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An aside between a lady and brothers

Posted on Wed Jun 3rd, 2015 @ 6:25am by Lieutenant Colonel Wolfric Bannister & Lieutenant Commander Soraya Delrisa
Edited on on Thu Jun 4th, 2015 @ 6:07am

Mission: Moving in
Timeline: After Game Plan but before Repercussions

Wolf came up to MG and Soraya whom were not standing very far from each other. His eyes were reflecting the dozen or so emotions playing across his mind though his face did not.

Corrus' was a study on how many emotions could play on someone's face at the same time. He looked at his old friend and asked, "Is your life usually this exciting?"

Wolf glanced at Soraya then to his friend, though his gaze slid back to her by the time he'd finished, "Hardly. I usually stake out a suspect or make sure there's enough surveillance to surprise the bad guys and bust them or else there's a chase and we bust them anyway. This guy's the first in a long while who managed to get away. Also the first in a long while who's managed to send someone after me. I aim to rectify both swiftly though."

"Why didn't you tell me you were being hunted?" the doctor said, turning on Wolf. "We live together now, what if they think Anna is your daughter...." her voice broke with her anger and pain. She wrapped her arms around herself and turned away, willing away the thoughts of her child being taken by pirates. Ambassador Haqtaj had gone to get Annabella, Vartog said so. She tried desperately to let that thought comfort her.

"Raya.....There was no indication that he'd do such a thing until tonight. I was planning on going after him before....I'm more intent to do so now. I intend to request the Steadfast, the Earp and every Federation type trained for capture and combat on this station to nail this guy," Wolf said softly touching a hand to her arm.

He went on, "There's not really anything official tying us together, aside from the quarters. She'll be safe for now with Haqtaj and her compatriots protecting Anna, and I don't intend to let this bastard hurt my little girl OR the woman I love. Count on it."

The doctor wasn't ready to be comforted, she wouldn't feel better until she knew Anna was safe.

Corrus quietly watched for the moment. Ideas were already running through his mind but now was not the time to say anything.....

"Have they found Jillian?" Soraya asked.

"I've sent fire team Theta to check it out. Their commanding sergeant is top notch, their AR and GR are pretty fierce and their rifleman is not only a crack sharpshooter but a first class medic. I've also got a couple more team in our neighborhood. I'm not taking any more chances. I have 3....Now 4 people on this station that I refuse to see hurt. I realize that 2 or 3 are very adept at taking care of themselves, but I'll be damned....." Wolf shook his head.

MG came over and put a hand on Wolf's shoulder, "I ain' quite out of the scrap yet mon ami. Jillian.....Forst? She's your deputy?"

Wolf nodded and MG looked between Soraya and his friend, "Anna is your girl?"

The Marshal smiled lightly, "Soraya is her mother. My daughter? Well, no. Prior relationship. I am quite fond of her though."

"I'll need a Security escort to Sickbay. Who knows what these...pirates...have done to Jillian," Soraya said, saying the word like is was a curse. "She must be transported there immediately upon being found."

Wolf nodded and glanced at the other man and said, "General.....Would you be so kind?"

MG glanced at his friend, "Won't there be objections?"

Wolf fired back with a grin, "Well, if I can't trust you....I take it back, touch her wrong and you'll have to sleep with one eye open pretty boy."

Corrus grinned then chuckled, the latter more for Soraya's benefit so she'd get a hint it was meant and took lightheartedly. He assumed she knew but then men confused women as much as ... or to some degree as they confused men to this very day.

"Seriously, you're my oldest friend and the closest I've ever had to a brother. That and being a marine, the captain will understand I think. If Svardberg doesn't like it....Well, I am her superior officer plus I am the senior marine stationed here as well as being the last, even if temporary, Chief of Security. Between that and the general situation...." Wolf trailed off looking a bit sly.

The XO turned to Soraya, "Soon as I am done in there I am going to put together the finest damned posse together they've imagined since the OK Corral in the Ancient West. Any Marine not with me is going to be backing up security and guarding my girls. Not necessarily in that order either. I'll not risk the two ladies I intend to spend my life with again."

The doctor sighed heavily. Marine swagger was familiar to her, from her days working as a First Responder. After centuries they still shot first and asked questions later. Her eyes held Wolf's gaze for a moment.

"This isn't a game, or a holodeck program. Jillian could be taken, hurt, or killed. My Anna..." her voice broke for a moment. "All of the people on this starbase, all of the families... Everyone has been endangered. This is serious, Wolf."

"I am very well aware of that. They're in danger because I underestimated the son of a bitch. Long distance transporters are not exactly standardized gear. I should have suspected something like it though. That is something that I am going to have to fix. I do not intend for you, our girl, or anyone else on this station to suffer farther for my mistake," Wolf said meeting Soraya's gaze.

The doctor nodded; she knew he hadn't meant to be followed, she just hated feeling so helpless. "I need to get to Sickbay; you need to find Jillian," she said.

"I love you....and I will get this guy," Wolf said softly after he leaned close to Soraya and gently kissed her forehead.

After she smiled at him, Wolf smiled back then nodded to his friend before heading off to meet with the Captain and Lieutenant. Corrus nodded back and offered Soraya an arm asking, "Shall we?"

The Doctor smiled wearily and took the offered arm. Corrus nodded his head toward Vartog hoping and suspecting the Klingon would not argue with joining him in escorting the doctor to sickbay. Even if he did, the general would not hesitate using his rank as needed. He didn't think he would though.


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