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Bar time

Posted on Wed Apr 15th, 2015 @ 8:19pm by Jillian Forst & Cassius Lincoln

Mission: Moving in
Location: Starfire Bar and Grill

Cass was polishing the bar as his staff worked the floor. He was pleased they were so eager to work. He'd flirted, chatted and convinced them to busting hump for percentages. As it was, they made what they sold.

A serious looking blonde with a tench coat walked in and it immediately caught Cass' attention. This was new. He was curious and tried to decide if this one was worth cash, info or both. It was time to feel things out.

The new place stank like the old place, new place, same smell at least until Mr. Tan had finished setting up the noodle shop. She had specifically requested next to him again. It kept the smell of sadness and drudgery away.

Jill strode up to the bar and sat down, scanning the selection at the bar. "I'll just take a Sluggo please."

Cass beamed a big smile at Jill and said, "Comin' right up."

The bartender actually managed to tuck back his usual flash, getting the impression it might not go over well with this one. He brought the drink over with a glass, pouring it for her.

"Enjoy. First round's on the house. New location, new clients and, no offense, but you look like you kind of need it," he said with a sympathetic tone a lopsided smile.

"Thanks" She took a sip, the minty green, seaweed tasting liquid slid down her throat, landing with a thud in her stomach. "Don't recognize you, though I don't know a lot of people on the new base. Seems like everyone came out of the wood working to the new place." She grabbed the glass in her hand and rocked it back and forth, making the liquid spin at the bottom.

With a smile Cassius Lincoln introduced himself and explained while running a hand along the back of his neck under his own mane of slightly darker blonde hair somewhere closer to strawberry or even sandy but not enough really to distinguish which one, "Yeah. I heard the place was going to be going online and a lot of the merchants were staying put at the old station. I kinda needed a change of scenery and was looking to start something new....The Starfire Bar and Grill was born. I thought it'd be kinda cool anyhow."

"Drifter out here huh? Seems like that is all we are anymore." Jill took another draw from the glass. "Jill Forst, PI, Former Promenade Business Association Spokesman, and I guess Marine now too." She tipped her hat and put it down on the bar next to her. "I can't imagine you've been getting too much business around here huh?"

"Well, we ain' been open too long actually. This place was really a ghost town when we got here, sure.....But things are pickin up and looks like our timing was pretty good," Cass said with a casual smile.

"Yeah? That is good, well maybe when we get some more merchants on board we can get you in and involved with the merchant association." She paused for a moment to size up the bartender. "What all do you know about this area of space?"

"Ya mean the Cardassian issues? That seems to dominate the scene. They're all over trying to recover from the Dominion ware. They've gotten a little sloppy," he paused.

"The guy named Lax for instance," he said softly.

"Lax?" Jill rested her head on her palm to look at the bartender. "Not really familiar with the guy. Who is he?"

"He's been making waves, baby ma'am. He ain't been quiet neither. I hate that type," Cass said staring off a little at the end before turning back to Jill.

Jill stared to the bottom of her glass contemplating Lax, the sneer on his face. "Where did he come from? Or did he just crawl out from beneath a rock?"

"As I hear it, he kinda just came onto the scene. Nothing seems to be solid though there are more theories than you scan swing at cat at," Cass said, smiling rather broadly at the end.

"Yeah, I imagine that's so, in the absence of anyone knowing what is going on, ya make up stories huh?" She swallowed the last of her drink. "How about you regale me with some of these stories and another one of those and a burger if you got one. Mr. Tan hasn't set up his shop yet so I'm eating locally until then I guess." She pushed the empty glass forward. "I mean, I am all alone out here, wouldn't want to run a foul of any bad guys."

"Tell ya what....One burger, side of fries and a refill on the drink on the house. Call it a promotional offer from one cat who's new in town to another. How about you tell me how you want that burger, let me grab another Sluggo if you want to stick with that and we can tell each other a few stories while the cook russalls up your food," Cassius said.

Something in his smile changed. His smile had been warm before, friendly.....There was a touch of sincerity now, though. He didn't know much about this one but he liked her style.

"Well done please. They say that the way to a woman's heart is through her stomach, so don't try anything I wouldn't do." The detective who had just been tossed and tussled in a fight with pirates, cleaned up a dead animal in her office, and thoroughly beat finally let out a smile. "You first with the stories though."

Cass had been getting Jill's drink as she talked. It took him only a few heartbeats after she finished talking to send in her order. As he slid the chilled glass of cola onto the bar and looked at her, his eyes meeting hers as he asked, "Where would you like me to start?"

"Well, why don't you start with the most likely and move to lease likely." Without looking away, she grabbed the glass and started drinking it. "I mean, sounds like this Lax guy is starting to make a pretty good name for himself if someone right off the transport knows about him."

The Starfire's owner ruffled his long hair a bit before starting into the tales, starting from the more realistic to the more wild. He paused long enough to answer questions, to get her another refill and to get her food when it was ready.

When she was about 2/3 of the way into the burger and fries when he finished then said, "And that's all she wrote. Well, there were stories like him being spat out by a demon planet but I guess it's safe to skip those."

"Yeah I can imagine that being spat out by a demon planet is low on the probability list huh?" She took mental note of most of the information that Cass was giving her, tall tales are what built people like Lax, and herself for that matter. Jill sat her burger down on the bar. "So you said all this was on the house right? If anything it seems like a good ploy to keep me coming back here at least."

Cassius smiled with genuine mirth, "Call it trying to build up a respectable crowd. At least someone I think I'd like sticking around if nothing else. I think I can work some special promenade association discount or somethin' in the future."

"Yeah, that is if we get anyone else to come back here. We are kind of in the armpit of space you know and I'm not sure how respectable you would call me if you knew more about me." Jill slid back on her chair a bit and stood up. "Well, nice meeting you cowboy. I'll see you around ok?"

"I'll be looking forward to it. And this place might just surprise ya. See ya around," Cass said with a wide, and still sincere, smile.

"We'll see, I'm not easily surprised" Jill nodded and headed towards her dump of an office to try and get it in some semblance of order.


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