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Posted on Tue Apr 21st, 2015 @ 5:07am by Commodore Lax Rendo're XVIII

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: Twisted Gasket - Galixaet III
Timeline: Current

Mr. Standish, trying to reach the top of the sign board became frustrated. He snorted and one of the goons he had brought with him, lifted the short pig creature onto his shoulders. Giving him a better vantage point to paste the notice. He argued with Lax about where they should advertise, and they settled on the Twisted Gasket, a real seedy, lowlife type of place that would draw the type of crowd they were looking for.

Standish finished posting the notice and snorted to be put back down. He wasn't sure why Lax was calling him Standish, his name was really Queaaawk. He noticed most of the humans he had been working for couldn't pronounce it correctly so Standish worked well enough.

The sign hung proudly, beaming for all to see, a beacon in the light. Standish didn't know why Lax was choosing to pick a fight, but this was sure to bring out the worst kinds of people.

"SQEEEEEEEEEEEEEL, SNORT SNORT SQUEEEEEEL!" Standish let out a noise to try and draw attention to the sign.

"Umm boss let me do that for you." The goon put Standish on his shoulders and shouted.

"Listen up scallywags and scallylasses! The right honorable Commodore Lax Rendo're, the famous, legendary Lax Rendo're is looking for crew to embark on a new adventure!" The man shouted to the crowd, who were paying them little notice.

"And to show his sincerity and generosity, Commodore Rendo're is offering a bounty of one thousand bars of gold pressed latinum, EACH, for the capture of two known Federation conspirators."

The din stopped at the revelation of the pay. All eyes, tentacles, and other unknown organs were turned towards the pair.

"Good, I'm glad I have your attention, the two miscreants are Jillian Forst, and Wolfric Bannister both last scene in the vicinity of Deep Space 12. One thousand bars each! Or, if both are brought in alive, you'll receive an extra thousand bars! Information and description of the two can be downloaded from the data sign found here! And, today only, Commodore Lax Rendo're is offering a 200 bar signing bonus for any new crew member willing to sign on to the crew!"

A flood of people crowded around Standish and the goon, trying to get their data tags, and signing bonus.


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