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The Challenge awaits

Posted on Thu May 28th, 2015 @ 10:08pm by Lieutenant Commander Jonas Flanigan & Staff Sergeant Wyatt McRaven & Private 1st Class Val Borova

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: USS Challenger
Timeline: Sometime after the Formal Events

USS Challenger::Bridge

It wasn't a new starship, but it was new to him. Jonas Flanigan liked the idea of sitting in the center seat, being in command of a starship. He knew it wasn't a permanent thing, but he was a command level officer and available when the need arose. The mission was to command the Challenger on a routine patrol. At least the mission was to appear to be a routine patrol. The specialists from Deep Space 12 and the marine squad to protect them didn't exactly scream routine. He looked over at the helmsman, Ensign Dowe. "It appears that all our cargo and personnel are onboard. Signal DS12 that we are ready to castoff."

Dowe nodded. "Aye, Aye, Captain." Dowe's fingers ran over the console. "DS12 has cleared our departure."

"Make it so."

The airlocks disengaged and retracted into DS12. Dowe fired the navigational thrusters and slowly moved the Challenger away from DS12. "We are away."

Flanigan smiled. He glanced down at the arm of his chair. "Set course 264.37 mark 60." He paused and thought about the routine nature of the mission. "Make our speed warp 6.7."

There was a faint hum as the ship went to warp.

“I recommend we take a circuitous route to our destination, Captain,” Lieutenant Commander T’Siryik suggested. “One more in keeping with that which a patrol would normally adopt.”

Flanigan nodded. "So noted." He looked down at the panel on the arm of his chair. "Helm, Adjust course to 189.42 mark 55."

“Aye, Sir,” T'Siryik replied. “May I recommend cruising pattern Omega-Five-Zeta. It is not the standard patrol pattern for this region of space but it will take us close to our destination without rousing suspicion. It will also keep us clear of the Gaspar region where I gather Colonel Bannister ran into some trouble.”


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