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The recruitment

Posted on Sat May 2nd, 2015 @ 5:59am by Private William McDouglas & Staff Sergeant Wyatt McRaven & Private 1st Class Val Borova

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: DS12

Ringside Tavern

Cashard watched as Lt Svardberg and her security officers left. He turned back to the marines. "Now that you've got your exercise, I'm here to recruit you for a mission."

McDouglas Looked Cashard over warily. He was still smarting over having to pay for damages. Paying for anything went against his genes.

"Oh, Aye? What sort of mission?"

"Just the usual stuff, it's of extreme importance to the safety and the security of the Federation, it has the potential for a high degree of risk and it is top secret. I'll only be able to take one squad and it'll need to be all volunteer."

"Volunteer for danger without knowing the sort of danger," McDouglas mused, "but one that would require a Marine, not a security detail? Can you give us a little more to go on?"

"We cannot discuss it further here, If you're interested, meet me in Engineering Conference room B12 tomorrow at 1400 hrs."

Cashard stood up and walked out.

Then Next Day, 1400 hrs
Engineering Conference Room B12

Cashard wondered who would show up. He sat at the head of the conference table and waited.

McDouglas was there of course. Whatever else was said about him, he was no coward and knew his duty. It also helped that being on mission meant that he wouldn't be around when the bill for damages was needing to be paid.

Lieutenant Hume entered and sat down quietly, not drawing attention to herself. She watched as the marines filed in, feeling more than a little intimidated. She'd not had much contact with marines before, they tended to keep to themselves and away from the science labs on most of her postings. However given the rather slapstick environment that she was becoming accustomed to working in at DS12's laboratories the thought of the seriousness of the marines was actually rather appealing. Hopefully they were every bit as focused on their jobs as the holo-novels made them out to be.

Cashard looked around as the last of the participants showed up. He pressed a button and the door closed and sealed. Cashard stood up. "What follows is classified Top Secret." He paused for impact. "Starfleet has decided to lay a sensor net array from the Inconnu Expanse to the Cardassian Broder. Our job is to launch Hawkeye buoys along the border and then set the relay system to bounce the signals to DS12 for analysis and dissemination. This will take us close to Cardassian territory and also through some rather troubled areas." He paused again and gestured to the marines, which is why I've invited you along."

McDouglas acknowledged the gesture with a nod. They were going to a war zone, made sense to take soldiers instead of police.

"Captain Harrison has arranged for us to have access to the USS Stephenson for this mission. Commander Garrett Deshawn will be commanding the Stephenson. I will have command of the mission itself. Lieutenant Hume will be along to deal with the unexpected. While I am more than capable to deal with the engineering aspects of the mission, some problems require a more flexible mind to find the best solution."

Hume raised her hand to indicate that she was Lieutenant Hume, then put it down. Standing she straightened her uniform, "I could walk through the modifications that I've done to the sensors to make them more difficult to detect if anyone is interested in that. Otherwise I can keep this short and just point out that they'll be more difficult to detect than standard sensors which should keep them hidden."

Cashard nodded to Lieutenant Hume. "Thank you." He looked at his padd. "The Stephenson's scheduled to arrive in 10 days. We'll take two days to load and modify the vessel then we'll get underway."


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