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Bio What?

Posted on Fri Aug 14th, 2009 @ 1:33am by Force Marshal Livia Harrison & Lieutenant JG T'Arjia D'Ras

Mission: Seraphim Requiem: Season 1, Episode 2.
Location: Ops


Livia had pulled both Doctor Ulonova and Ensign D'Ras from their current tasks to assist her with an idea she was working on. "I've been thinking, while a new phaser rifle would help us fend off the Borg, theres no telling how many more crew members will be assimilated in the process. We need a more permanent solution, one that will end the Borg infestation on this station for good. I need you two to help me create a biogenic toxin, something that can be released into the air, that will break down organic material." She paused for a moment, knowing that what she asked was in violation of Federation law "I'm not ordering you two to do this, I'm asking. This is in direct violation of Federation law, and I could possibly be court marshaled for this, but I don't see any other option."

T'Arjia stod silent, seemingly unmoved for a few moment. A request to go against Federation law to ensure the survival of those left unassimilated? It was a difficult subject to reach a descision on. Being a Starfleet crewman meant that she should always obey the letter of the law. It wsa also the Vulcan thing to do. Follow procedure. But was it not also Vulcan to help the mass at the expense of the individual? So much like the stories of the Borg she had heard, and the teachings of the acadamies. Taking a deep breath, she tepped forward. "Major General. The correct thing to do in this situation wold be to report my senior officer for suggesting such a course of action. However, hypothetically speaking, it is not outside the bounds of possability to concoct a virus. Being a xenobiologist in specialtym however, I could not say how effective the hypothetical virus would be. Perhaps a more effective approach would be to disable the Borg augmented systems"

Leanne looked at T'Arija and then at the general. She couldn't even begin to wrap her head around the request that was just made of her. Create a plague that not only would wipe out the borg, but potentially themselves as well, or slowly be assimilated one by one till no one is left. She had killed a borg up in ops that was on top of her and Jasmine, thinking back that was the first creature she had ever killed and it wasn't settling right with her. "I'm sorry general, there is no way that I can ethically take part in that. We should be trying to find a way to disable them so that we can bring them back from the borg. Self defense is one thing but I can't be apart of wholesale murder, even if they are the borg." The more she thought about it the more physically sick she became.

Livia nodded "My plan is to evacuate everyone we can from the Engineering tower, and seal it off. We will have to send someone in an EV suit to send the virus through the ventilation system, so that theres no risk of it spreading here. If you can create a virus that will disable their systems, I'm all for it, but let me be clear: if it doesn't work then as the highest ranking officer I'll have no choice but to order the destruction of that tower so that the Borg don't escape." She turned to Leanne "Doctor, would you be willing to help us with the techno virus? I know its not really your specialty, but if you really want to help these drones as you say, together the three of us might be able to find a way to deactivate the Borg implants, without deactivating the drones?"

Leanne thought for a moment, this might be the only way to try and help the crewmen that have been assimilated. "If we can get the internal sensors up, we could probably send out a high frequency data pulse that would reprogram the borgs nanoprobes within their systems. We'd have to match the frequency of their cortical implants to accept the pulse and order the probes to deactivate." She thought for a moment. "It should in theory work, it is the same thing that I am working on for..." she stopped herself "Well we probably only have one shot at it before they would adapt."

"The sensor grid is operational" T'Arjia looked across to Leanna "But not at full strength. In theory, what yo propose could work, but there is a high probability of it blowing out most of the rensor relays. However, n this cirmumstance, I could classify that as an acceptable risk" She looked back that Livia "Like Lt. Ulonova says, we would nly get one shot"

"Well then this had better be done right." She glanced around at the growing chaos in Ops "I need to start organizing our defense, I trust you two can handle this?"

"I'm sure that we can take care of this, I'll need to take a better look at one of them to make sure we get the right frequency but we can do it."
Leanne put her tricorder back in it's holder. "It is going to take a bit of time."

"Understood, let me know when you are finished." Livia replied


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