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Posted on Wed Jun 10th, 2015 @ 4:27am by Lieutenant Colonel Wolfric Bannister & Lieutenant Commander Soraya Delrisa & Civilian Haqtaj Matlh

Mission: Moving in
Location: Bannister / Delrisa quarters

Elizabeth yawned and leaned back in her chair, stretching. There was only one child left, the doctor's daughter. The other two had been picked up earlier by their parents. Annabella had lined up all of the stuffed animals and was giving each of them a name.

Babysitting duty was usually easy since the kids kept each other occupied, but Beth had been uneasy and distracted all evening thinking about her date the day before. He still hadn't messaged her... She felt her chest tighten as she wondered if he just didn't like her after all.

Anna was tired too, it was getting close to her usual bedtime. She rubbed her eyes and moved the stuffed elephant to the front of the line-up. The elephant was her favorite, it reminded her of Daisy. Suddenly a sensation overcame her... the coldness of fear, and... anger? She whimpered a little.

All the passion focused on and around her. And at the front a spearhead of white anger and rage, and unstoppable bolt of tempered steel. Some how it was familiar and yet she had not experienced this before. It was like your own pet turning savage.

And yet it was not hatred of her, or anger towards her.

Haqtaj arrived at the door at a full sprint and was forced to slide to a stop. She wanted to beat down the door with her fists, a door that stood between her and Anna. However, the door was strong, and once she was inside she would be glad enough of its ability to resist intruders.

She was forced to push the summons chime. What if they didn't answer? What if she was too late. What if everyone on the inside was already dead.

She howled with rage at the eternity that dragged out before the door was opened.

Beth screamed at the sight; the sixteen year old girl had never been so close to Klingon Ambassador Matlh and the angry roar that had torn from her was deafening. Annabella felt the sharp pain of the girl's fear coupled with the enormity of her Aunty's rage. It was too much for the child.

The four year ran over to Haqtaj as her eyes welled up and she started to cry.

Haqtaj had her in her arms in a second. The flood of warm relief threatened to swamp the child but it did calm her for a moment.

The ambassador scanned the quarters. The only defence of the room at the moment seemed to be a simpering child girl. Haqtaj sealed the door and placed a lock down code on it. It was an old code that a high enough Security officer could undo, but it should slow down would be assassins.

Just in time it seemed as there was a chime at the door.

Haqtaj pulled her disruptor and moved to Elizabeth who was frozen in terror.

"YOU!", she barked in a voice which had commanded men to their deaths, "Take the child into the back room and stay there. Stay quiet."

The babysitter nodded, holding her arms out to Annabella. The four year reluctantly let go of Haqtaj; Elizabeth nearly ran out of the living room with the girl.

There was a hammering at the door and a voice from the other side, "Open up, Station security."

Haqtaj grinned to herself. Either Security was in a hurry or the assassins were sloppy. Either way...

She stepped to the side of the door and pressed the release. The door opened and two men in mustard uniforms stepped through, phasers drawn. Haqtaj brought her arm around from the side of the door with enough force that she actually spun one of the men off his feet and onto his back, out cold. The second turned to see what had happened and received a disruptor shot straight to the chest. It was lucky for him that Haqtaj wanted prisoners to interrogate. The heavy stun dropped him instantly and Haqtaj re-sealed the door.

Dragging the two unconscious men to the bed she quickly ripped up the sheets, bound and gagged them against the time they regained their senses. The first group had been easy to over come because they hadn't expected resistance. The next lot would be ready and so would she.

Outside a second security team radioed in, "Shots fired in the Bannister Quarters! Officers down!"

The door slid open again but the second pair held back till they could see more officers arriving. Then they moved in. The first security officer stepped through, weapon raised, the second, a step behind. They swept the apparently empty room with phasers as they moved in.

There was a crunch under foot from the first guard who glanced down to see he was standing on some white powder. This caused both officers to pause, which is what Haqtaj intended. A heavy chair fell from where it had been suspended above the door, knocking the back guard down as the door sealed again.

The first guard wheeled and for a moment got a glimpse of the Klingon woman. He instinctively turned and fired. By the time he realized he was shooting at a mirror Haqtaj was behind him. To his credit he did turn enough to see the knock out blow coming.

Another two quickly tied and Haqtaj moved on to phase three of defense. She only had to hold out till station security actually arrived.

Tori came running up to the quarters, her phaser drawn. She didn't stop until she got near the room, but them slowed and motioned the security team that was coming up. "Report."

The security guard looked worried, his brow furrowed. "Sent in two teams, they got attacked and the door is sealed. We don't know what's going on in there."

Tori swore in a variety of languages, including Klingon, then headed to the door and slammed it repeatedly. "You're surrounded and won't be able escape. If it's you, Haqtaj, then know this needs to stop and I'm just trying to help!"

Inside Haqtaj grinned. A clever ploy to pretend to be station security, but Tori of all people would know Haqtaj would not trust her. And they still insisted on banging on the door instead of overriding the lock. She pressed the remote activator and the door slid open.

Tori saw the door slide open, but motioned for her men to hold their ground where they were safely in cover. She kept her back pressed against the bulkhead, a nervous sweat starting to form. She wanted to sound composed and authoritative, but there was a great deal hinging on her not making this FUBAR.

"Whoever is in there, this is station security. I am Lieutenant Svardberg, Chief of Security. I do not want to hurt you. May I know who I am speaking with?"

Fire team Omega arrived then. Phaser rifles raised they aimed to kill anything that was the enemy of the Delrisa home. They were under orders of Wolf.....The master of the home they were ordered to defend. Moving quickly to the door the sergeant indicated to the tech to bypass the lock. He slung his rifle trusting his colleagues to cover him.

As the door opened, the sergeant screamed, "naDev DaQaHmeH!"

"Are you out of your mind?! This is a barricaded hostage situation. Hold your line!" Tori snapped, but the Marines did not seem inclined to listen to the older officer.

The team moved through the door, fanning out. The sergeant targeted anyone that wasn't Klingon that was not part of her team and fired. Her settings were set to heavy stun. If that failed, it was to kill.

That was her mistake. She saw the Delrisa girl huddled in the back room with another human standing over her and fired. Elizabeth didn't even get time to cry out, but Anna did.

The couch lifted off the ground and hurtled to wards the team. The sergeant and on of her team dodged in time but the weight and strength of he attack pinned the rest to the wall. The sergeant who had rolled free now found herself with a snarling Targ who rushed forward. While a quick shot from the hip put it down to sleep, it meant she was not paying attention to her team mate.

Annabella barely saw Elizabeth slump to the ground but she heard Daisy rush past her. She could hear Nero barking from her mother's bedroom... then she watched as Daisy was shot.

"DAISY!" the little girl screamed.

Having rolled free the Omega Team private drew a bead on the attacker but hesitated. This was Ambassador Haqtaj, and shooting Klingon Ambassadors had not been sanctioned. Haqtaj had no such qualms, in the time it took the sergeant to put Daisy under, the warrior had delivered a series of rapid blows which left the private unconcious next to Elizabeth.

She spun, drawing her knife and dove for the sergeant who had her own gun up and bellowed, "Duy'a, naDev DaQaHmeH!!"

Blade and phaser hung in the air for a fraction of a second. Then Haqtaj relaxed.

"pIQaH," she corrected, "Means we help you. DaQ means ponytail, and DaQaH means you help him."

She held her hand out to help the woman up, "I assume you are Banister's team?

Anna ran out of the room and clung to Haqtaj's leg.

"They hurt Beth and Daisy!" she cried, burying her face against the tall Klingon's warmth.

Haqtaj knelt down making cooing noises. "No no, puqoy," she said using a Klingon term of endearment, "They are just asleep. You look, you can see Beth is still breathing and you can hear Daisy snoring."

Tori and the security team stormed into the room following the fight and went right for the Sergeant. She stopped just short of slugging the woman, but a vein was throbbing in her temple and neck. "Give me one reason not to have you court-martialed."

"ToH!" Haqtaj scoffed, "For what? Getting hit in the head with furniture? Shooting a Targ?"

"Shut it, Ambassador." She looked at her team, "Secure the room. Find my men."

"The four who came in earlier? They are in the back room, unhurt," Haqtaj gestured still comforting the girl.

She glared at the Ambassador. "Unhurt my left foot. I ought to shove you out an airlock."

Haqtaj blood was still on fire she met Tori's gaze, "I'd like to see you try."

Tori straightened, making fierce eye-contact with the much taller Klingon. She wanted to try. She very much wanted to try. Every part of her boiled for an attempt to just wipe that smug look off the Klingon's face. To wipe that face out of existence. The only thing holding her back was her career. "Unfortunately for me, you are hiding behind diplomatic immunity. However, I will be filing a formal complaint against you for assault, battery and child endangerment. You should have known better, these used to be your men."

For some reason that seemed to take Haqtaj back a bit. She glanced at the security officers who were bing lead unsteadily from the back room, and the Marines, and even the few Klingons who had elected to stay with Security.

Before she could speak Annabella tugged at Haqtaj's hand. The emotions and aggression in this room were painful, "Where's Mummy? I want mummy." She was close to hyperventilating; being close to her Aunty was the only thing keeping her from fainting.

It was at this moment that Lt. Colonel Wolfric Bannister walked into the suite style quarters that he shared with Dr. Delrisa and Annabella. He looked around almost not believing what he was seeing but was cynical enough to forestall that error. Seeing the terrified look on Anna's face, the passed out forms of Daisy and Elizabeth plus the mob, he locked down his emotions with the exception for the concern and love for his beloved's daughter.

He ground out with deliberate calm yet a steady certainty that left no question it was not a request, "If you do not live in these quarters, if you are not my girl's godmother or if you are not a medic.....Get out. Now."

The grey and the green opaline eyes scanned the room falling on each group he wanted out. The Klingon troops, the security team and then the marines rounded out with a pointed look at Lt. Svardberg giving her a slight nod acknowledging her followed by a head movement indicating the door with a mouthed, "Later."

Svardberg stood her ground, giving Bannister a firm look. "This is currently a crime scene, Colonel. I'll give you three minutes. Do not touch anything." She shot Haqtaj a dirty look, then motioned for her men to leave the room. She wasn't doing it because Bannister gave her an order, she was doing it because she didn't want to have to arrest the man if he snapped. Or watch him stroke out.

Haqtaj looked at the man, relieved that he seemed okay, "I detected the use of one of my Assassin Protocols. I assumed it was you or the Lt here and wanted to make sure Annabella was safe. I may..." she allowed reluctantly, "have been over zealous in my protectiveness. Is Soroya...?"

She wasn't sure if she wanted the question answered in front of the child in case the news was bad.

"The doctor is in sickbay, doing what she does best....Aside from being a mommy of course. She's in sickbay being a doctor," Wolf said with a small smile.

"Speaking of which, Corporal....Sertich is it," the XO asked the marine medic.

The swarthy NCO said, "Aye, Colonel."

Wolf said, "Check on the young lady. Run a check on the targ next. I'm rather fond of her."

The medic nodded and went to work as the senior turned and looked at the Ambassador before giving Anna a wink as he did so, "The countermeasure was very effective in saving me some....embarrassment. I'd meant on talking to you about them however the reception managed to preclude that with some excitement. We can continue that discussion later."

She frowned, replaying the earlier conversation in her head, "What's a 'Gardmarther'?"

"Oh. Godmother. It had religious connotations originally but has come to be known as a woman who has a hand in helping raise a child. It seemed to fit and I figured the humans would be less inclined to question asking you to stay," Wolf said.

He looked at Anna, "Are you okay kiddo?"

The girl was still clinging to the Ambassador's leg. She looked up at Wolf, her dark eyes serious.

"Beth and Daisy are sleeping," she said very softly.

Wolf knelt and looked into Anna's eyes with a weak smile, "I know, kiddo. They'll be fine. Mr. Sertich there is a great medic and will help make sure of that."

As he finished speaking, the medic came up to the group and said, "Both are fine, sir. The girl will be out for a bit but she'll be alright save for a small headache maybe. I'm not as well acquainted with the physiology but the targ should be out for only a bit longer, being smaller."

There was a short pause and the medic amended to Wolf, the Ambassador and Anna, "I'm sorry for this sir....Ma'am.....Ma'am."

Wolf shook his head, "Nothing to be done now. You're with fire team Beta aren't you?"

The medic nodded anxiously, "Your team lead.....That was...."

"Sergeant Lincoln, sir," the corporal replied.

"Searg.....She just got promoted to corporal didn't she," the Colonel asked.

"6 weeks ago, Colonel. There was a misfile during the prep and move or something. Our detachment 3rd officer was notified of it the other day but it's not been addressed yet," Sertich said sullenly.

"At ease, Sertich. Tell Miss Lincoln that I will want to address her and the rest of the team in my office at 1445 barring any more excitement. And please tell Lt. Svardberg they can start checking things out momentarily. I want to make sure things calm down a bit here first," Wolf said.

The enlisted man nodded and said, "I'd like to have a couple of techs come down and bring.....Well, these two down to sickbay. I am sure they'll be fine but it never hurts to be safe."

Wolf nodded before the other man made his escape. He said not hiding his feelings of affection and concern for her from Anna, "See. They'll be fine. Think you'll be ok?"

Annabella nodded, calmer now that she only felt the warmth of Haqtaj and Wolf.

"Are we going to see mommy?" she asked.

"Soon, darling. Soon. Can Mr. Wolf get a hug first," Wolf said kneeling still and opening his arms, his heart aching. The child let go of the Klingon's leg and hugged him, relaxing against his shoulder. Seconds later she yawned.

Wolf stood, gently holding Anna in his arms as he did so. He said gently, "We'll go for a bit of a walk and see your mom while the nice lieutenant makes sure everything is okay. We can wait for her to give the official say that Beth and Daisy are ok if you want." She nodded again; the terror of the firefight had largely subsided, but the sight of her babysitter and pet unconscious on the floor was a stark reminder. Annabella was comfortable in Wolf's arms and turned her head to look at Haqtaj.

"Can we play with Daisy tomorrow?" she asked, yawning again.

Haqtaj smiled warmly, placing her head on the child, "Targ are tough. She will be up an going in an hour or so. You, I think, will not. Sleep well. You are safe."


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