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Goblin Men

Posted on Wed Apr 15th, 2015 @ 7:54pm by Commodore Lax Rendo're XVIII

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: Sector 531

"YAAAAR" A Bolian shouted as he materialized on the deck of the now disabled freighter. Broken consoles and bodies littered the floor, bulkheads in pieces, the gore of the freshly dead oozed down the walls.

"Oh shut up, we don't say that kind of stuff." Lax, whom materialized next to the Bolian, and a handful of other raiders, put his fist into mans gut, sending him to his knees.

*Ooof* A few of the pirates chuckled and started clapping as he stood up.

"Fan out, search the ship for anything that isn't bolted down that we can take. Look in the rooms, look for anyone still alive and kill them. Latinum, Booze, Weapons, Drain the Core, whatever we can take, we have t minus twenty minutes people to get out of here." Lax watched as his new thugs went running through the ships, kicking bodies and firing the occasional phaser into them.

It had been a successful few days, three ships plundered, and now the fourth. This one was reported to be carrying medical supplies and some doctors to a world that was being over run with plague. Lax did care. He needed the supplies more, not for any romantic Robin Hoodesque reasons, but to buy more booze, men, and arms.

"Commodore! We've reached the hold, we are getting the supplies set for transport now." Came the crackle over the intercom.

"Good! Mr. Standish! Bring me my machete!" A squat pig looking man walked up, carrying a rusted, metal weapon on a purple pillow. He knelt, offering it up as if it was a treasured heirloom. Lax took the knife, inspected it, and then slung it over his shoulder.


The men on the deck stopped. Lax scowled at the location of the noise and pointed the machete at the location and moved over...


Advancing on the position...

Lax reached what could be considered a large storage closet and starting laughing in a sing song voice:

"We must not look at goblin men,
We must not buy their fruits:
Who knows upon what soil they fed
Their hungry thirsty ROOTS!"

And flung open the closet, revealing, a young, shivering girl.

"Hello pretty!" He held the machete at her throat. "Who are you?"

The girls eyes were wide, she stammered out one word. "Jane"

"Jane, what a nice name, how old are you Jane?"


"Were your mom and dad on this ship?"

The girl nodded. Not fully comprehending what has happening.

"Do you know what we did to them?"

Jane nodded

"Do you know what we are going to do to you?" Lax smiled, as the rabble behind him started laughing, cat calling, and licking their chops.

Jane's eyes grew wide.

Lax took the machete and made a scratch on her cheek and leaned in close. "Don't worry, you'll be fine."

He turned and looked at the lowlifes on the bridge. "Mr. Standish! Dump her into an escape pod and jettison it."

The men started to grumble as the little Pig Man walked over and grabbed the girls hand, and started leading her towards the aft of the cabin. Lax held up the machete and and clanged it on the ceiling. "I'll be having none of this from my crew! The next one of you that says anything contrary will be jettisoned too! Without the escape pod!" He clanked the Machete to make his point.

"But boss! We were going to eat her!" A Squid looking alien shouted.

"If you really want to eat someone, eat the dead parents, they are still fresh!" Lax shouted, the girl started to sob as Standish led her into the escape pod, closed the door, and jettisoned the pod.

"Commodore, begging your pardon sir, why did you let her go?" A grubby looking human looked at Lax

"Because, we are going to rig this ship to blow, just in case that bitch and her dog decide to come snooping around for evidence, she'll tell them what ship this was, where they were going and so on hopefully they beam over, and if they do... *BOOM*. Besides, I have an image to maintain. An escape pod we'll lead them right to here. Now let's get going we've got about ten minutes to get out of here."


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