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What the....

Posted on Thu Jul 2nd, 2015 @ 4:41am by Jeffrey Tambleton & Mac Mohune

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: Pirate base, near Ferengi Alliance

OOC: Mac contacts Tambleton to find out what the hell’s going on ‘over there’. He’s heard about Lax’s bounty and the propaganda campaign that Lax is waging against Starfleet.


The room was thankfully quiet. Tambleton was lying on his bed, trying to find sleep and not succeeding. He was still recovering from the news that Lax had put a bounty on the heads of those two Starfleet troublemakers. That, in itself, was not such a bad thing: it was just a pity he hadn’t thought of it first.

Now news had come through that the first attempt had been made but had failed. In fact, both bounty hunters were in Starfleet custody and, if rumours were to be believed, had been tortured to extract information.

He rubbed his forehead but it didn’t help. He rolled over and pulled the blankets up around his chin. He hated times like this. He knew what was coming; it was always like this when he was tense and hadn’t had anything to drink to calm his nerves. The three glasses of wine earlier didn’t count; what he needed was more like three bottles.

Yep, there it was. His leg twitched. Not long now and his whole body would spasm. It wasn’t painful, just annoying and it meant that sleep was a lost cause for hours yet.

He rose. Sometimes pacing the corridors helped work off some of the nervous energy. He was almost at the door when his combadge beeped.


Meanwhile on Moonfleet, in his office above the Y Not Inn, Mac Mohune also found sleep elusive. He stood at the window over looking the best view of the city that he loved the most. Moonfleet Bay stretched out in front of him leading out to the great rock where the first Mohunes to take to space had settled and thrived.

It was gone midnight and the lights shone brightly out across the harbor casting multihued colours on the dark water. It may look quiet and peaceful but in truth, under its covers, Mac knew that Moonfleet never really sleeps. There were always deals to be struck and plans to be made if you knew where to look.

Mac poured himself a small glass of 'Blackbeards Ghost'. An ale he had always liked and was brewed especially on Moonfleet. It was a dark bitter winter ale tasting of warm Anvarian spice and rich fruit cake.

The Director of Moonfleet was troubled, he had heard all about Lax's bounty and the propaganda campaign that he is waging against Starfleet and he wasn't happy about it. He put his unfinished ale on the table and walked over to his computer, there was someone he needed to talk to.

Pirate station, somewhere along the Ferengi frontier

"Tam" Mac's voice echoed in the room "Care to tell me what the hell is going on over there?"

Tambleton only just heard the call. He had been half expecting it and didn’t want to deal with his boss so he’d turned the volume down on his terminal.

“Yeah, Mac, what d’ you want?” His voice was blurred and surly from lack of sleep.

Mac drew a sharp intake of breath. He wasn't in the habit of repeating himself, but Tam sounded as tired as he was. "For frack's sake, Tam, what is going on over there?"

OOC: Ok to use 'frack' do you think?
OOC: Yes. It's a nice euphamism.

Tambleton pressed a button a few times to pull the volume back up so he could hear properly. “There’s some uppity local trying to make waves,” he explained. “His name is Lax and ‘e styles ‘imself a Commodore. Likes t’ make out ‘e was Starfleet but ‘e got bored with their goody-two-shoes ways. ‘E got beat up really bad by a Fed marshal and ‘is side-kick so ‘e’s out for blood.”

Mac lay back in his chair with his feet casually crossed on top of his desk. "I'd heard. Jumped up little upstart it sounds like he needs to be taken down a peg or two. Do I need to send in the boys?

Tambleton scoffed. “It’ll all blow over soon enough and we can get back t’ work. ‘E’s small fry. All the noise ‘e’s makin’ is show. ‘E doesn’t ‘ave the resources t’ keep payin’ out so he’s tryin’ t’ look big while ‘e still can. Let ‘im have ‘is moment of glory. When the money runs out, as it soon will, the rats’ll desert the ship. If ‘e keeps offerin’ rewards like this one, that won’t be very long away.”

"You could be right Tam but let's make sure that he doesn't get above himself. Let's give Lax as much trouble as he deserves. We can always do with a few more extra ships; if we can get them at a throwaway price, all the better."

“That makes sense.” Tambleton thought about it some more. “If we bring him down, rather than the ‘Fleeters, it will help our standing in the region. Potential rivals will think twice before taking us on. Also, by taking out the opposition, we open up more new markets for our own activities. Yes, send over some boys, I think we have a use for them.”

"...and I know just the ones to send and plus... a little something else I've got in mind too." replied Mac " Until then keep an eye on Lax and let me know if anything changes."

“Will do,” Tambleton replied.

After the call,l Mac went through the list of people on his computer. There were a few he could use who would do the job but would be recognised. He needed a couple of unknowns; one who could slip in and out of places easily enough and a heavy. A heavy that he knew lived at the back of the Why Not? came to mind.

But it could wait a few hours until Mac had had a chance of some sleep.


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