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Formalities begin (A Chance to Impress, Part 2)

Posted on Sat May 30th, 2015 @ 6:58am by Lieutenant Colonel Wolfric Bannister & Lieutenant Commander Soraya Delrisa & Jillian Forst & Civilian Haqtaj Matlh & Vice Admiral Catherine Waldorf & Sergeant Ara Brandin

Mission: Moving in

OOC: 'A Chance to Impress' is becoming a long post. Therefore I have started the formal part of proceedings as a new one.
Feel free to contribute to both.


"Attention on deck!," came the call before the airlock opened.

A human came out the door wearing the uniform of a marine flag officer who had a boyish face that looked grave. He also looked like a man who had seen things few men would want to say, his blue eyes cold.

He stopped and stood at attention before Captain Harrison before offering his hand and saying, "Captain. Good to meet you sir."

Vice Admiral Waldorf was a well appointed woman. She strode in with the Marine carrying herself with an air of elegance.

She too stopped in front of Harrison, "Captain. How nice to see you." Her voice was even and betrayed nothing.

“Admiral Waldorf, General Corrus, welcome to Deep Space 12,” Harrison said formally. “We have organised a small function in your honour,” he added in a lighter tone. “Please avail yourselves of refreshments. It is nothing grand as we are still opening packing boxes but I hope it will be to your taste.”

Sergeant Brandin smiled, taking the tray of drinks that she had saved earlier and straightened up a bit. This was theater, she knew it, and she knew that everything had to be showy. She walked up to the Admiral, General and Captain. "From what I understand sirs, some of the best bubbly this side of quadrant." She held out the tray of champagne flutes to three guests.

Catherine smiled and took one flute, downing it's contents,. "Do you have anything stronger?" She said with a smile.

MG grinned and nodded as he took one of the offered flutes saying, "Thank you, sergeant. I'll take your word on that as I've learned over the years that sergeants rarely fail to get the best information possible long before the officers do."

"Sir, I try my best, have to keep the squad in check you know." She nodded before placing the serving tray behind her back. "If you'll excuse me sirs." Brandin straightened and saluted.

As Brandin turned to serve someone else, Harrison caught her attention. “Sythnahol or the real thing?” he asked.

Waldorf handed the glass back. "As real as you can muster."

Harrison raised one eyebrow to the sergeant, seeking confirmation.

"Real sir, only the best that we were able to muster." Ara noddded.

“Then I suggest you have some synthahol available too. I do not want our guests getting tipsy. It would not look good in front of the foreign dignitaries.”

Offering the sergeant an informal salute with his glass and another smile, he glanced at the other officers, speaking to Captain Harrison though he gave Lt. Colonel Bannister a passing glance first, stifling a wickedly playful grin as he said, "So, Captain....I understand you've got a new executive officer. How's that working out for you so far?"

“It will be a struggle, sir. Colonel Bannister is undoubtedly the person for the job but I have my concerns.”

"Oh? Wolf's always had good if not excellent reviews I've noticed. What specific concerns do you have," the general asked.

“First Officers usually lead the away missions, especially if there is a possibility of danger. Thankfully, Starfleet regulations have progressed since Captain Kirk’s day in that respect. However, Colonel Bannister could be away for extended periods. Time will tell but I think his Marshal duties will see him in the field more often that not.”

MG nodded, "I can see how that might be a concern, captain."

“I will need to groom someone to replace him as needed but I have no-one in mind. There are some capable officers here but none are ready to step up yet. Admiral Waldorf, how is the Emergency Command Hologram programme progressing.”

Catherine smiled at the idle small talk, "As I understand, it has been proceeding very well. However the specifics are, as they say, Above My Pay Grade." The Admiral spoke in a calm, diplomatic voice.

MG nodded to Captain Harrison, intending to continue their conversation at a later time. In the meantime, the station CO seemed to have turned his focuse so he moved down the "line" as it were to his old friend, the marshal XO, and a rather beautiful lieutenant commander wearing a teal uniform indicating sciences or medical.

"If you gentlemen will excuse me, I think I see an old friend." Catherine said, cynically as she set off to find her Romulan adversary.

Wolf came to attention but sketched a salute a little less formally than usual before offering the other marine his hand, "Decimate San Francisco yet or still working on it?"

"Better than you could, you blood hounding ground pounder," MG said with mock venom.

"Whatever, you pretty boy pilot....It's good to see you again old friend," Wolf said breaking into a broad smile.

Breaking protocol, MG laughed and both men stepped into a brotherly embrace before adding, "Good too see you, little brother. Finding ways to get into trouble I hear."

The two men broke and the flag officer tilted his head, "We'll need to talk about that....Pirate situation a bit later, buddy. For now, however....A lot of work went into this soiree."

Wolf nodded, "You got it, MG. In the meantime, may I introduce Doctor Soraya Delrisa, CMO of Deep Space 12?"

Soraya extended her hand. "It's a pleasure to meet you, General," she said with a smile. "I've heard stories about you..." she added, glancing slyly towards Wolf.

MG slid his gaze to Wolf and raised an eyebrow. "Um, yeah. I should've mentioned....The good doctor is the lady I mentioned. We're pretty much official. Especially since we seem to be quartered together now. Assignment glitch however I am not complaining."

Wolf grinned and slightly brushed his hip against the doctors, giving her an impish grin before looking at his old friend, "Any prospects sir?"

MG unconsciously touched on the gift his beloved Adriana gave him months before she died. Wolf sensed the grief of her death still lingering, the hope, the drive....The pleasure of seeing his old friend, his beautiful girlfriend, the envy, the dark hidden gem they both shared but neither could really see.

The general nodded, "Working on a proposal for Task Force 9 to reintroduce a fighter command centered around the reincarnation of my last ship. The Majestic A will be my next command if I have any say."

"What happened to the first Majestic, General?" Soraya asked.

Corrus paused, his face reflecting some of the pain he felt. He replied, "She was sabatoged over Romulus. Reman subversives according to the reports. Everyone survived except Adriana Isis, who was murdered shortly after. That was bare hours after I proposed to her and she accepted."

"I'm sorry to hear that," the doctor said. "I can't imagine your grief."

As Soraya finished, MG looked over to see a force field drop around the woman his old friend was talking to. He looked back at Soraya Delrisa, "You know, I expected a party but not an adventure."

"Captain, we seem to have a security issue. A security field has dropped. I'd say wrangle security, but knowing the man over there, they're on the way. If he dropped a force field I'd guess privacy might be in order," MG Corrus said, looking over toward his friend, inherently a little worried but not overly so knowing his friend's abilities.

Harrison’s initial reaction was to wonder why a forcefield had been erected around a Marine sergeant. Last time he had looked that way there had not appeared to be any problems. His next reaction was to think of the dignitaries present. He immediately went into action.

Waldorf took the opporturnity to slip away from the action around the General. Time to find what I've been looking for, she thought, making her way through the crowd. She stopped a young Ensign. "Excuse me, Ensign. Could you point me in the direction of the Romulan Ambassador?"

The Ensign went wide eyed at the realization of who he was talking to. "Yes, ma'am. Of course, ma'am. She is right over there, ma'am." he said, pointing towards the corner. Catherine could see a tall, dominating figure draped in Imperial robes. The Ensign spoke again. " I would save introductions for another time, ma'am. I heard the Ambassador is in a mood."

Catherine smiled, "Looks as though it's time to make it worse," she said with a pointed smile. "Thank you, Ensign," she said, walking briskly from the young man.

From where S' Ranya stood, she could view the entire room. She spotted a white haired Human Admiral making her way across the room and immediately recognized her. She looked to either side for a way out. This was not something she wanted to deal with publicly. She moved regally but with urgency through the mass of patrons.

As Catherine moved closer to where the Ambassador stood she was stopped by an excited looking Bolian. "Good day, Admiral. My name Kop Yim. I believe you worked with my Uncle Chemm," he began. Catherine looked up to see that S' Ranya had left her corner. Her eyes scanned the crowd as the Bolian continued, "He never had anything but praise for you."

Catherine forced a smile. " Thank you. I really must be going." She pushed the Bolian aside and half ran. The Ambassador was gone. This would have to be settled in a different venue.


Baradin returned to the small gathering of officers and approached Wolf. She gave a curt salute. "Sir, may I have a moment of your time, there is something of importance regarding station operations I need to speak to you about and I fear that time may be of essence."

Wolf nodded and said, "Absolutely sergeant. After my time on the line, I don't mind a little time for my sergeants."

The Marshal/XO gave Soraya a smile, then passed one to MG with a slightly raised eyebrow. He didn't think this was an obvious issue but most marines went up the CoC. They weren't this direct normally.

The Lieutenant Colonel turned to Baradin and said softly, "Sergeant, I don't have a lot of personal time right now but what I have is yours. Lead the way. Far side of the room should do. Harrison will have a cow if I leave totally."

The Brigadier watched his old friend wander off for his conference with the Sergeant. A bit odd in this situation but not outright wild.

He watched his friend out of the corner of his eye as he asked Soraya, "What is this I hear about him having a girlfriend?"

Soraya laughed. "He and I have been seeing each other for a few months."

The general paused for a moment , pausing to look at the doctor and said, "Well, I never argued about my friend's taste. Just his actions. He is loyal as anything but he's worse than a dog hound. Sounds like he's serious about you."

MG watched quietly. Outside of a battlefield, a Sarge approaching a Lt. Col. was a little odd. His eyes tracked back to Soraya, "He's a good man. He's my best friend and I'd not choose any other to replace him. He tell you about the dance he had with the pirates on the way in?"

"Dance with pirates? What do you mean?" she said with a laugh.

MG blinked at her then watched his old friend before adding, "Bannister and Forst came across some pirates on the way here. A notorious bastard called Lax. The Marshal's have been after this prig for a while and Wolf seemed to pin him. He and Jill managed to take out a small squadron on their own but the jack wagon seemed to have a long distance transporter. For the first time since the ancient west, he's wanted dead or alive."

MG's face grew cold and growled, "Dead is preferred. I've authorized it after he tried to kill my friend and a man who loves you."

He let out a chuff, "It's amazing how war can harden someone. I'm sorry."

The doctor's smile left her face, and her jaw nearly dropped. "Wolf... someone tried to kill him?" she asked, incredulous.

"He didn't tell you about it," MG asked looking at Soraya.

After a head shake he smiled, "I know him well enough to say it was to protect you and nothing more."

For a split second Soraya was hurt, and angry. Then fear crept in.

"These pirates... they don't know about Anna, do they?" she asked, her dark eyes wide.

"They're looking for a man with pale skin, reddish hair and a blonde woman. Nothing more. We've no reason to suspect more right now," M.G. said.


Wolf looked at Sgt. Brandin and smiled casually, "Experience has taught me to listen to my sergeants when they have something to say. Unusual for me to pause at my rate but who cares about rules? What do you have, Sergeant?"

Off to the side of the room was perfect for Ara to speak to Wolf. Her gentle eyes turned a bit darker now that she could drop the act of being part of the team.

"Well, then you'll be glad to know that your Sergeant is still alive, for the moment. I just needed her clothes, I'm a professional, not a murderer." The woman moved in a little closer to Wolf to avoid speaking too loudly. "You may or may not know this, but you have a price on your head, I've come here to collect, you also probably know that is alive or dead, I'd rather take you in alive for the extra bonus, but Commodore Rendo're wasn't too specific and I wouldn't want to see your friends over there witness a mess." She motioned towards the group of officers.

She shot a look at Wolf. "Don't try or think of anything too heroic Marine, my associate is currently working over your associate, I wouldn't want anything to happen to her on your behalf."

Wolf shook his head, "That slippery son of a bitch. Normally I'd be happy someone survived but suddenly, my kind nature just changed. The latinum was offered by Mr. Jax wasn't it?"

"Lax actually, nice sum for you and the woman, so, here is what is going to happen, we are going to walk over, you are going to excuse yourself, and then we long distance transport out of here, or I kill you now yell death to the Federation or some other kind of nonsense and make my escape. I'll have to take a slightly less comfortable vacation though so I would recommend the first option. What is your choice." The woman looked at Wolf ready to flinch if he made the wrong decision.

"Far be it from me to try anything adventurous in a room full of diplomats. I noticed that the Klingon ambassador isn't here. Too bad as I was hoping to practice my grip of their language. Fascinating actually. You know some of the Klingon language of course being in your profession, right," Wolf asked.

"Enough go get by." She scowled, the bounty hunter knew something was going to go down, only to be cut off by Wolf.

"That's a little surprising. My favorite saying is....De'wI'. Ghunmeymo' Haqtaj wa'dich ej cha'dich chu'!," Wolf said.

A forcefield went up around the woman and Wolf tapped his combadge, "Security....There is a woman impersonating Sgt. Brandin at the diplomatic reception. Send a team over to secure the location and take her into custody, please. With Lt. Svardberg's permission and guidance, I would like to see the initiation of a search for the Sergeant as well. Additionally, I will be ordering that Jillian Forst to have a marine escort for now. Kindly be as quiet possible."

After the signal closed Wolf looked at the woman with a cold fury that was not well hidden, "Don't try to call out. Any signal that was broadcasting from you is being continued but yours is blocked as will all signals be. Now will you be so kind as to tell me who you are or do we have to play more games?"

"Well your friend is more than likely already dead or teleported out of here, too bad you Federation people only take care of those in uniform." She instinctively leaned back, but was zapped by the force field. The woman touched the field and made a sad face to Wolf. "Sorry I ruined your little party, but I do like party games."


Tori was somewhat annoyed that so far all of the glasses that had been offered by the wait staff were alcoholic. She didn't really appreciate that, as she didn't drink. Maybe she could find some coffee. Or tea. Or sparkling apple cider. Or hopefully, a small fight would break out anywhere else on the station and she would be called away. Yes. That was a lovely idea. A small fight to draw her away from the awkward meeting of flag officers and diplomats. Her least favorite things.

Despite feeling particularly undiplomatic at the moment, Tori was well aware of the entrances and exits to the room, and who all the key players were. Waldorf, Corrus, each of the Ambassadors, Harrison, even the senior staff. She watched everyone with professional interest, hoping that she wouldn't end up having to make polite conversation to some diplomat. Last diplomat tried to get into her pants.

When Svardberg heard the commotion, seeing a forcefield go up, she headed over towards the Marine and his Sergeant. Her ears were ringing, so she couldn't quite make out what he was saying, but she caught the word Security. She saw the general in the corner of her eye pull a phaser and head toward the Colonel as well.

"Hold up, General Corrus, I'll take care of that if you don't mind." She said sternly, coming up to him. "Security can handle this."

"By all means, lieutenant," MG said with a smile. While his smile was amiable, his eyes might as well have glaciated.

Svardberg moved past the General to Wolf and his captive in the forcefield. "Colonel, care to explain what's going on? I've got a nice little brig cell that will fit this lady, if you care to relinquish custody."

"Provisionally, Lieutenant. This woman has crossed trans territorial borders which makes her a criminal in the eyes and province of the Marshal's service. However, we don't have local holding facilities. Security has her, though there will be additional modifications which we'll discuss later. Until we find my marine that she is impersonating, you're watch may be better. I am going to...." Wolf paused and looked at the woman in the security field for a second as he mulled over his words.

He continued after a few seconds added with more courtesy as his attention went more toward the security chief, "Respectfully order that extra staff be assigned to escort her and guard her. The son of a bitch who sent her can send others. While I have no doubts about you or your staff, I've learned the hard way that chance is not something to be tempted."

Wolf paused and he growled, "Bloody hell....Jillian. Lieutenant, Send staff to Forst's office and quarters now! If a hit was placed on me, it's not unlikely she's marked at well. As executive officer, I am ordering a station wide alert.....Gods, send troops to the Delrisa quarters. If anyone gets to Annabella....."

* * * * *

Harrison had been looking elsewhere when the forcefield dropped so he missed the start of the action. The first he knew was Lieutenant Svardberg dropping her attempt at bon hommie and adopting the professional look he knew so well. He turned to see Corrus with phaser drawn and the Marine Sergeant leaning back and triggering the forcefield.

He looked around for Ambassador S’ Ranya but could not see her anywhere. He frowned but could not pause to think about her absence at the moment. He immediately stepped over to Admiral Waldorf. “Admiral, if you would care to accompany me.”

"Absolutely, Captain." Waldorf said, downing her drink.

He noted that Svardberg was speaking to Corrus. He could guess what she was saying. That only left Legate Vadrek. “You too please, Legate.”

It was all done in less that a minute. Harrison ushered the dignitaries out of the room and into the waiting arms of a security detail. “Have these people escorted to their quarters. I want a 24 hour guard on them but do not be intrusive.”

Vadrek seemed keen to stay and see what was happening. Harrison placed a hand lightly in the small of the Cardassian’s back and eased him next to a security officer. “It is for your own safety, Legate,” Harrison advised.

Catherine pushed the Cardassian with surprising force, " Come on man move!"" she bellowed.

“I can not confine you to your quarters but I ask that you remain there. At least until we know what is going on here,” Harrison advised

With that, he re-entered the briefing room.


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