of prank, are you hazing me?"

Lt Maschnost appeared next to them, an ice pack to his head, his Russian accent being made worse by the event, "I am beink sorry, Lt Hume, for this welcome. Your field is beink Warp Field Dynamics, yes? I read your dissertation for the Vulcan academy. Are you comfortable with the subspace dynamics of artificial singularities? I am tryink to develop an experimental model for the testing of the Maschnost Event Horizon within a singularity, but the artificial singularities we are producink cause collapse of any Warp field we use to send probes into the event. I assume since you worked Utopia Planetia you are practical as well as theoretical?"

From the look on Lieutenant Hume’s face, Jrez knew he had gone too far. Anyway, this conversation was shaping to enter fields he would rather avoid. “If you will excuse me,” he said, “I have a small project that needs attention.”

He turned to go then remembered Hume’s question. “No, Lieutenant, I was not ‘hazing’ you. I was merely trying, in my admittedly inept way, to impress on you that Lieutenant Maschnost is a brilliant scientist; for all that he might appear a – I think, ‘klutz’ is the word. But I think you are about to find that out for yourself.”

Hume nodded as Jrez left, feeling that she was still being the target of a joke or prank of some kind. However given that Maschnost was her superior officer she decided that there was no point in pursuing it at this point. There had been much too much talk about her hips and how Maschnost was going to charm her for her like already and the sooner they could get past that and move forward like professionals and Starfleet Officers the better. Hume realized that she was entering an established department with relationships, and she would have to catch up. While she was not against some light office flirting, though she'd never had occasion to partake, it was entirely disconcerting for it to happen quite so soon.

The Lieutenant however seemed to be able to turn his attention to scientific matters, which was promising. Hume nodded at his question, "Quite a bit of hands on experience. The new generation of warp drives that the fleet will be upgrading to next year are partially based on my team's design. Of course when working so close to home there's a lot of cooks in the kitchen. As for your issue I'd avoid using warp in an event, without knowing the specifics there's a reason we recommend impulse only travel through the Bajoran wormhole. It can be done but the results can be, random. Any chance the Event Horizon is putting out reverse graviton bursts? That would disrupt things."

When Serge was talking Science he lost all of his gormless nature that he had earlier. This was his territory and he walked it upright.

"Yes, it is the graviton stresses that are causing the problem. Unfortunately, since we are using singularities not, wormholes, there is no Gravity Neutral passage and without a Warp Field the tidal stresses are just pulling apart the probes. I tried to apply Nimenski's cyclic dispersal patterns but I have not been able to pin the Tachyon drift so it is estimates at best."

"If you send me the details I can look over it. I'm already working on probes so I can add it to my list," Hume said.

"Thank you. I look forward to being close with you..." Serge's smile suddenly vanished and his face went white as he realized he had done it again. "WORKING close! Probing and so... I need to go."

He turned and made to run from the room which only led to him collecting the frame of the door with the arm that still held the icepack. His legs kept trying to run as his arm and torso span in a circle flipping him neatly in the air and onto his back. Where he lay for a moment before calling out.

"Dr Delrisa?"

"Oh dear," the doctor replied. Just powered down the tricorder, too, she thought. "Why don't you come with me to Sickbay and we'll check your auditory system, maybe there's a problem with your balance..."


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