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A chance to impress

Posted on Mon May 11th, 2015 @ 3:35am by Lieutenant Colonel Wolfric Bannister & Lieutenant Commander Soraya Delrisa & Lieutenant Thomas Stills & Jillian Forst & Civilian Haqtaj Matlh & Sergeant Ara Brandin

Mission: Trouble on the frontier

OOC: 1. Some comments please on arriving.

OOC: 2. Craig, Jeffrey, Reade and Ed: as none of you play senior officers or department heads, I would like you to invent an NPC for this post. Have a look at the ‘Personnel’ list and see what’s available. Marines is probably best as they are under represented and this is a Marine General who is visiting. However, you could also play a waiter. This is an official function and refreshments will be served.
Harrison is out to impress.

OOC S'Ranya-If it's an official function why are the Diplomatic Representatives not permitted?
OOC: Good question. I think because I originally envisaged Corrus' visit as a formal inspection.
All ambassadors are invited, which means S' Ranya, Haqtaj and Vadek.


“Attention all senior officers and Department Heads – Starfleet and Marines. Senior officers to report to Briefing Room 1 at 0900 hours. Brigadier General Corrus will be visiting us. This is a good opportunity to impress an important officer and show him how well we have settled into our new home. Please be prompt.”

Briefing Room 1

Wolf and Soraya entered the briefing room together. Wolf was actually in uniform, which was a hit or miss proposition when he was just a marshal when his rather worn long coat and badge was his usual wear. Today the Marine style long coat variant of the uniform actually looked freshly replicated and pressed. The CMO smiled at her colleagues as the pair walked in; it was good to see everyone again after their move.

Tori sauntered into the briefing room, nose in a PADD. She was up to her ears in reports and data, things she needed to sort out. It was tough being the department head of a large department when moving.

Lt Tom Stills straightened his dress uniform before he walked into the briefing room. It still cut him at the neck but it would soften with wear, he was sure of that, not that he got to wear it very often.

The door opened with its perpetual hiss as he entered and they closed far to nosily behind him, Tom thought. He made a mental note to see to it as soon as he could. If there was one thing he couldn't stand was an obstreperous door. He saw a few people he recognised and went over to talk to them.

Ara Brushed entered and quickly brused past Stills almost knocking her drink she was carried on to him, and the clean uniform he was wearing, he resembled the man she was looking for but only just. Tom wasn't a marine.

Lt Serge Maschnost was a puddle, almost literally. He had been to the toilet three times and his uniform was damp from sweat. Last time he had been to one of these functions he had poured a drink over the Betazoid diplomat and torn her dress off trying to clean the mess. Of course, worrying about it was only going to make things worse... but that only made him worry about worrying about things. When the door open he looked around furtively for someone big to stand behind in the hope he wouldn't be seen. A marine big-wig was not likely to be interested in the testing of the Novikov Continuity Principle anyway.

He spotted Wolf in his giant trench coat. Perfect cover. He tried to move around till he was hiding behind the big man.

Legate Vadrek fussed over the clothes he was wearing. It was a suit in the Earth fashion tailored for him by Garak while on a trip to DS9 five years before. He was forced to admit that he had put on a few kilos in the intervening years. It wasn’t enough that he could not button up the coat but it was a tight fit.

He had decided on the suit rather than his army uniform as he was here as a representative of the Cardassian government, not the Cardassian army. Anyway, civilian clothes would – in his estimation – portray a better image than a uniform.

The briefing room was already filling up when he entered despite the fact that he was early. He looked around but many of the faces were new to him. A female lieutenant with her nose in a PADD was completely unknown to him. The CMO he recognized then guessed the man with her must be the Marshal; if rumour was to be believed. By the look of their closeness, it was a good bet in this instance.

He was going to announce his presence to the Captain but Harrison was deep in conversation. There was a young man looking lost over near the far wall. Vadrek decided to do the polite thing and introduce himself.

“Good morning. You are the Chief Scientist, if I am not mistaken.”

"Yargh," Serge managed, trying not to swallow his own tongue in fear. So far he had managed to avoid diplomats and here was one putting himself in danger by being around him. At least this one wasn't wearing a dress.

"Er... That is yes. Yes, I am beink Lieutenant Maschnost, head of Sciences here." He scanned his mind for the data he had tried to memorize before the meeting.

"Legate Vardek?" he hazarded, getting the pronunciation wrong.

“That is Vadrek, Lieutenant,” Vadrek said with a smile. “Don’t worry,” he hastened to add when Serge’s face went red. “These Cardassian names are all the same. It’s easy to confuse them. Tell me, what are you currently working on. I don’t want to know anything confidential but science interests me. If I had had my way – and if Cardassia had been a different place when I was young – I would have gone into the sciences myself. Unfortunately, other priorities were put before me.” That last was added with a distinct trace of wistfulness.

Serge seemed surprised by what appeared to be genuine interest in what he did. He started off unsteady but, as he got into it, he became more and more sure of himself, "Well, er... ostensibly it is... temporal mechanics. I am not beink sure if you are versed in this. We are examining practical applications of the Novikov continuity principle to assess the fractal time paths predicted by Schrodinger as an alternative paradigm for reference to temporal displacement phenomena. Specifically if the probability wave caused by transverse reality progression is collapsed through negative iteration."

He grinned, "So far results are promising."

“Forgive me. Lieutenant, but I beg you: slow down. Temporal mechanics is not my field at all. Could you put this is terms a lay person could understand?”

Serge's mouth moved a couple of times as a look of confusion crossed his face, "I... thought I was..."

“Then, with your leave, I will do a bit of research later and resume this conversation when I’m more conversant with the topic. May I ask you though to send me a brief overview as you just outlined it. My memory is not what it was when I was young and you used terms which I fear I will soon forget.”


* * * * *

Wolf was excited to see his old friend, even if their reunion was kicked off by an inspection. It was odd, though. He'd expected the senior marine to be back at San Francisco or cavorting around the Gamma Quadrant. Inspections didn't seem his style. His thoughts got filed to the back of the mind as he noticed Vadrek and nodded slightly. He didn't harbor much ill will toward the race (except for the leadership and a few zealous commanders) but there was a bit of awkwardness with regards to some residual feelings.

Vadrek returned the nod but his attention was on what Lieutenant Mashnost was saying. Despite the scientist’s best efforts at rendering his passion for temporal mechanics intelligible, Vadrek was having a hard time of it.

* * * * *

S' Ranya sauntered into the room. Her ceremonial robes billowing behind her as she walked. Seizing the chance to assert her superiority, she was gilded head to toe in treasures from her people's past. She lifted her head, and walked about the gathered people.

S' Ranya could not help but smile at how uncomfortable people looked as she walked past them.

Haqtaj was noticeable by her absence. It wasn't exactly insulting, but it was a clear message that if Starfleet said jump, she was within her rights to sit down and wait.

Brandin grabbed replaced the empty drink that she had in her hand at the table. These events were always stuffy, mostly everyone in the room was there just to polish their own buttons, she would be happy to get out as soon as she could.

"Oh, let me help you with that." One of the servers, a crewman if she read the collar markings correctly, who was walking around serving drinks nearly tripped on the tray. Ara grabbed the server and smiled. "Let me help you with that, I've been assigned to help out anyways."

The crewman smiled as she handed the tray over to the Marine. Ara returned the grin and started making the rounds, offering drinks and scouting the room.

T'saan entered the briefing room, the Vulcan Chief Strategic Operations Officer had been drawn away from her duties because it was logical. In her role she often worked closely with the station's marine detachment and had always found their performance to be satisfactory. The station's visitor was a high ranking marine, and thus this was the logical opportunity to inform the superior officer of the satisfactory job that the marines aboard the station were doing. While she had noted this in her reports on several occasions with comments such as 'the marines performed their duties adequately' and 'the station's marines were competent' she had long ago discovered that such effusive praise often was best delivered in person. Not everyone spent as much time reading reports as a Vulcan.

Seeing the Romulan Ambassador enter the room smiling like, well like whatever illogical thought made Romulans smile, the Vulcan changed directions and approached. She was not acquainted with the Romulan, having not spent any considerable time with non-Starfleet personal. She approached and nodded as acknowledgement of the other pointed eared woman's presence. "Ambassador," she said, "I am the station's Chief Strategic Operations Officer, T'saan. We have yet to be formerly introduced."

S'Ranya looked down at the Vulcan with genuine distaste, "Pleasure." She said extending her hand , with the Imperial Signet facing up, a clear indication for her to kiss the ring. S'Ranya watched with hidden curiousity, wondering if the Vulcan would observe the ritual.

T'saan raised an eyebrow as she looked at the Romulan, looking much like she had when in her first year at Starfleet Academy a fellow cadet had given her a Valentine's Day card. It was an illogical gesture, one that was meant to establish the Ambassador's authority over the Vulcan, though it meant nothing in truth apart from revealing a great deal about the Ambassador herself. It showed that S'Ranya was interested in establishing dominance, that there was a value in her mind to such pointless theatre. The Vulcan deliberately bent and bowed as she pressed her lips to the Romulan's ring. It meant nothing, did not change the number of ships that either the Federation or the Star Empire had in the region. It simply, in T'saan's mind, made the Romulan look weak more concerned with her own ego than substantive issues. T'saan was a Federation lieutenant and department head, she eschewed the trappings of formal authority. It was not logical, her junior officers respect was earned through her own actions and her past accomplishments. It was not simply conferred upon her by a ring or a certain number of pips.

Standing she adjusted her uniform, "I hope that I have properly observed the custom. I would not wish to cause offense unintentionally."

S' Ranya gave a curt nod, "Was there anything else Lieutenant?"

"I had several varying topics which I felt would provide engaging avenues of discussion. However I would not presume to hold your attention longer than warranted. Enjoy the gathering Ambassador, meeting you has been most informative," the Vulcan said nodding. She turned her back on the Ambassador, and went to find refreshments and a quiet place in the gathering where she could subtly return to work.

Wolf had been keeping watchful over the group being a combat marine and marshal by both experience as well as training. He caught the bi-play between the Vulcan and Romulan a few heartbeats after they started talking. He watched as the scene played out being careful not to stare. The ambassador's fairly obvious haughty attitude was not lost on him.

Having only recently returned from leave Counselor O'Reily glanced around the room looking for a familiar face. It seemed a lot had happened during his absence.


Having excused himself from Lieutenant Mashchnost’s company – and still feeling a bit overwhelmed by the stream of the young scientist’s exposition of temporal mechanics theory – Vadrek made his way towards Captain Harrison. As he crossed the room he noticed the new Romulan ambassador. He thought she looked particularly...smug, he decided would be a good word for it...even for a Romulan.

“Good evening, Ambassador. I am Legate Vadrek. I am the Cardassian Ambassador on this station.”

"A pleasure I'm sure." she said, feeling slightly uncomfortable at the way Vadrek was looking at her.

Vadrek lifted S’Ranya’s hand and raised it to his lips. However, he made a point of only brushing and then only skin, not the ring. As he lowered the hand, an insouciant smile crossed his face.

In her mind she was squirming at his touch, and his insolence. How dare he kiss her hand, and completely disregard the signet of the Empire. Though she thought all of this, she smiled respectfully and nodded, pulling her hand back to herself.

He looked around. “I see Madame Haqtaj has not joined us. She is the Klingon Ambassador. She is from House Matlh.”

"Yes, " She said, taking a slight look around," I know Haqtaj, and her family quite well."

“She has been acting...strangely, of late. My guess is that she has decided to make a point by being fashionably late.”

Smiling again, "Haq has never been fashionable. She probably find the summons insulting to her honour."

Vadrek considered S’ Ranya’s opinion. “I would not call it ‘insulting’, as such. I think it is more that when Captain Harrison says jump, it is she who will decide when and how high.”

S' Ranya considered the Cardassian's face a moment, 'Repulsive.' she thought. "I suppose your right." She said, wanting very badly to get away from this man. "I think our guests will be arriving soon, If you'll excuse me." She made to depart.

Vadrek smiled, That went rather well, he thought. Not quite an enemy made but she will be wary in my presence. I think I can rely on her Romulan sensibilities to ensure that she does not underestimate me.


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