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Posted on Thu Jun 11th, 2015 @ 6:27am by Lieutenant Colonel Wolfric Bannister

Mission: Moving in
Location: Captain's office

The replicator buzzed as a cup of tea appeared in it. Harrison lifted the steaming brew to his lips and savoured the aroma. He blew across the top of the hot liquid then took a sip.

Wolf had headed into the office not looking forward the meeting as he'd have liked. Things had gone less than stellar on many levels even though it could have also gone much worse as well. Regardless, he was looking forward to getting this over with.

It was the inevitable 'You are in it deep now' lecture, Tori knew it. Still, she headed into the the Captain's office with her head held high and her posture perfect. She was in the right, and she didn't give a flip about whether or not she had ruffled feathers during the meeting. They were Marines, they could handle it.

“Would you like something to drink,” he asked in an effort to lighten the atmosphere. Both his senior officers were clearly on edge and apprehensive.

"Thank you Captain. I think I am good for now, though," the XO said.

"Lapsang Souchong tea, one sugar, please." Svardberg said, needing the kick of taste, but not wanting to have any caffiene to set her more on edge. Her blood pressure was probably high now anyway.

Harrison waited until they were settled. “Let me begin by saying that I appreciate the way you both handled yourselves at the function. That could easily have blown up into a nasty incident and that would not have made a good impression on the dignitaries. However, we have a problem which needs to be addressed. It is an age old one that has afflicted police forces for as long as there have been police forces. That is the question of jurisdiction.”

Wolf nodded, not really adding anything for the moment. It was pretty clear that the CO had something in mind.

Well, that wasn't what Tori had been expecting to be addressed first. It was an issue, though, yes. Corrus and Bannister were incroaching on her territory. And Bannister couldn't be allowed to go on a dead or alive man-hunt for someone.

“Number One, I believe General Corrus was entirely out of line. I agree with Ms Svardberg that ‘dispatched’ can only have one meaning in that context. Maybe he spoke before thinking but it was clear he wanted those terrorists killed.”

The Lt. Colonel nodded and said, "Dominion War metaphorical turns of phrase aside, I suspect it was closer to what he meant than I'd like to think. I will say that, in his favor, he normally is not that prone to fury or overreacting. I suspect there may have been something contributing to the response though I don't rightly know what nor does it excuse it."

"Maybe emotion?"

“I also think you acted precipitously in claiming that your attacker had crossed various jurisdictions.” He held up a hand to forestall the marine’s intended interjection. “I agree that it is a likely scenario but it is also likely that someone close at hand was in a position to act quickly on the price on your head. Lieutenant Svardberg was well within her rights to act as she did. This is her station and she is the ranking security officer. It was her responsibility to diffuse the situation.”

"The fact she admitted it was a bounty laid down by Mr. Lax that prompted her actions seems to all but confirm that but I agree that we've not validated her statements yet. And under other circumstances, I'd agree with that being largely Lt. Svardberg's perview, I happened to be right there when things presented themselves. There wasn't much to do much else aside from take action on my end," Wolf said pretty obviously trying to offer the Chief of Security the deference he felt she deserved.

"Doesn't stop the fact that you also wanted to go off with a bunch of highly trained killers on a dead or alive manhunt for a person you are biased against emotionally. The man's pissed you off, you want him dead. He'll never make it to trial if you're the one going after him. It's a complete conflict of interest." Tori said, her voice sharper than intended. The man might be guilty as sin, but it wasn't up to Bannister to dole out vigilante justice and be judge, jury and executioner with Starfleet forces.

“That brings us to the question of the forcefield. I have reviewed station logs and I can find no reference to its installation. Certainly, I have no recollection of authorising it.”

"I'd only heard bits and pieces that never did more than hint vaguely at a few potential countermeasures. I'd not had an opportunity to prove what I suspected until just earlier and I felt that an accusation without solid proof would be exceedingly problematic on numerous levels. My guess and opportunity seems to have worked out well in this case and we now can approach the Ambassador with what she'll likely see as a way to honorably approach her," Wolf said allowing a slight grin touch his features.

"You should have reported what you suspected whether it was an Ambassador or not, Colonel. That may have saved you tonight, but it is a security risk. I will be having a complete diagnostic on this station. I have no idea how they managed to put it in on a brand new station."

"I have a feeling she and I will be having a discussion about it either way if I know the Ambassador....Considering our respective relationships with Anna I'm at least farther along than a lot of others might be. I think I can get the details openly at this rate, with your permission of course sir," the XO said gingerly. He kept the chief of security in his peripheral vision as he spoke. He was in doubt if his poker face could hold and, as XO, tearing into subordinate was not often the best way to go, less so in front of the CO.

“Will you be having that discussion as Commander Delrisa’s partner and Anna’s de facto father or as the First Officer of this station, Colonel? Harrison asked. “If it is as the former then I will have to have it. If it is as the latter....” He paused. “Colonel, I do not think you are in a position to have it as the latter, not in this instance. You clearly knew of the existence of this forcefield yet you did not report it. That has compromised your position. I think I will have to have the discussion myself.”


“Now for you, Lieutenant. Situations like you faced in the Briefing Room call for a prompt and decisive response. However, you have been counselled before about your manner towards senior officers. For all that General Corrus was out of order, it is not your place to tell him so and certainly not in the way you did.”

Svardberg held her cup in her hand, having not drunk hardly any of it. She didn't respond with what she wanted to, which was a brash statement about how the stupid jarhead deserved it. It took a great deal of willpower not to, instead she looked down as if ashamed. "Aye, Captain. I was out of line."

"We won't fire unless fired upon when we go after this guy, Lieutenant. I promise. And if that is the case, we'll shoot to disable where ever possible. I've been doing my job as marshal too long to let personal grudges get in my way. And, frankly, if you are worried about the General was one of my best friends before he out ranked me. If he gets out of line, I am used to ignoring him," Wolf said with a slight smile. He seemed friendly even.

Svardberg shot a look at Bannister. "I lost confidence in that, Colonel, the moment you made that order dead or alive."

"If he fires back and makes capture impossible without the loss of life on the ship I take out to capture him and capture is otherwise impossible, it will come to that. I'd hope you were trained at Star Fleet academy and not in fantasy land, Lieutenant. I've spent years in law enforcement and as many in combat, Lieutenant Svardberg. I do NOT take killing another life lightly. If you think I do, you are grossly mistaken. From experience I know this sort does not give up lightly and he's likely to shoot back at full kill. I want him in corrections, trust you me. I'm not risking myself, my people or even yours on a gamble or high hopes. Capture first if I can. He is unlikely to play footsies however," Wolf fired back

The XO was not about to accept her apparent naive allusions to get people killed. He said, "He tried quite hard to kill me and my deputy not long ago. He proved he is not hoping for fun in candy land. I will disable him with minimal injury if I can as the law allows and as I have countless times before. In fact I have a plan that will all but ensure it does so. You're assumptions aside, Lieutenant, we are on the same side. Unfortunately cold reality and the harshness of the man we are facing is something I have experienced first hand and which you have not. Unless you are joining me out there, let me do my job. I have not gotten where I am by being a cold blooded or thoughtless killer I assure you."

Tori actually lost her professional composure and laughed at the Marine in front of her. She set her tea down and looked the taller man square in the eyes. "Self defense, especially for officers of the law, is legal on every planet and star base in the Federation and doesnt require a dead or alive warrant. Putting it as dead or alive simply means you intend to see him dead, not alive. You think I'm naive, but I've been around the block enough times to have seen this before, Bannister. I'm not inclined to see a revenge crazed jarhead go off with men who aren't even trained to ever wound to get a fugitive."

“Children, children,” Harrison chided before the spat really grew heated. “Ms Svardberg, you are on the verge of another reprimand. Mister Bannister, your tone and choice of words is demeaning. Ms Svardberg is a trained and highly competent Security officer. Do not let her rank fool you. It has nothing to do with her ability and everything to do with an unfortunate tendency to speak her mind.”

Tori took a step back and looked over to the Captain, then down. "I apologize, Captain." She straightened her uniform a little. "I will try to contain myself."

“Any ‘dead or alive’ orders will be rescinded forthwith, Harrison stated firmly. “Lax is to be taken alive if at all possible and he is to be taken by Starfleet personnel. I do not want anyone taking matters into their own hands in the hope of some reward. Unfortunately, I tend to agree with Mister Bannister on this issue. Anyone with the pull to place a bounty on the heads of his enemies – and, moreover, to see it carried out – will not be easy to bring in. I would assume that he would have bodyguards as well as any number of foot soldiers at his beck and call.”

The Colonel nodded, "Understood. Never bothered with that kind of thing before but I let myself get a bit hot under the collar at the start there. Not often someone comes after me specifically for thwarting him. This is my first time doing this job having a woman I love and little girl I adore in residence with me too."

He grinned and added, "A guy like that would likely rather die than get hauled in so busting him would be more delicious payback anyway."


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