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Posted on Thu May 14th, 2015 @ 6:04am by Jillian Forst

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: PEI - New Office
Timeline: Concurrent with A Chance to Impress, Part 2


"That's five for me, two for you" Tan smiled at his adversary, as they sat on Jill's desk.


"That's six now!" Jill scowled as Tan sent another wasabi pea into the metal bowl across the room. "How do you get the arc so good on those damn things?"

"Ancient Chinese secret." Tan sent one more sailing into the bowl. "Seven, that's it, I win!"

"Remind me not to play with you anymore." The detective crossed her arms. "I'm sure you cheated somehow."

"No cheating, skill young grasshopper, some day, you too will possess the skills." The cook gave her a big toothy grin. "I go get new recipe for noodles, I'm sure you'll like it. It will make you feel better." Tan jumped off the desk. "Two bowls of noodles, coming up. No charge." Mr. Tan walked hastily out of the office, leaving Jill alone with her thoughts.

The whole situation on the border had left her worried, more so than other times in similar situations. Some of her contacts in the field had been forwarding on information, official and non official as it had been. Forst leaned back on the desk, using her arms to prop her up on the desk, allowing her to stare at the crusty, beaten ceiling. She imaged some poor Cardassian or Bajoran goon installing the tiles once upon a time. Miserable, beaten, and hating every minute of it, almost like her time here.

The woman slid off the desk and moved around towards the back of the office. Everything was still in disarray, she hadn't touched anything since moving in, nor had she felt any ambition to do it. Her business may as well not even exist, she hadn't had a case in months, especially with all of the running around she had been doing.

Jill started ruffling through one of the boxes, it was documents pertaining to one of the cold cases she had worked on. No new leads, nothing to go on. This one was particularly troubling. It was the one that had led to her and her partner breaking up. She remembered the awkward conversation, their partnership had gotten a little too comfortable, something she didn't want to admit, but had caused her to misjudge some key points in the case, and misjudge his feelings towards her. It was a hot mess, total hot mess. She flipped through the pages of the file, hoping that a few years would give her a new perspective.

She didn't see it, nor hear it, but she felt it, a rope flung around her neck, digging in to her skin. She gagged, and immediately tried to yank it away from her.

No luck.

Whoever was behind her was strong, knew how to use a garrote, and was slowly suffocating her. It wasn't a hack job, or someone who didn't know what they were doing, this was professional.

Jill struggled, she kicked, gagged, wiggled, and felt the rope tighten more around her neck.

The room was going dark.

"My god, I can't see!"

She could feel her body falling out from under her, tightening the rope even further.

Sound was deadening, like under water.

"The Commodore sends his regards."

She felt her body drop to the floor, limp, lifeless.


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