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Parts and Labor

Posted on Fri Jul 24th, 2015 @ 4:45pm by Lieutenant Commander Soraya Delrisa & Lieutenant Colonel Wolfric Bannister & Jillian Forst

Mission: Moving in
Location: Sickbay

Soraya was restless. Her pacing had slowed since getting Wolf's message about Anna but she was still uneasy. The physician on duty brought her a cup of strong coffee and touched his cup to hers in mock toast.

"How long is your friend going to be here?" he asked, nodding towards General Corrus.

The CMO shrugged, taking a long drink. "Not sure, but we're about to be overrun with Security," she said as a code flashed on her screen. "Three patients... forensic recording of injuries. Let's get set up in Exam Five and Six. Computer, page Doctor Anderson and the on-call counselor, please."

"Yes Doctor Delrisa," the computer intoned.

Jrez appeared at the door. “Could you use an extra pair of hands, Doctor?” he asked. Ever since the contretemps with the Romulan ambassador, he had been looking for things to keep himself occupied and his mind off the way he had been treated. Then the trouble in the formal reception had erupted. He knew he’d be of no use there but it there were casualties – and Jrez thought it highly likely there would be with the likes of Colonel Bannister, Lieutenant Svardberg and Ambassador Haqtaj on the station – then he could be of some use in the Infirmary.

"Of course, Chief, thank you. Lieutenant Svardberg has requested forensic documentation on three patients who are en route, we could certainly use the help."

“Right,” Jrez replied. “I’ll be in my lab prepping the test equipment. Call me when they arrive.”

M.G. quietly approached the doctor and Jrez and said softly, "Doctor? I do have experience as a medic. And Adrianna...."

The general paused for a heart beat and said, "The councilor of the Majestic gave me a strong influx of knowledge so far as counseling techniques. What can I do?"

Corrus looked at Soraya with sincere intensity. He added a lopsided grin after a heartbeat.

"We may have need of your help, Security is escorting three people who are involved in an investigation," Soraya answered. "I don't know any details yet."

From the adjacent room Counselour O'Reily arrived to join the collection already waiting. He smiled politely at the group as they waited for the patients to be escorted in. "What do we know?" he asked.

"I thought it would be a good idea to have you here, Nick. Security is en route with three patients, and they want forensics. Not sure what happened but we may have need of your services," Soraya said.

Tan, Jill, and the would be assassin walked in. Jill and her attacker both in cuffs, being escorted by security and the Marine fire team.

"I swear! As soon as I get a hold of my lawyer, all of you will be out of a job! I'll own this place! You'll all work for me and I'll fire you." The scraggily, beaten and bruised man yelled at anyone who listened.

"Will. you. please. shut. up." Jill shrank her shoulders a little bit lower. She was tired and hurt. This was just another indignation to add to the pile.

The doctors looked at each other and nodded.

"Hello there, I'm Doctor Sokal," the physician on duty said as he approached Vyshock. "Why don't you come with me and we'll see to your injuries.

"Finally, someone who understands the gravity of my situation." Vyshock walked over to Sokal and stood next to him. "Get me away from these barbarians."

Soraya walked over to Jill and Mr. Tan as the noisy Vyshock was led away.

"Let's go into Exam Six, how badly are you hurt?" she asked as they entered the room.

"Bad Doc, I was about a heart beat away from death. He had that rope really tight around my neck. I'm still pretty dizzy." Jill looked at the doctor and lifted her neck up, exposing the black, bruised, and blood colored mark across her throat.

Soraya lightly touched Jill's jaw as she examined her. "Computer, begin video and audio recording. Victim One has cervical contusions and a topical irritation of the skin consistent with strangling." She glanced at the vital signs monitor. "Elevated blood pressure and core temperature as well. End recording." The doctor walked away for a moment then returned and began to rub something on Jill's neck.

"This is a salve, it will soothe the irritation. I'm going to put a light cool compress on you too," she said as she wrapped a soft thick cloth lightly around Jill's neck. She looked into Jill's eyes. "What happened?" she asked gently.

"I was waiting for Tan to come back with some food and next thing I know there was a rope around my neck, and the world was falling away. I guess when Tan came back he laid him out for me but I don't remember too much. Just a bunch of black." She rubbed the salve, the coolness against her skin offset the burning. "Thanks Doctor."

"My pleasure," Soraya said. "I'd like to do a full scan just as a precaution, then we'll get you to the counselor. Would you lie back please?" She supported Jill's shoulders as she eased back onto the biobed. In a moment the scan was complete.

"Computer, begin audio recording. Victim One has suffered compression of the right common carotid and posterior cerebral arteries which are showing visible but minimal tissue damage. There is no noticeable swelling of the brain at this time. See attached Scan 2JF-01476. End recording." Soraya touched a button and the biobed slowly brought Jill up to a sitting position.

"I'd like you to come back for a follow-up in 24 hours, and if you have any headaches come here right away. Are you in pain anywhere else?" she asked.

She stopped for a moment before answering. "No that is about it, mainly just the neck. You'll have to ask the warden if I can get out of jail though, you do house calls?" The reality of sitting in a cell was setting in, and she was a dour.

"You were attacked and injured, I see no reason why you should be in jail," the doctor said with a frown.

"Well, it was after that. How do I look? Am I going to make it?"

"You're going to be fine, you'll just need some time to heal... and some time in counseling..." Soraya said softly.

Tori was the last one to enter the infirmary. She was looking rather dour, and looked around until she saw the counselor. She walked up to the counselor, "Lieutenant O'Reily, may I talk to you for a second?" She lowered her voice lower than she usually did. Which wasn't very quiet. "I want you to talk to Miss Forst after all of the paperwork and red tape is done. I understand what she did, but I have to charge her for it, but I think post traumatic counseling may help her."

Nick nodded slowly having briefly seen Jill's injuries before she was lead away for treatment. "What happened?" he asked picking up on a mixture of emotions from the adjustment cubical.

"Supposedly Mr. Vyshock attempted to garotte Ms. Forst, who managed to gain the upper hand after nearly dying. Ms. Forst then supposedly assaulted Mr. Vyshock with a pipe in order to get information out of him. All in all, nasty business. Getting assaulted is one thing, knowing that someone is actively trying to kill you, and believing that you're going to die, when they're assaulting you? It's enough that I almost feel bad about having arrested Ms. Forst." Tori said, shifting her stance uncomfortably. "But she broke the law."

The counselor nodded thoughtfully at Tori's dilemma. "Indeed, couldn't this have worked as self defense? I don't know all the facts, of course."

"If it had been self-defense. Waited until after the man was tied up and beat him with a pipe. Attempted to continue even after one of my men was there," Svardberg said, shaking her head. "Kind of makes it hard to justify self-defense when it's after the fact."



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