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Counter measures

Posted on Fri May 1st, 2015 @ 6:19pm by Mac Mohune & Jeffrey Tambleton

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: Moonfleet HQ; Cardassian sector

The holovid finally reached the end and not before time in Jeffrey Tambleton’s opinion.

“We’ll have t’ watch that one,” he said, turning to Kara Mohune. “He’s building up a fleet of his own. If we’re not careful he’ll try t’ usurp our authority.”

"I'd like to see him try," replied Kara sipping her drink. "If we had Moonfleet's resources he would think twice about it. But you had to get on Mac's wrong side didn't you?"

Tambleton chose to ignore that quip. “We’re a long way from Moonfleet out here, Kara. Rendo're could stage a coup and take control before Mac could get relief ships out here. That is, even assuming he could be bothered doing so. He seems more concerned with what Starfleet’s doin’ in the Raeyan Transit Corridor.”

"That and profit for his precious Moonfleet and to make it more richer than it already is." Damn Mac Mohune and his useless hangers on, she thought to herself.

“I suggest we find out two things. He’s put up a bounty on the heads of a couple o’ ‘Fleeters. I want t’ know where the latinum is being held. We’ll steal it so that when the bounty is claimed, he won’t be able to pay.” Tambleton smiled. “That will put a dent in his popularity.”

Kara finished her drink, walked over to Tam and looked at him squarely face to face. She stroked the side of his face with her hand.

"And the other?" she asked.

“We have spies in his organisation. I suggest we sabotage some of his operations. We need the taxes he pays to us but we don’t want everything going his way. If he runs foul of Starfleet on a few of his missions then he’ll find it harder to recruit. As it is, his cobbled together fleet is no match for a half-decent ‘Fleet vessel. We keep him where he has enough money to recruit but not enough to field decent ships. The money keeps comin’ in t’ us but he doesn’t have enough left over t’ continue building.”

"Well I must say it's one of your better plans I've heard recently and perhaps it might just work. But we need to have a get out clause worked into your plan, my dear, because I for one don't intend to get caught.

Tambleton took the hand and brought it to his lips. “Nor do I, Kara. Nor do I.”


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