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Settling in

Posted on Fri Apr 10th, 2015 @ 8:46am by Lieutenant Thomas Stills

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: Ops

Harrison stood in front of the door to his office, watching his newest scientist depart. He surveyed the scene before him.

“Mister Stills, Mister McKenna.... How are we settling in?”

"It's different to what I am use to, sir but I am settling in alright," Brian replied.

"It's take a little while to sort out Sir but we've more or less got it right." Tom and his team had worked hard getting Ops organised and he was very happy with the result.

“I must say I prefer the layout of this Ops area,” Harrison commented. “It lacks the...militaristic...feel of other Nor class stations. The Cardassians do have a way of making you feel like you are living in a bootcamp.”

"What do you expect from a race of lizard like warriors. They train their children up in a militaristic society," Brian added.

“Not so, Mister McKenna,” Harrison said. “It is a common misconception, based mainly, I think, on what we saw of Cardassia during the Dominion War.” He leant casually on the rail surrounding Ops. “We are not talking ancient Sparta here. The Cardassian Union did maintain a large standing army and it was well drilled and well equipped. It is also true that they also demanded military service of every able bodied man and woman. That conscripted service was only two years though, I believe. It might have been five but it was not long. A society can not survive if everyone is in the army. It needs workers to produce the armaments if nothing else. It needs farmers and academics, politicians and lawyers; all the trappings of a modern society.”

"Actually sir, they are very similar to the ancient Israeli civilization from around earth's 20/21st century, where they train all their citizens who are able to join their army and serve their country, but are also able to peruse other en-devours as you said but they still instill a warrior like mentality into their citizens and also push a very xenophobic view of their citizens, training them for the most part to distrust and often vilify other races, like for instance what they did to the Bajoran people."

“I agree. There is a particular mindset instilled in Cardassians. It is quite deliberately done and is very pervasive. It was far more prevalent in years gone by but it is still there. I would not characterise it as xenophobic though; I would describe it more as a deep sense of superiority. My ancestors displayed much the same when Britannia still ruled the waves. They thought it their God given duty to bring civilisation to the world. What they did was enslave much of the world’s population. I would agree with your analogy though. The Israelis used their military to keep the Palestinians subjugated and the nations surrounding them at arms length.”

"That is true sir, Cardassian's do hold themselves as a superior race to all overs which is why they have struggled over the last 100 or so years trying to fight or conquer every race they come by, or put themselves in bed with races like the Dominion and now realistically they are a shell of what they use to be" Brian replied with "Hopefully now the younger generations of Cardassian's will see just how bad their elders decisions were and will take a new path of a more peaceful approach to other races."

“And that, Mister McKenna,” Harrison said with a smile, “is why we are here; to help that process along.”


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