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*Ping* part 2

Posted on Thu May 14th, 2015 @ 6:43am by Jillian Forst & Deng Tan

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: PEI - New Office
Timeline: Concurrent with A Chance to Impress, Part 2

Tan grabbed a few bowls, he'd been working on a newer, and in his mind, yummier recipe. He'd looked up some of the local flair in the sector and worked it into his current recipe, spicy, but not too spicy. He thought about trying to work in some for the Klingons, but he didn't care much for them, especially after they had wrecked his shop once after a heavy night of drinking.

He gathered up the noodles and chopsticks and headed back over to Jill's office. He felt bad about winning, but he wasn't going to let her know about it.

Walking to the door, he heard a struggle, looking in a man had Jill wrapped up from behind, on the ground. She wasn't moving.

Tan threw open the door, and with one fluid motion, grabbed the large steel bowl that they had been using to play their game, and brought it down on top of the man.


The bowl echoed through the office, sending the man flailing to the ground, Tan to the one side, and Jill slumped to the ground. The detective let out a loud gasp and started to cough as the rope loosened from her neck, the ashen color of death retreated from her face.

"You are going to pay for that old Man." The thuggee scrambled to his feet before Tan could get up. Rage and blood from the open wound on his head filled his eyes. With one motion, he wiped away the blood and produced a knife from his vest.
"I'm going to cut you from stem to stern."

Tan scrambled up and tried to crawl away from the man around the back side of his desk. The assassin caught his foot, and started to drag him back closer. Deng, grabbed the side of the desk and gripped. Not wanting to budge an inch and managed to connect a kick into the knee of his would be killer knocking him to the floor.

Jill laid coughing. Her vision was starting to return, and could feel the warmth of life coming back into her. Breath that up until then she had taken for granted refilled her lungs. She was in a haze, nothing seemed familiar, everything was wrong.

Tan was about to give up when his hand connected with something metallic, something familiar, something...

Tan remembered Jill was paranoid, she kept weapons all over the office, one day she showed him where a few of them were, one, under the leg of the desk, was a little job she picked up in the Gamma Quadrant, it was a Mark IV Quinta High Energy Disseminating Refractor Pistol, only good up to about 3 Meters, but packed enough punch to fry the central nervous system of an attacker, rendering them mostly incapacitated for hours.

He ripped the phaser that by chance his hand connected with from the leg of the table, but not before the assassin brought the knife he held down into the calf of Tan. The old cook screamed out in pain as he brought the weapon around and fired it directly into the face of the man.

The assassin screamed, a blood curdling scream, before his nervous system began systematically shutting down. His eyes blank, mouth agape, he fell over, his chest showing the faintest signs of movement.

Tan tossed the weapon down. His leg throbbed. He took both hands, placed them on the handle of the blade, and pulled. He screamed again as his blood came with it.

He crawled to Jill, her neck was purple, bruised and burned, but she was breathing.

"Tan to security, need help now! Medical too! PEI offices, get here now!"


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