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Chance meetings and the road home

Posted on Thu May 21st, 2015 @ 11:38am by Lieutenant Commander Soraya Delrisa & Lieutenant Colonel Wolfric Bannister

Mission: Moving in
Location: Coridores of the new DS12
Timeline: Backpost after Paperwork, paperwork and home

Wolf managed to knock out what paperwork he could while Anna helped pick out furnishings and accessories for the office. It didn't take long for the rather abused equipment to start getting even more flighty than before and making his job more painful than it was worth.

He'd gotten off the reports from himself and Jill with a cover letter earlier which was the biggest thing. The rest he could manage from a padd at home. His thoughts went to Jill for a sec, hoping that she wasn't mad at him. He valued her as a partner and as a friend.

With a smile, the marine got up and, after shutting down his rebellious terminal, he offered Anna his hand and asked, "You ready to go home?"

"Yes, I'm hungry," the four-year said.

"I could eat too, actually. Let's see if mommy has plans. We may be able to go on a family date, if you like. Me and my girls," Wolf said with a soft, warm smile.

Annabella put her small satchel over her shoulder, took Wolf's hand, and the pair headed back to their quarters.

"I'm going to draw a picture of me and Daisy," the girl said, carefully jumping over a seam in the floor.

Wolf grinned happily and asked, "Oh, yeah? Promise you'll let me see picture when you're done?"

"Yes but it isn't done yet," she said, cocking her head in imitation of her mother. "I have to think about it."

Wolf couldn't help but smile at the girl's gesture. It reminded him of how much like her mother she could be....And be her own person at the same time. He really took notice of how deeply in love with Soraya he was....And how much he loved Anna. He'd been through hell and back during the war. He'd do it all again if for no other reason than for these two.

"Oh, I understand," the station XO said giving her hand a gentle squeeze and smiled before continuing, "Art can take time and usually can't be rushed. If it's okay with the artist, I would like to respectfully request a preview whenever she does feel it's ready."

He paused as he looked over to see Lt. O'Reily heading in their direction. With a smile and nod Wolf said, "'Evenin' Counselor."

"Hello Wolf, Anna," the Counselor smiled sliding a duffel bag further up his shoulder. "I didn't expect to see the two of you still working this late."

Wolf smile, it warming a little more as he looked at the girl, "Annabella swung by my office after school since the XO's office tends to be a bit calmer than a Marshal's. She was nice enough to offer Jill assistance with spell checking and she did narrow down some rather nice items to decorate my office with."

Annabella was bouncing on her toes. "Mister Nick!" she said, waving excitedly.

Smiling at the bubbly child Nick returned her enthusiastic waving. "I've just been on a quick visit to see my sister and her new baby. There were some complications during the birth but its all remedied now. Everyone's doing fine." His gaze lingered upon little Anna has she beamed merrily bolstered by having the steady presence of Wolf acting father in her life. Nick had hoped the time away would offer reflection, enough to put the whole Soraya-Wolf thing behind him. The sharp twist in his gut at their sudden appearance was telling him otherwise.

"I'm glad things pulled through for the better," Bannister said sincerely.

"You have to meet Daisy!" Anna said, vying for Nick's attention.

Anna's excitement was too much to ignore, her telepathic abilities too were hard to ignore, she'll need to learn to rein them in sooner or later. At least it acted as a distraction to his bruised heart and ego. "Who's Daisy?" he asked falling to step with the two of them.

Wolf grinned a bit at Nick before glancing at Anna with a smile. Far be it from him to ruin the girl's thunder. He knew she was fond of Nick and was excited about Daisy. Point in fact he didn't have a hard feeling toward the other man at all. He'd learned a while back which grudges were worth holding and which were not. Seeing the girl's excitement and warmth were things that he could never imagine getting tired of....ever.

"Daisy's my new friend, Aunty got her for me! She sleeps in my room and mommy says she snores soooo loud..." the girl said, seemingly in one breath. She jumped over another seam in the floor with both feet.

"Wish I knew if that was normal for a targ or not. I've helped raise dogs and cats as family but this is a new one. I will admit, targs are fairly cute as babies...At least Daisy is," Wolf said as much to enlighten Nick a bit farther as keeping the conversation going with Anna.

The marshal mentally noted that they were a few moments from their quarters but not far. It was an automatic thing since he liked knowing where he was, part of being what he'd been so many years.

"We have to give her a bath today but Daisy doesn't like bathtime," the girl continued. She was quite the chatterbox when she wanted to be.

"No," Nick chuckled having pictured the young targ tearaway. "I don't suspect she would. How did you get Daisy?" he asked already guessing the answer.

"Aunty let me pick one and I picked her. She was with her sisters, and everyone felt warm and nice," she said, remembering the subtle ceremony of the event. The strong feelings of approval from the Klingons were a sensation she would never forget.

Wolf grinned slightly. He'd missed the ceremony but he actually looked forward to helping take care of Daisy. It'd be a new experience and the little creature was more charming than he'd expected.

The counselour smiled at Anna's description. "I hope Aunty helped you choose wisely and has given you tips, Dasiy won't stay little for long." he reminded the child.

Noticing he door panels, the marine smiled very slightly with a touch of ruefulness as he looked at Nick and said, "Looks like this is our stop actually."

The unexpected stop bought the group up short, "Must be a perk living close to the office," Nick observed with some genuine mirth. "Getting used to it yet?"

Wolf shook his head slightly, "Still getting used to the new residency assignments no matter how similar this station might be to the old."

"We have a new home! Do you have a new home?" the girl asked, looking up at Nick.

"Yes I do," Nick smiled down at her charming form. "Though unlike you both I don't really recall where it is but its certainly quite away from my office." he winked. "I've got the actual the details here," he added looking to Wolf in case the Marine took sudden pity on him showing the padd he carried.

Wolf smiled, "Well, I have a pretty good idea of where the designated quarters are having had the tour not long ago."

"Good to know, just in case." the counselor smirked.

"I expect I could get you to the right spot if you'd like," Wolf said helpfully.

"Please don't let me keep you," Nick gestured to the closed door. "I'm sure our paths will cross soon enough."

"We can go to the petting zoo!" Anna added helpfully.

Wolf nodded with a slight grin and glanced at Nick for half a heartbeat before he said, "Could I see your padd a sec?"

After a moment, Wolf tapped the padd a couple times and the XO smiled as he handed it back then said, "Not too far, actually. Intersection about 10 feet thataway, take a right and 4th door on your left. Not too far from being neighbors actually."

As the three exchanged farewells and Nick headed off, Wolf smiled lightly. He wasn't sure if Nick realized the living situation or not. If he had, he took it very well. If not....Well, time would tell. He hoped for a smooth road however.

He watched the counselor round the corner and looked at Annabelle and smiled, "Let's say hi to mom and the little ones before cleaning up and getting dinner. What do you say?"

"I want noodles!" the girl said. Wolf laughed as they arrived home.


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