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Posted on Tue May 12th, 2015 @ 6:35am by Lieutenant Helen Shire

Mission: Moving in
Location: The Promenade

With Consul Jaron’s departure, Harrison continued his perambulation. In a café a bit further along he spotted one of his security officers.

“Lieutenant Shire,” he called as walked through the door. “Mind if I join you?”

The petite woman jolted from her day dream at the interruption. "Cap- of course sir," she stuttered straightening

He sat and looked around for a staff member. “Tea, please. A pot, if you would be so kind; not replicated. Darjeeling. No milk or sugar but a slice of lemon would be nice.”

The waitress jotted down the order on her PADD then hurried off.

“I do appreciate a good pot of freshly brewed tea,” he explained to Shire. “Did you know that in centuries past they used to sell tea in bags that you dangled in the cup? I believe the contents were the sweepings off the floor from packaging loose leaf tea. But excuse me, I am rambling. How are you, Lieutenant?”

Helen had frowned slightly at the Captain's clear instructions of the waitress but kept any comment wisely to herself. She learned a long time ago just to let lying dogs lie was often the best choice, besides that she'd came to respect the slightly eccentric Harrison even if he had a habit of going off topic.

"I'm good thank you, sir. Just a touch foot sore from exploring every inch of this place."

“I have been meaning to catch up with you. You and your team did a sterling job as the advance party here. Did you encounter any problems?”

"Nothing serious," she shrugged. "Once we made the area safe and got main power back online things were quite straight forward." Pausing for a fraction the Lieutenant added: "I did write a report, did you not receive it?"

“I did - thank you – but I find reports to be dry documents. No offence,” he hurried to add, “but reports deal with facts. I like to follow up when I can and gain thoughts, impressions. Also, now you have made a full round of the station would be a good time to discuss where you think any problems might lie.”

Shire nodded semi glad Harrison had this approach. She detested complying reports preferring a more shot first ask question later process. "What sort of things are you concerned about sir?"

“Well.... For example, there are large areas of the station as yet untenanted. Does that present a threat to security?”

The Lieutenant thought; "Possible," she said at length. "Most of the uninhabited areas are already sealed or otherwise controlled. Of course they'd still be room for the determined person to cause a scene."

Harrison gave the reply careful thought. “How long would it take to run a sweep through all those areas?

"A few hours, depending upon the man power," the woman shrugged. "Bringing the sensors online in those sections would make the task easier. The current coverage is pretty limited, but I know there's more pressing things at hand."

“I could allocate extra personnel to Security to perform the task. I would need to run it past Lieutenant Svardberg first, of course.”

Shire nodded, "That would certainly help. I've already mentioned it to her but with little response."

“Leave it with me. Lieutenant. I will raise it during the function to greet General Corrus and Admiral Waldorf aboard the station. That way I can keep it informal.”

Helen pulled a face before she realised the company she was sharing; "Urgh, sounds like a fun filled evening you have planned there Captain," she commented off handly without much thought of how it sounded. "I think you're the one needing the luck with that one."


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