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Posted on Fri Jun 12th, 2015 @ 5:46am by Chief Warrant Officer Akina Jrez & Sub-Commander Valk'o

Mission: Moving in

Blue liquid sloshed around in a glass. Jrez watched it as he swirled it. It was some time since he’d taken a sip. Now all he was doing was playing with it.

Things had gone from bad to worse for him. He’d made a fool of himself in front of the new Science officer and now he’d been kicked out of a bar. The worst part of it though was that he couldn’t, for the life of him, work out why. All he’d tried to do was to be sociable to the Romulan Ambassador.

Damn Romulans, he thought. They’ve turned looking down your nose at someone into an art form.

His door chime sounded. He felt like yelling ‘go away’ but that would reveal he was inside. Maybe if I ignore it they’ll go away of their own accord.

It sounded again, then a third time.

Sub-Commander Valk'o stood at the door, pressing the chime. She knew that Jrez was in there; she had made sure of it. If he chose not to answer it was all the better, in her opinion. Yet, the Ambassador believed this to be a matter of importance. Valk'o reached out and pressed the chime again. And again.

Jrez stood up, nearly stumbled then shook his head to clear it. Maybe I had more to drink than I thought.

“Enter,” he called.

He was amazed to see a Romulan standing in the doorway. “If you’ve come with further admonishments from your mistress, you can leave now,” he said in a surly voice.

Valk'o stepped forward, forcing her way past the man. She did not want the converstation over heard. Before Jrez could protest her entry, she produced a bottle. "From Her Excellency. She feels... remorsefull over what happened on the Promenade." She handed the the offering to him. "If you would like to speak with he Ambassador, she will have you at the Embassy this evening." The words spat like poison from the Romulan's lips.

The initial reaction of Jrez was to refuse the offer out of hand. It might well be Andorian ale but he did not have to demean himself so far as to accept such a token peace offer. However, he heard the venom in Valk’o’s voice. He decided to accept, if for no other reason than it would so obviously upset this stuck up Romulan aide.

“Please give Madame Ambassador my fond regards and advise her that I would be honoured to accept her kind invitation,” he said.

"Lovely," Valk'o spat, throught clench teeth.

Romulan Embassy

Dress uniform was not something which fitted well on Jrez. He was fit so it was not a question of having to suck in his waistline or anything like that. It was just that the last time he could recall wearing it was for a function hosted by the previous captain, back on the old DS12. He had attended that function with Thalal zh’Simal on his arm. It had been a wonderful evening and had led to an even better night spent in her arms.

He did not expect anything like that from this invitation. In fact he expected to be treated as perfunctorily as before if Valk’o’s demeanour earlier was anything to go by. He was only wearing the uniform as a sort of veiled insult. This was an Ambassador who had invited him so he was determined to show her that even Federation non-commissioned officers knew how to behave on formal occasions.

He pressed the door chime.

Valk'o greeted Jrez at the door, "We are honoured to have you." She said, sounding as though the words were painful. "Follow me."

Jrez bowed: not so far as to appear obsequious but far enough that it was no mere gesture.

Valk'o led him down a vast corridor, and through a door on the left. They entered a small sitting room. "You will wait here for the Ambassador."

The corridor seemed to stretch on into infinity. Jrez wondered how such a long corridor had been fitted into standard dignitary’s quarters. Then he noticed that the walls tapered ever so slightly together. It was all an optical illusion. Very clever, very clever indeed, he thought. Most people would not pick it and would therefore think the Romulans had been granted privileges above and beyond ‘normal’ ambassadors. Maybe I should rethink my attitude.

He followed Valk’o into the room. “Thank you,” he said. “I am happy to wait on your mistress’ pleasure.”

S' Ranya entered the room.She silently took in the man, Jrez. Her disgust rising in her troat. sjhe managed to supress it. "Good Evening." she said evenly, stepping towards the man.

“Good evening, Llaudh S’ Ranya,” Jrez replied, using her official rank. “I apologise if I was boorish earlier. I merely sought to extend some hospitality but I see now that my intentions were misplaced.”

S'Ranya was impressed with the man's use of the Romulan language, even if his pronunciation wasn't spot on. "My apologies for acting in such a...rash manner."

“I would also like to thank you for the bottle of Andorian ale. It was a thoughtful gift which brought back fond memories.”

"Do you like it? I thought you might." She forced a cordial smile.

“Llaudh S’ Ranya, you must be a very busy woman and I do not wish to impose on your time. However, your aide was so good as to visit. I could not, in all humility, decline your invitation. However, if I can return the favour of your gift, please do not hesitate to ask. Now, with your leave, I will depart.”

"I thank you for your visit. Your forgiveness honours me." She extended her hand, palm down and rings up.

Jrez knew the protocol. He had no particular desire to kiss S' Ranya's ring but he saw no point in needlessly antagonizing the ambassador. He had made his point by accepting her invitation and her body language spoke volumes to her reaction to that.

He bent and kissed her signet ring.

As he rose, and turned to leave, S'Ranya called after him. "I hope we will see each other again." She supressed her distaste with every syllable.


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