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Posted on Tue May 26th, 2015 @ 8:03am by Civilian Haqtaj Matlh & Sub-Commander Valk'o

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: Romulan Embassy Quarters
Timeline: Before the Formalities

Haqtaj leaned against the chime, knowing it would keep chiming until one of the occupants deigned to open the embassy door.

Sub-Commander Valk'o hurried through the chambers, to cut off whoever wanted in. She was a tad surprised when the doors parted to display who was there.

The door opened to expose Haqtaj, not dressed in her normal ceremonial Armour, but a serviceable leather outfit with the normal gaps where Klingon Female Fashion decreed it necessary. She waved a bottle of blue liquid in the face of the angry Romulan.

"After hoursh I know," She said, deliberately slurring her words, "but Iwanna see Shranya."

"I'm afraid that won't be possible," Valk'o said, with all the calmness she could muster.

"Corse it will," Haqtaj slurred making to step inside.

Valk'o was a trained agent and knew a number of grips that would render a forceful expulsion from the embassy a painful experience to remember. however, Haqtaj was a Klingon Admiral with a long history of exposure to the Romulans and she had anticipated the move. Valk'o made the mistake of underestimating Haqtaj, believing her to be addled with drink. Haqtaj was not and in an instant the Aide found herself having her legs swept out form under (him/her?) and being caught and inch from face planting the floor.

Haqtaj lowered her gently the rest of the way to the ground and then said, "Close the door will you? You don't want just anyone wandering in off the street."

Straightening she bellowed, "S' Ranya! I know you're home. Stop skulking when friends come to call."

S'Ranya emerged from her bed chambers, clearly unimpressed with her sleep being interrupted. "Haq! what is the meaning of this visit?"

Haqtaj laughed at S' Ranya in her evening attire, "I see you dressed up for me! I want to talk to you in private. I come bearing gifts."

She waved the bottle of blue liquid around with an abandon that nearly saw it broken against a rather priceless artifact they had on display.

S' Ranya looked to a dazed Valk'o."You may go Sub-Commander." With military rigidity, Valk'o turned and departed.

She turned back the the hulking Klingon, "Why would I need that? If you`re looking for a drinking partner go to the station's bar and be verbally accosted by the patrons. You'd like that." The Romulan led the way in to a small sitting room.

As soon as the door closed Haqtaj dropped the drunken act, "I'm surprised at you, S' Ranya Mirok. I bumped into Chief Jrez in the Promenade. He was in a proper foul mood. A few questions here and there and I soon found out what happened. You blew him off. That was a mistake."

"Do not presume to tell me who I should and should not befriend Haqtaj Matlh!" S' Ranya exclaimed, perhaps to loud for the hour.

"No, no," Haqtaj hurried to explain, "I am not telling you how to run your personal life, I am suggesting a diplomatic strategy. Poor Jrez is a lonely and heartbroken soul. He is looking desperately for someone to confide in, and he has a reputation for liking aliens like us. He is also the should of discretion. I once kidnapped him at gunpoint for a mission and when it was reported to the CO, Jrez denied it."

S'Ranya considered her friend with narrowed eyes.

"Now, if a lovely young Romulan woman who he showed an interest in could bring her self to meet with him privately, that Romulan would have direct access to most of the information that comes through the lower decks as well as some insight to the Andorian military Command, this Stations command structure, and so forth."

"So, take this bottle of Andorian Ale he likes so much and go and offer it to him as a peace keeping gesture. Explain that in public you must pretend to shun and despise him, but when you meet in private... well, I doubt the Mirok women need me to explain the rest."

Hesitating a moment, the Ambassador took the bottle. "I will...consider your proposal Haq." She could not mask the intrigue in her voice. "Now get the Hell out." she said with mock disdain.

Haqtaj grinned and deliberately stumbled as the door opened as if she had been shoved out.

"Well, if that's the way you want it, you can take your trade goods and..." she looked at the crowd outside the embassy who were observing the apparent sight of a Romulan / Klingon conflict, ".. and good night."

Her task complete, Haqtaj made for her own Embassy.


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