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Paperwork, paperwork and home

Posted on Tue Apr 21st, 2015 @ 5:35am by Lieutenant Colonel Wolfric Bannister & Lieutenant Commander Soraya Delrisa & Jillian Forst

Mission: Moving in
Location: Ops
Timeline: Just following Wolf's meeting with Harrison

Wolf walked out of the Captain's office and looked around after he got half way to the lift. The place needed a bit more dusting, a little more paint and a new board here and there but overall things were coming together nicely. Especially since the Cardassians only left valuable components when they couldn't carry anymore or they didn't have the cargo space in addition to generally enjoying trashing the place when they moved out.

He stepped into the lift and said, "Level 2, officers country."

After a moment, the Colonel tapped his combadge, "Bannister to Forst....."

The box landed heavily on her new desk. Old PADD's full of information, leads, contacts, informants, most of them dead or on the run now. Jill dug around in her pocket for her communicator.

"Yes?" she sat on the ancient piece of utilitarian furniture that must have been the prize of some Cardassian bureaucrat. "What is going on?"

"Looks like our good pirate friend is the worst kind of pirate. Brutal, vindictive and apparently working with more than 2 brain cells. He's submitted a report to the Federation pretty much pinning US as the pirates. Harrison wants a report on his desk first thing in the morning....I'm thinking we aught to get this done sooner rather than later. Up for it," Wolf explained then asked.

"Isn't that supposed to be your job?" Jill jumped off of the desk. The pile of boxes and equipment that she had to go through was starting to be daunting. Clothes were everywhere, a pile of stuff on top of a pile of stuff. "I'm not really the paperwork type of girl."

"Good....You talk, I'll type. Your ass is on the line as much as mine if anyone at command takes this seriously. Both of us getting in on this helps make sure that doesn't happen. Can you be in my new office in 10," Wolf asked.

She clicked off the communicator for a second to grumble. She thought of about five different things she could do besides this. She clicked it back on. "Fine, I'll be there in a few minutes or so. Jill out."

Jill caught her reflection in a mirror across the room. She hadn't realized how filthy she had gotten while moving and immediately dug through a box of clothes.

=Wolf's office=

The green tunic she had managed to dig was long and warm, and the tights and boots underneath comfortable. The whole damn station felt as if it was a tomb, cold, dead, stale. At least this made her feel a bit more alive.

The detective hit the chime and waited for Wolf.

After a moment, the door opened revealing the Colonel who smiled when he saw who it was. Gesturing with his head he said, "Come on in."

As they walked in, they walked into an office that was a bit bigger than Jill's but almost as wrecked. He smirked and said, "Apparently they didn't like the station XO much....Or else they had something against the next guy who was going to be in the office. Either way, it's a work in progress. At least I was able to wrangle some new furnishings for the joint."

Jill sat down and slid sideways into one of the chairs, dangling her legs over the side. "Yeah, well, I'm low on the list to get things fixed, turns out a for profit business doesn't get first billing." Jill looked around at the office, it was in probably worse shape than hers. "So, what exactly do you need me to do?"

"Luckly you've a partner who's also station XO. Critical systems come first of course, but I'll see what I can do about the promenade in general, your office specifically. As for right now we'll need a statement. Report format. I'd guess you know the drill," he said.

"I've already done my end, just so that they can't say I influenced you," he added before asking, "Computer, what's the time?"

The computer replied, "The time is 1948 hours station time."

He sighed, "Hold that thought. I don't think this'll take too long but just in case...."

The Colonel tapped his combadge and said, "Bannister to Delrisa...."

Jill made wide eyed face at Wolf, and then smiled. In her younger, more mischievous days, Jill would have taken the opportunity to cause some havoc, but decided against. She toll up out of the chair and moved around the outskirts of the office, thumbing through the different boxes that littered the edges until she came to a stop at one of the windows and stared out, watching Starfleet Engineers in space suits, working on moving pieces of the station around, repairing systems and welding scrap metal to scrap metal.

"Delrisa here."

"Hey Doctor. I wanted to let you know I may have to be pulling a bit of overtime. Jill and I tangoed with some interesting folks on the way here and the Captain wants it in bright and early. It'll be much easier getting it done now than at some stupidly early hour," Wolf said before his face and voice softened a bit, "I'll try not to be too late. I'm rather looking forward to getting settled into the new homestead."

Jill turned from the scene outside the window and made kissy faces at Wolf and then stuck her finger in her mouth as if she was throwing up.

Wolf caught Jill's response and did something he hadn't since around when he was 10.....He stuck his tongue out her.

"Ahh... you do remember the little one was going to your office after class? Since it's right around the corner from the learning center...."

A second later the door chimed.

"Thanks for the reminder. Works been keeping me busy enough I needed fact there she is. I'll see you later. Enter," Wolf said.

Annabella Delrisa ran into the office. "Hi Mister Wolf! Look what I did today," she said, giving him a padd. Her big dark eyes watched Jill for a moment. Feeling no ill will from the woman the child waved. "I can write my whole name," she added proudly.

"Not bad at all, kiddo. I'd appreciate a copy to admire if this is ok. Oh, Annabella Delrisa, this is Jillian Forst. She and I work together from time to time and is a good friend of mine. Jill, this little lady is Annabella. She's the doctor's daughter, one of my new suitemates and another good friend," Wolf said rather solemnly.

"Hey there." Jill nodded her head to the little girl. "Sounds like you've got old Mr. Wolf there beat." Jill smiled before turning back to the window. It wasn't that she didn't like little kids, she did, she was one once after all, it just took a while for her to warm up.

Wolf grinned at Anna and asked, "How was school otherwise?"

"It was good," the girl said, climbing up onto a box so she could look at what was on the desk. "Tarry pulled my hair and I stomped on his foot."

"Not subtle but not inappropriate I'd say. I hope that taught him a lesson," Wolf said with a small grin.

"You want me to go talk to him sweety? I'll make him regret it." Jill turned back from the window and smiled at the two of them.

"Wolf, we can do this some other time if you are going to be baby sitting, I've got some other things I need to do."

The Marshal looked up and said, "Jill....we need this done. It's not really an option, captains orders."

He paused then smiled at Anna for a moment before grinning at Jill, "Tell you what. I'll push for a sped up revamp of the promenade to enhance our desirability for people offering goods and services. Your office will be first on the list.

Jill crossed her arms. "Fine" She walked over to Wolf's desk and grabbed a PADD, slid back into the chair she had been sitting in before and started scribbling out the information needed in the reports. It was one of the things that she hated back from her days in the fleet and it reminded her of school work, so it was appropriate that Annabella had just come from there. "I should be finished in a minute or two."

"I'll attach it to my report and send it to the captain then we'll call it a night. If you want to get some dinner and a few drinks, send me the tab. I'll stipend it. You've earned it. I'll also talk to the captain about that other item tomorrow," Wolf said lightly before giving Anna's hand a soft squeeze.

The child looked from Wolf to Jill. The woman's feelings were a little darker now but Annabella had known Klingon emotions all of her young life. This wasn't nearly as bad as some things she had felt when she stayed with Auntie in the Embassy.

"I can help..." Anna said softly, walking over to Jill.

Wolf suppressed a smile as his girl offered to help his friend & partner. Anna was good at pleasantly surprising him. He quirked an eyebrow curiously as he wondered how Jill would reply.

"Ummm, sure kid." Jill handed the PADD over to the little girl. "If you want, you can check over my spelling. That has always been my least favorite part and I was never very good with it." Anna took the PADD carefully and looked at it.

"That's a LOT of words...." she said, her eyes wide. She handed it back to the woman. "No pictures?"

"None that I can probably show you." Jill typed in a few more words then slid out of the chair. As she stood, she flipped the PADD onto the XO's desk. "Alright that is mostly everything, well everything that I felt the need to put in there at least. And it should make more or less sense. See you around Wolf." she started to walk out. "Ohh, Annabella, next time a boy pulls your hair, kick him as hard as you can, it is the only way they learn."

The girl watched Jill with her big dark eyes and nodded.

"Thanks, Jill. I'll holler if the captain feels we need more, but I think we'll have enough as it is. As promised, I will make sure we cover dinner as there were a few points on the way here we would've been had working meals if we weren't too busy working," Wolf said with a smile.

As the doors closed behind his partner, he knelt next to the young girl and said, "Alright....Tell ya what kiddo: I've got just a bit left to do before I can call it a day."

He looked around the office and said, "Well, a little less than that until they get the place fixed up a bit. In fact....There are some options we can use in here with the furnishings. Would you like to help me pick out a few while I am getting my paperwork done?"

Annabella nodded, she loved helping out. Wolf handed her a box with some assorted office supplies and she eagerly began to sort them out as he finished his paperwork.


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