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Tip of the Iceberg

Posted on Thu Aug 6th, 2009 @ 10:30pm by

Mission: Linta: Season 1, Episode 1.
Location: Linta
Timeline: 20.55

"You see," the voice of Eleanor purred combing her fingers through the hair of her husband as they surveyed the footage of the hospital being raided only minuets after the Away Team were clear. "See what response you can have with a little pressure added in the right places."

It was well known that Mayor Diam was a pacifist so ordering an armed raid upon a critically important hospital filled with patients had not been a easy decision for him to make. But he wasn't going to give into terrorism threats or deceitful lies. He wanted that man caught, his evidence condemned and answers to be discovered.

Unknown to him and his wife they were already too late. The body was gone, any alien technology destroyed leaving behind only the hired man power and the ring leader himself.

"I still wished their had been another way without the violence," Diam signed wincing as the raiding party bought a resistant fighter crashing down bulging him until he was still. He hated violence, the blood shed was not necessary but tonight if he did not act his own blood would have been split.

As soon as the board cast had ceased Eleanor and himself were sheppard deeper into their own estate while the buildings, ground and staff were investigated in the unlikelihood the demands were to be met.

The result chilled Diam even now nearly an hour after the discovery had been made. His very own chief of security was a double agent. The man he trusted the most since coming to power was playing false with intentions of murder. How long had he been plotting? How did he know the ring leader? Was this the end, or only the tip of the iceberg?

The mayor shivered involuntary as Eleanor's nails scrapped the back of his neck. "This event leaves me with the question of who can I trust?"

"I hope you can still trust me," she smiled pressing a light kiss on his cheek. "I'll never turn you in, I'll burn in hell for that. I'm bound by more then just law and politics to you my love." She murmured nestling her head upon his shoulders.
"Come I think you've seen enough to that," she stretched over turning off the screen fading it to black showing only their reflections.

Her husband tilted his head to one side thanking the heavens again for blessing him with the most beautiful and intelligent woman available. "Law and politics don't come into our marriage especially not the one one we entered into, a promise to raise a family I seem to remember. And unless I am mistaken their's something missing from the recipe."

"Well," her voice now as deep and husky, "You'll just have to show me that part. After all tonight could be are last!" Her smile deepened with a mischievous wink.

Laughing with her Diam surprised even himself when he gripped her tightly, swept her off her feet and carried her the full length of the room into the adjunct where their laughter continued for some while longer.

However, while the Mayor was otherwise preoccupied he was out of earshot when the phone on the desk chimmed, and on the other end was General Harper in command of the raiding party on the hospital. Since he was man in charge it fell to him to report in any changes to the situation, which he was attempting to so with the a weaving amount of courage.
After all how do you tell the mayor the man you just apprehended for crimes against the land escape without a trace? The only thing Harper was able to extract from the hostage was the name Yal Tekorin before he vanished into the snow filled night like a ghost.


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