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Posted on Fri Apr 10th, 2015 @ 2:53am by Jillian Forst & Jeffrey Tambleton

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: Pirate HQ

A meaty fist hit the chin with a sickening crack. Tambleton rubbed his knuckles gingerly but at least had the satisfaction of seeing Lax’s head spin and spittle fly.

He adjusted the light shining into Lax’s eyes. It was a crude measure and decidedly old fashioned but very effective for all that.

“Now, try telling me again: how was it that one ship managed to defeat your fleet?”

Lax laughed, the blow had knocked him a little harder than he thought it would, but still laughed regardless. "Well, if I didn't have a floating dumpster fire being held together with nonsense and beeswax I'd have a little bit more of fighting chance against a fully armed and operational Starfleet vessel, the damn thing must have been as big as a cruiser or something."

He paused for a moment as he tried to realign his jaw. "Besides I've got nothing but twits, petty thieves and starving vagrants. How am I supposed to fight a war with left overs. What I've got is barely good for unarmed freighters... barely."

Tambleton laughed hollowly. “Your name suits you, Lax. If you spent only half as much of your booty on repairs and hiring a decent crew as you do on booze and whoring, you’d have one of the best fleets in Moonfleet. As it is, that description you just gave paints it in a flattering light it does not deserve.”

"Hey" He took a half serious look "If not for boozing and whoring you wouldn't be able to get half the petty thieves, vagrants and low lives that we are able to get, so I resent that remark, and I lost a lot of good thieves and vagrants in that ambush."

“I thought you said they were twits and starving vagrants,” Tambleton reminded the sorry excuse for a man. “Face it, Lax. You saw a pretty face: a helpless, blonde headed pretty face, at that. You thought you’d play Mister Knight-in-Shining-Armour and go to her rescue. All you managed to do was walk into an ambush. Even Kara here isn’t that stupid!”

"Hell, I was going to take her and sell her into slavery, a busted ship, burning crew, it was an easy job. I can't help it some knights from fleet are in the area trying clean things up. I thought that was what YOU" He put an emphasis that was half sarcastic and half sardonic "Were supposed to be doing. I'm the killy, killy, stabby, stabby, shooty, shooty, you are the hushed back room nonsense that doesn't pay anything. So give me my cash, let me go out and find some real no nonsense people, thieves, murders and psychopaths, and let me take care of my business." If Lax could lean back in her chair he would. He'd made his point. "Can I go now principal?"

Tambleton sighed. Lax was right and Tambleton knew it; not that he was about to admit as much. He was responsible for knowing where the ‘Fleeters were. For that matter, he thought he did. There was a new complication with the Fleet re-commissioning that old Cardassian hulk but it wasn’t meant to be operational for months yet; not from the information he’d received. Lax mightn’t be the smartest of captains – in fact, a Caitian polla monkey would give him a run for his money – but he was competent enough.
Tambleton turned away from Lax then spun back, catching the man with a backhand to the jaw. Then, planting his foot in Lax’s chest, he pushed the man over.

He walked out, feeling better for the violence but none too pleased with the situation.

"Hey now! Aren't you going to let me out of here? I'll have to let my crew know that I've been tied up with other obligations!" He let out a slight chuckle at the turn of phrase. "Usually it is a fast woman that has me in knots!" He chuckled again at his supposed wit.

“You’ll get the knots untied: in time,” Tambleton said without looking back.

"Fine! Have it your way. One Hundred bottles of booze on the wall, one hundred bottles of booze, take one down pass it around, one hundred bottles of booze on the wall, Ninety nine bottles of booze on the wall, Ninety Nine Bottles of booze! Take one down, pass it around, Ninety Nine Bottles of booze on the wall. Ninety Eight Bottles of Booze on the wall, Ninety Eight bottles of booze, take one down, pass it around.." He paused for a minute for getting where he was in the song, and decided to start over:

"One Hundred Bottles of booze on the wall...."


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