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*Ping* Part 3

Posted on Mon Jun 8th, 2015 @ 3:43am by Petty Officer 1st Class Vartog & Lieutenant Colonel Wolfric Bannister & Jillian Forst & Deng Tan

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: PEI Office


The sound of metal on metal echoed in Vyshock's head,


It was getting clearer, his eyes were starting to focus.


Jill, still looking worse for wear, held a metal pipe in her hand slightly rapping it against the floor. Vyshock struggled, rope was keeping him confined to the chair


Tan sat on the desk, the knife had been removed and his leg patched up. He stared at the bounty hunter.


"Look, it is just business, you ought to know that sugar. I mean, I'm sure you've had your share of bounties." Vyshock smiled nervously at her. "And you pops, well you weren't supposed to be here."


Jill rapped the pipe again.

"Nice necklace you got there." The bounty hunter grinned.


The pipe Jill was holding fluidly connected with the bounty hunter's hand. He let out a scream as the finger bones shattered.

"Cute ain't it." Jill stared down at the bounty hunter. "Fortunately for you, I've only got a minute or two before the station security shows up. I already know who you are, and why you are here, I just want to know how were you going to collect the bounty? Where was the contact? What is their name. Tell me, and you may get to keep a few of those fingers."

Vyshock winced, his fingers throbbed. "No."

Jill brought the pipe down hard on his other hand. Bones shattered with a sickening sound.

"Again, where was the drop, who was the contact?" Jill looked over at Tan. "Think he's going to answer?"

"Probably not."

"What should I break next?" Jill hefted the pipe again and turned to the bounty hunter. "You are going to love our doctor, she's pretty good at fixing things, pretty."

"Alright. Alright. I've got a data chip! In my kit on my belt."

"Tan, take the pipe." She handed the pipe over the the cook and knelt next to the bounty hunter. "You better be glad that Tan had called security when he did." She found the kit an dripped it from the belt.

The door to Jill’s office swooshed open to reveal a Security officer. He quickly surveyed the scene in front of him.

“I’ll have that pipe please, sir,” he said, holding out his hand.

Tan peered over his glasses at the officer. "You don't look like you know how to use this. Shouldn't you be cutting hair or something?"

Jill looked up at the security officer and then back at the bounty hunter. "Looks like your cavalry has arrived." She placed her hand on the bounty hunters hand, using it to steady herself she stood up putting pressure down on the broken fingers. He let out a scream.

Crewman Nife Adiwat was well used to jokes about Bolians and barbers. He found it insulting but he had learnt to keep his mouth shut. Still, two could play at that game.

“I would have thought you’d recognise me, sir,” he said to Tan. “The Promenade is my beat. I’m the one who keeps the peace around here and makes sure no-one causes a ruckus when they accuse you of food poisoning.”

"You're still late" Tan scowled back at the bounty hunter.

He looked towards Forst. “Do you always play handsies with your prisoners?” he asked.

"Just making sure he's comfortable Crewman." Jill stared down at the bounty hunter. "I think we have the situation well under control at this point if you'd like to take your leave of us. I'm sure we can accommodate our friend here." She turned to the security officer, her voice still hoarse from the rope.

Adiwat had already noted the bruises which were starting to show on Forst’s neck. “With respect, ma’am, I’m not sure that you can. Anyway, I am under instructions to remain here until a full Security detachment arrives. For your own safety, you understand.”

"You need to get her away from me, I'm the victim in all of this." The bounty hunter whimpered from his chair. "She broke my hands, he shot me with something." The bounty hunter struggled in the chair. "I want to press full charges against her and the old man."

"You see, he's all tied up, I don't think he's really going anywhere." Jill sat on her desk. She was in a lot of pain. "When do you think the cavalry is getting here?"

“I suppose that depends on what is happening elsewhere on the station. My superiors do not keep me informed of the minutiae of what they’re doing. As for you,” he said, turning to the unknown man, “just what, precisely, is your business here? I know Ms Forst well. She can be fiery and headstrong and I would certainly not like to meet her in a darkened corridor but she is not normally prone to random acts of violence. If, as you say, she broke your hands, then you must have done something to deserve it.”

"I was merely here to discuss some business with her, she flew off the handle and attacked me. Saying something about revenge and all kind of other nonsense. Constiple, I'm pressing charges..." The bounty hunter nearly started crying.

"You aren't actually believing this are you." Jill rolled her eyes, she was trying to think of ways to cause him even more pain. "How can wrapping a rope around someones neck be self defense."

"Maybe you and the old man are into some weirdness, I don't care, I was just going give you a lead about someone, you've got the data chip." The bounty hunter made a pleading look towards the security officer. "She took it, it will clear my name and prove I was only here to giver her information."

Jill stood up and put her boot into the chest of the bounty hunter, knocking him to the floor. "Why you petulant, disgusting, piece of organic chemistry. If you were even half of a decent bounty hunter, you would have finished me quicker, knife to the throat would have ended it." Before Tan or the Bolian could stop her, she grabbed the pipe and held it high over the man on the floor.

A hand snaked out and Adiwat took hold of the pipe. With a sharp twist, he removed it from Jillian's hand. “Now, now, Ms Forst, you know me better than that. We will have no summary justice on my watch.” He turned his attention back to the pitifully grovelling man. “Exactly what business did you say you were conducting with Ms Forst, here?”

"About those bounties on her and that Marine, after they killed all those people, families, little kids, every slimeball in the quadrant is after them. I mean, with what the Commodore is offering for them and wanting revenge, I just took pitty on her, I wanted her to be ok, she's so pretty."

The detective growled and leaned on Tan, she wasn't feeling great and it wasn't getting any better. The filth on the floor was getting to her. She wished she had been able to get more information out of him.

“I have heard Ms Forst called many things, most of them unrepeatable. ‘Pretty’ has not been among them. No offense intended, Ms Forst but you would not set one of those old fashioned beauty pageants alight. The bit about the bounty...that I do believe but I’m inclined to agree with Ms Forst on that score. The bruising around her neck bears testimony to that. And before you go accusing Mister Tan of causing them, he’s been accused of causing harm to people in many and varied ways but all have to do with the food he serves. No, I think we’ll leave the status quo as it is for the moment. Our Chief Security Officer should be here shortly and I will recommend you be placed in the brig.”

"No! I'm not going to allow my rights to be abridged!" The bounty hunter struggled on the floor. "You're not taking me to the brig! Take Her!"

“No, now, don’t be like that. Think of it this way, if you’re in the brig Ms Forst here can’t do you any more harm.”

It was about then that Svardberg arrived, looking rather red in the face for her Nordic complexion. She had just been dealing with the Klingon Ambassador, and she was not in a good mood. She had two petty officers flanking her, both looking serious as well. "Crewman Adiwat! Report!" She snapped, looking at the room for a summary of what happened.

Forst, Bannister's deputy and pet detective, looked rather worse for the wear with ligature marks around her throat and bruising. The older man with her was also bruised up. Then there was the man tied to the chair with a badly mangled hand. What the hell kind of station was this? The wild wild west? Klingon territory? She was not used to this kind of condoned rampant violence.

"Adiwat, where is medical backup? We have three patients for them to look at."

“Ms Forst was ‘interrogating’ this man when I arrived, Lieutenant. Unfortunately, I was at the far end of the Promenade when the call came through. I put an immediate stop to said interrogation,” he said, holding up the pipe. “I believe Mister Tan was assisting though I have no proof. The man claims he is innocent. He says he was merely here to warn Ms Forst of her peril. The bruises around her neck suggest otherwise. I have not called for medical support yet as my priority was to secure the scene until you arrived.”

"The slime ball tried killing me, the garrote is on the floor over there." Jill turned to the security officer. "I can't help it if he somehow got his fingers broken in the ensuing scuffle."

"Speaking of which, are you going to arrest her and get me a medic?" The bounty hunter yelled from the floor. "I have rights."

Tori sighed and rubbed her ear, the high pitched indignant voice of the bounty hunter and the detective's yelling, plus all the phaser fire earlier, was making her ear ring almost enough to drown out the sound of the petty squabbling.

She hit her combadge, "Lieutenant Svardberg to Sickbay, we're bringing in three patients by site to site. Please have an MD standing by for treatment and forensic recording of injuries."

There was a brief reply she couldn't tell what said, then she looked at the three perpetrators and her security officer who was competent, but not competent enough for her standards. "Alright, you are all going to sickbay, where you will all be treated for your injuries. They will also be recorded for trial purposes. Mr. Tan, you will be free to go following treatment. Miss Forst, you will be placed in protective custody for your safety, and charges will also be pressed for assault and battery. Once he was secured you don't get the right to interrogate. Mister Bounty Hunter, you are under arrest and will be placed in the brig following your treatment. No further harm will come to you unless you resist. Does everyone understand? Or do I have to use smaller words?"

Jill scowled at Tori, she was coming up of one of fifteen different ways to get out of it, diplomatic immunity due to her work with the Klingons and Cardassians, civil matter for her being a detective, official Marshal business, Pulling rank. She didn't care, she was tired, and on death's doorstep. "Fine, I'll spend some time in the clink for teaching this assassin a lesson, though I hope in the same breath of you charging me for assault, you are charging him for attempted murder, and good luck trying to keep that case, I'm sure either the Marines or the Marshall service are going to want to take over since he crossed sectors to get here."

Tan watched the situation. His leg throbbed from the stab wound.

"I want to see my lawyer, the Klingon, Romulan, and Cardassian ambassadors, I am seeking assylum! I come here to try and save you all and this is the treatment I get!" Vyshock yelled at the people standing over him.

"He will be charged with attempted murder. The Marshall service can extradite him for Murder for Hire, Conspiracy and a whole assortment of their pleasure after I get my bite out of him." Tori said, shaking her head. "And you are not going to get the ambassadors. You may have legal representation."

Almost perfectly timed, the door chime chose then to sound. After a moment a stocky sergeant came in, rifle lowered in a safe position as he surveyed the scene. Gesturing to his squad to stay put, he walked closer to the two women.

He nodded respectfully, "Lt. Svardberg, Deputy Forst...."

The marine raised a fox colored eyebrow as he looked at the would be assassin then back to the two women, "Damn. Looks like we missed one hell of a party."

Glancing at the prisoner then the deputy again he then recovered his professionalism as he turned to the chief of security and said, "With respects, sir....My team medic is just outside. He could check these two over before anything else....though sickbay might better suited considering, if I may suggest it."


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