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A Moments Peace

Posted on Thu Aug 13th, 2009 @ 7:05pm by Ensign Jason Morris

Mission: Seraphim Requiem: Season 1, Episode 2.

Beverly returned to the Ops center after her talk with Vos and the others. Her heart did feel lifted knowing that her crew would soon be returned to a whole. But how long would it last on a station riddled with Borg.
She moved through the control center and sat at the Operations table in the middle of the large room. The Commanding Officer and Executive officers consoles all lay within the table including the Strategic Operations officers. On the whole it was a very similar layout to that of a Nor Class Station, but fully Starfleet technology.

Gently cradling her head in her hands she let out a sigh, allowing her mind to clear of all thought for a moment. It wasn't until a few seconds after that she realized that someone had moved up near to her and was now stood at the Strategic Operations station.
"Sorry Ensign, do you need me to move?"

"im Fine Captain " Jason said then he made introductions. "Im Jason Morris the Stations Chief intel officer", Jason added.

"A pleasure to meet you Ensign", she extended her hand. "Captain Beverly DeVuor. Commanding Officer, Starship Genesis", she made her own introduction.
He was a striking young man, very confident in his mannerisms and motions, but you could see that the past few days had taken its toll on him, along with the other survivor Lieutenant Butler. "So tell me Ensign, what happened here with the Borg?"

"I'm Not sure what happened here. When I arrived I was thrown into the Battle, I was going to meet the Commanding Officer first..." Jason said.

The young man seemed to be very clipped and his answers to any question were concise and straight to the point. As much as she wanted to get to know everyone no matter the rank they sat at, it wasn't always possible. Most of the younger men and women under her command, or even sometimes just in her presence as this case was, would clam up and not really interact. It was something to do with the lower rank officers and Captains.
"Well Ensign. Is there anything I can help you with at the moment?"

"Where can you get a bite to eat Captain?" Jason asked DeVuor.

The Captains chagrin was deepening at the lack of personability behind the Human Bolian hybrid. "What would you like Ensign, I'll bring it over".
Sarcasm seeping into her voice.

"I'd like a cheeseburger and a diet coke Captain" Jason said

She was about to bark at the young Ensign, but thought better of it. She could feel her energy failing her, and she doubted a good scream at an ignorant of the chain of command Ensign would really do her much good.
She stalked away thinking to herself, 'So much for my moment of peace and quiet'


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