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A New Challenge

Posted on Thu Jun 25th, 2015 @ 1:24am by Lieutenant Commander Jonas Flanigan & Lieutenant Commander T'Siryik & Private William McDouglas & Staff Sergeant Wyatt McRaven & Private 1st Class Val Borova

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: USS Challenger
Timeline: After The Challenge Awaits

USS Challenger::Cargo Bay

Cashard had checked and rechecked the buoys while they were at DS12, but he believed in being thorough, so he was in the cargo bay rechecking the buoys yet again. Something seemed off. He couldn't put his finger on the problem. All the buoys were still within the tolerance for their specs. They were just a little different than when they were at DS12. He would check back on them later. He turned and left the cargo bay.

Mc Douglas met him at the door, almost crashing in to him, "Och, I'm sorry, sir. I dinna see ya there. I thot we were supposed to huv a guard posted on this door, but I canna find anyone who has been rostered to it, ya ken?"

Cashard raised an eyebrow at the marine. "You're right. I don't remember seeing a guard on duty." He tapped his padd. "Did we relax security protocols after we left DS12?" He thought for a moment. "Commandeer T'syrik is in charge of overall ship security, but marines are assigned to project security. That leaves you for guarding the cargo bay, at least until Sergeant McRaven posts a schedule."

McDouglas snapped to attention, "Aye sir!" He checked his watch and logged the time he took the charge.


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