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Make way

Posted on Wed Apr 29th, 2015 @ 3:50am by Commodore Lax Rendo're XVIII

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: Market Bazaar - Talitan district Planet Fari IV

The hubub of the district famous Talitan Bazaar rang out over the square. Merchants, barking trade deals, haggling with customers. Over this, a large gong rang out. Shouts, from down the busy street, echoed off of the ancient buildings.

"Make way for Commodore Rendo're!"

A man in brightly colored tech armor yelled, clearing a path for a processional that stretched down the for as far as the eye could see, all manner of vehicles, war prizes, soldiers, pirates and offerings marched down the street.

One of the men on the side of the street yelled, and pointed at someone down the road. "Hey! it's Lax Rendo're!"

Music played, the processional had it's own band marching with them. Right behind the man in the tech armor was another man, riding on a floating pallet loader, yelling to the crowd"

"Hey clear the way in the ol' bazaar! Hey you! Let us through-
it's a bright new star Oh come be the first on your block to meet his eye! Make way! Here he comes! Ring bells!
Bang the drums! Ah! You're gonna love this guy!" He jumped off the pallet loader, and moved in amongst the crowd, the hype amongst the crowd.

Lax stood on the top of a truck, smiling, he had his men throw trinkets and slips of latinum to the crowd. All of the activity halted in the Bazaar, all attention was now being paid strictly to Rendo're and his procession

Barkers moved in and amongst the crowd and held sign up padd's, many were being pushed out of the way to have the opportunity to sign of for Lax's crew.

"All are welcome with Commodore Lax! All abled bodied men and women have a spot! Take back our quadrant! Make some Latinum! See the Galaxy and take us back to the good days!" The barker yelled to the crowd.

"It looks great! How many people did we get?" Lax sat back in his chair, watching as the recording played. "How are the ranks, and what were the expenditures."

Mr. Standish, sat at a desk, processing the new crewmats looked up, another man who looked over a stack of PADD's coughed.

"Well, Mr. Rendo're, we brought on two hundred new hands and three captains with ships. Bringing our total fleet strength under your command to fifteen ships, and approximately twelve hundred fleet and ground personnel. With expenditures towards the bazaar event, and signing bonuses, we are still operating at a profit." He cleared his throat. "Residual bonus paid out on the bounty you placed on Ms. Forst and Mr. Wolf has not been paid out, that money has been placed in a holding account on Yidiq Prime earning an interest return of nearly eighteen percent."

Lax watched as the holovid editor worked through the video, cleaning up artifacts. "Can you make me a bit taller?"

"Of course Commodore" The editor punched in the commands.

"Good work all, send third squad out to hit the boarder along" He pulled up a frontier map, "Sector eight three four, rumor has it there is a grain convoy there"

"Make sure this holovid gets distributed across the net, I want the right kind of people seeing it, maybe we'll get a few more recruits."


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