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Game plan

Posted on Tue May 26th, 2015 @ 6:44am by Lieutenant Colonel Wolfric Bannister & Lieutenant Commander Soraya Delrisa

Mission: Moving in

The woman masquerading as the marine sergeant was march frogged off and both senor marines walked up to meet the station CO, the chief of security and the chief medical officer.

Both men's faces were barely masking their hidden fury. Wolf was focused on Soraya for the few heartbeats before his old friend nudged him.

"Commodore Lax obviously escaped. There was no sign of transport. There was no reason to believe he got away....." Wolf ground out.

The Marine flag officer put a hand on his friends chest and took over, "Obviously this pirate is beyond the usual scum. Captain, you know Wolf's record as well as I do. He's killed or captured every pirate he's crossed. Every other one was chased down by him. He knows the tactics. I've supported his actions more than once. He's got more at risk here than ever before. So do you, your chief of security, and your doctor here. Quite frankly, he just made this my business as well."

Vartog entered the room at a run. Seeing that Commander Delrisa was safe he brought himself to a halt. Bemused faces greeted him.

“I apologise,” he said, breathlessly. “Madame Haqtaj sent me to ensure that Commander Delrisa is safe. She, herself, has gone to find Anna.”

Tori was about ready to lose her mind on this station. "Really?! Really, Ensign Vartog? You let a half-crazed Ambassador go solo to find and protect someone? Aside from the fact that that's security's job, it hardly does you any favors to let an Ambassador go looking for trouble." She snapped, before looking at the two Marines and the Captain. "And you all, sirs, cannot be seriously entertaining the idea of letting someone so emotionally involved in a case go on a man-hunt for someone using people who aren't trained to wound, but to kill."

Soraya sighed with relief; Haqtaj had protected her daughter before, she knew her child couldn't be safer than with the Klingon Ambassador. She felt a lump in her throat as she tried to thank Vartog, but nodded in gratitude instead.

MG took a deep breath, "Lieutenant....With respects, a framed star severely out does your two pips. I respect your authority. Respect mine. As of now, I am keeping this contained under Captain Harrison. With that said, I am enforcing Marshal Bannister's suggestion of the two special forces marine teams being deputized. While this situation is noone's fault except for one pirate maruader, I am ensuring it gets resolved NOW."

The general stared at the other people there in turn before he continued, "I never have liked being heavy handed, but now is the time. Teams are being sent to Forst's office and quarters to check her status. If anyone is menacing her, they will be dispatched. We've ordered teams to track down the Sergeant. Additionally we're checking on Mistress Delrisa."

"They cannot get Anna..." Soraya said, her voice breaking.

He paused to look at Soraya, "The group that is looking after Anna has a daughter. She will make sure that your girl is not alarmed. Wolf was quite strong about that. In fact, before we leave we will check in on every situation."

"Dispatched?! No one is getting dispatched on my station, with or without your orders, General. You are out of line. You may have a star on your collar, but you are not in any authority over this station, and unless the Captain wants to relieve me of my duties, I will protect all the lives on this station. From your jack booted thuggery if necessary."

Corrus paused and softly shook his head, "Bad choice of wording on my part. I meant that as being captured, put through due process and landing in whatever facility is deemed fit. And I am sorry if I overstepped my authority in any way, real or perceived. Last batch of high tension situations was on a Concorde class and not horridly long before that it was in the cockpit of a fighter. I owe you an apology Lieutenant. I am sorry."

"Pirates take hostages, who knows what they'll do if they get their hands on my child! If they take her..." Soraya cried out, staring down the Security Chief. Her eyes turned to Wolf. "Don't let them take my baby."

"We already have security teams headed to check on your daughter, Doctor, as well as the Ambassador having taken it upon herself to do that as well. No one is going to get your daughter." Tori said, her voice much softer and nicer for the doctor. She understood the worry. "We're going to take care of it."

For what it was worth, though, Tori didn't respond to the crazed and obviously violent jarhead Marine. She wasn't going to accept his apology, she was fairly certain he had legitimately meant dispatched and was just trying to cover his hind end. One did not use the word that literally meant 'to kill' without meaning to kill them. Not in a situation like this. "I'm going to go check in on those teams." She looked at the Captain and General Corrus. "By your leave."

“Granted, though I will want to see you in my Office when all this is over. General Corrus, I would like you to accompany Petty Officer Vartog. Commander Delrisa, if you would do me the courtesy of doing so as well, please. Colonel Bannister might be correct and this was directed at just himself and Ms Forst. However, I am not about to take any chances.”

The General nodded, his face having become uncharacteristically mask like. He wasn't as good as reading people as a counselor or like his friend, but he could read the lieutenant quite plainly.

Tori nodded at the Captain, though she had a feeling she knew what it was going to be about. Comments that she didn't play well with others, that she shouldn't be disrespectful to flag officers. She knew the drill. It was part of the reason she was still a Lieutenant. "Aye, sir." Was all she said before heading off to deal with the disaster that had popped up.

Harrison then turned to his First Officer. “Number One, I would like to see you too in my Office with Ms Svardberg.”

"Aye, captain....If I may first," the Lt. Colonel replied then queried nodding in the direction of the General and Soraya.


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