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I'm Coming Aboard

Posted on Thu May 7th, 2015 @ 6:12am by Vice Admiral Catherine Waldorf

Mission: Trouble on the frontier

Catherine waldorf was no stranger to lies or deciet. In fact she had spent a great deal of her career completely immersed in the two.

She had sat the entire trip to Deep Space Twelve, thinking. Trying to figure out how to approach the barbaric Romulan woman who had hurt her so long ago.

"Ma'am we are appraoching Deep Space Twelve," the young Bolian at the Helm exclaimed.

"Hail them," Waldorf ordered.

Brian turned to his console and saw an incoming transmission from the Admiral's shuttle.

"Captain, we have an incoming hail from Admiral Waldorf's shuttle," Brian said

“Patch it through to my office, thank you, Mister McKenna.”

“Captain Nelson Harrison, Ma’am. Deep Space 12. How can we help you?”

"Ah, Captain, how nice to see you again. I'm coming aboard for an informal Standards Inspection."

What is it with top brass and informal inspections? Harrison wondered. First General Corrus and now Admiral Waldorf. Why is the Admiralty taking a sudden interest in an out of the way station?

“Of course, Admiral,” he replied. “When do you expect to arrive.”

Catherine turned to the Bolian at the controls, who indicated three with his hand."Three minutes Captain, and we can forgo the formal boarding procedures."

Harrison breathed a sigh of relief over that small concession. Three minutes was not enough time to get to the docking bay, let alone organise a formal welcoming party. “I will have you escorted to my office then, Admiral.”

"Excellent, Waldorf out." She closed the channel and let out a sigh, 'so close.' she thought.

Harrison waited until the line was closed then paged Ops. “We have another visitor,” he advised. “Have quarters prepared for Admiral Waldorf. There is a function being prepared for General Corrus. Have Admiral Waldorf installed as joint guest of honour. And have a Security detail meet her at Docking Bay 4.”


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