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Making plans

Posted on Tue Jul 21st, 2015 @ 3:35am by Lieutenant Colonel Wolfric Bannister & Jillian Forst

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: Captain's office

“I still do not think going in all-guns-blazing will achieve the results you want,” Harrison said. He was starting to feel like he was going around in circles but he had to try to talk Bannister round. “Lax will surround himself with protection and while you are fighting your way through he will escape again.”

"Glad you think so, Captain. I hadn't planned on going in all weapons firing. I'd planned on going in with the Earp and decloaking offering a one on one challenge. I'd hoped to have Jill on the Steadfast uncloak with her skills helping to jam communications and a repeat performance in addition to a little extra firepower should he replenish some of his little armada. A dozen to 1 odds were not fun odds for us," Wolf said with a slight but humorless smile.

“He is not the type to sit around waiting for enemies to come to him. Nor is he the type to go one-on-one in a fair fight. I rather think the whole concept of a ‘fair fight’ is beyond him.”

"No doubt. He's also a prideful bugger with a bad temper. He has the unfortunate habit of controlling it to a point though based on what I've seen," the marshal said a little bitterly.

“I have my misgivings for another reason. Lax has shown himself to be a master of propaganda. He will portray an all-out assault as Starfleet using a sledgehammer to crack a nut: and an innocent nut at that. Expect to see holovideos showing starfighters raining death on innocent civilians. Expect to see jackbooted Marines shooting anyone who so much as blinks at them. That would be a disaster for Starfleet, it would be a victory for Lax and it would alienate the very people we need to win over: the people he lords it over.”

"Well, that means we need to clean house and make sure we impound his gear after we arrest the oversized jackwagon and his goons. I suspect there's one member of the Marshal Service who'd have fun helping with that," Wolf said looking quite focused.

“Colonel, if you insist I will make the Steadfast available. I can also give you a squad of Marines to take with you. Then there is the Tolstoy with its flight of starfighters. I will not stand in the way of you making use of them.”

"I'm mostly considering using them as a screen. Maybe as an assist for nabbing the guy for a fair trial. The cloaking ability of the Steadfast and Earp we can surprise them. Hell, we have the Tolstoy come in on a vector behind another planet in the system we'll give our friend, Mr. Lax, a nasty surprise," the lawman said.

“Might I suggest a compromise. Take the Steadfast and the Tolstoy but use them as a feint. Go in yourself in a small craft and snatch Lax while he is distracted. Mind you, I still think that one sign of trouble and he will be out of there.”

The XO tilted his head, "That's what I had in mind. You know the Warhammer isn't quite exactly a Galaxy Class."

“I know you love the Earp but I would advise against using it. Surely Lax has his spies out and about. I think the fact that two killers could so brazenly get onto Deep Space 12 suggests he knows our procedures and security measures. He will see the Earp coming. Take a nondescript vessel, one he has not see before.”

Bannister obviously mulled it over before reluctantly nodding. The Earp was his baby, modified well beyond specs and having a number of special surprises. However the Captain had a very valid point. Assassins were harder to find than someone willing to simply make quiet observations.

Harrison sat waiting for what he thought was the obvious suggestion. When it did not come, he made it himself. “Why not take Ms Forst’s ship? I do not know its full capabilities and I am not sure I want to know. I suspect though that you have tricked it up over the years as finances allowed and need dictated.”

"Don't have a ship, I've never exactly been wealthy enough to afford one, usually just have enough to catch flights on third rate Ferrengi transports." Jill fumed thinking back to one particularly smelly brute she sat next to one time.

“Ah,” Harrison said, which seemed to sum the dilemma up. “Let me think more on that. In the meantime.... Ms Svardberg, I want a complete review of our security protocols and procedures. Normally I would suggest you carry it out with Mister Bannister but he is intent on eliminating this menace quickly and, on that much at least, I agree with him.”

Svardberg had been listening patiently, but nodded when the Captain ordered a complete review of security procedures and protocols. "Already got them working on the computer protocols. Remove any more...foreign influence."

Jill sat back listening to everyone's ideas. Although healed, her neck still felt like it was on fire from the rope that the attacker had wrapped around it.

"We could go under cover. While not flashy, we could work our way in, may take a little while, but it might be the only way to do it."

“The fact that the two of you were targeted so quickly and so precisely suggests that Lax knows exactly what you both look like,” Harrison replied. “So I do not think you’d get even close. However, I like the idea. Lieutenant, would you like to nominate someone to go in deep cover inside Lax’s organisation?”

"I don't know anyone around here really other then you all, so I'm probably not in the best position to suggest, but at this point, I may have to bug out. He knows where I'm at, I'm sure he's going to try again." Jill folded her arms.

“I apologise if I did not make myself clear, Ms Forst,” Harrison said. “I did not mean yourself. I wondered if any of your ‘associates’ could serve in this role?”

Tori cleared her throat, "If Ms. Forst doesn't have any associates, I do." She didn't mention that she had dealings with being a criminal. It was a lifetime ago, and she wasn't sure if she would be able to shake that 'cop look'.

"I'm sure you and I could probably work out something, I do have some contacts outside of here as well. Maybe we could coordinate, this guy needs brought down and in a hurry, I wouldn't doubt more people are going to come after us." Jill sat and folded her arms, her future was still in doubt about being thrown in the clink. The scum she attacked was just that, scum. He had what was coming to him.

“Am I going to want to know just who these associates are?” Harrison asked cautiously.

Tori raised an eyebrow at Harrison, wondering exactly what that tone meant. "Well, it's not like they're long lost siblings or anything like that. A few friends from home I've kept track of. One in and out of the penal system as a bit of a smuggler. I saw him last on Bolarus, but I know where he is, and I'm sure he'd be willing to turn information for a few fair strips of latinum." She paused for a second, then sighed. "Or if you prefer professionals, I have a professional contact in Starfleet security who has done deep cover more than once, sister-in-law of a friend. Little bit strange, though."

“My advice then is to be careful,” Harrison said. “I do not have problems with using snitches, but.... I have seen Intelligence reports that this Lax has started a major anti-Starfleet propaganda campaign. He is alleging terrorist attacks on innocent civilians; wholesale, unprovoked slaughter; brutal infanticide. Apparently he has broadcast holovids which purport to back up his accusations. Therefore, we need to tread carefully here, people.”


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