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Posted on Tue Jun 16th, 2015 @ 5:04pm by Commodore Lax Rendo're XVIII

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: Torture room on DS12

"YAAAAAOW!!!! Help! It Hurts! OWWWW!"

Screams and cries came from shaky holovid. Starfleet personnel moved around a woman on a table.

"Are you going to tell us what is going on, or are we going to have to use the plasma again?" The lead officer, a commander based on the pips on his collar stood over the victim.

"Never, I'll never tell you scum!" She screamed as a jet of orange plasma covered her legs in glowing, hot pain.

"Never? Your friend has already talked. This is for fun!" The commander laughed as the woman writhed in pain. "How much more can she take Doctor Delrisa?"

"Ohh, I'd say a lot more." A woman in a teal fleet uniform and doctors coat stood over smiling. "I don't think she has yet begun to feel true fear." The Doctor cackled as she injected something into the neck of the patient.

"You may as well kill me! I'll never tell you! You Starfleet people will never break us! You kill us with your hand outs, you take us off the street for your experiments, you abduct our children poison our food!" She screamed blood as another round of plasma reached her waist.

"Oh you, we will, but not yet..." The Commander smiled as he turned towards the camera. "Wait.. who are you... Guards!"

The feed cut, and a reporter appeared at a table.

"As you can see, the Federation and Starfleet, are not here as saviors, as friends, but as conquerors. To them, we are nothing but their play things, their, "Toys" if you will. I only fear for our brave undercover reporter, who undoubtedly is facing the same torture that that poor woman faced."

The reporter turned to another camera. "Is this who we want in our space? Is this who we want trying to teach our children?"

The reporter continued talking.

=Control room=

"Play the scream again on his queue" The director pointed at one of the operators


"Listen, listen to the pain inflicted by our Federation "Friends""

The woman's scream played again.

=Control room=

"Good good, alright we are cutting to commercial again here in thirty seconds, be sure to have to Rendo're raiders spot up next, and when we get back from break. I want to cut immediately to the Vox piece. Got it?" The director leaned back back in his chair. He hit a button on the big board as the commercial for the Raiders started playing.

Lax appeared on the screen and smiled.

"Barry! How are you doing?"

"Well Commodore! The payment cleared, so very well!" Barry smiled across the screen.

"How is wagging the old dog going?"

"Great, we just ran the torture spot, the raiders piece is on now, and we are going to run the Vox piece next." Barry yelled over to one of the junior editors. "Make sure they look downtrodden enough"

"I knew you could to it Barry, you are the best in the quadrant."

"Alright, we are moving on, I'll have viewer and opinion metrics to you tomorrow."

"Great keep up the good work. Lax out" the feed cut out as the Vox piece appeared on the control room monitors.

= Planet Geniferey =

"In your own words, tell us what happened." An reporter held a microphone out to a dirty, miserable, old woman.

"They came for us, the Starfleet Marines, they kicked in our doors, drug us from our beds, lined us up in the street." The woman's eyes went dead recalling the night.

"How did you know they were Starfleet."

"They wore green, and wore the badges of the fleet. They kicked me to the ground."

"What happened next?"

"The screams, the cries, the children. They fired at us, cut us down in the street, one by one. They thought I was dead already so they didn't shoot at me." The woman cried. "Poor Yertal, she was so young, she was my grand daughter."

= Studio =

"We have exclusive footage, shot clandestinely from Geniferey" The reporter faded to a dark screen, phaser beams erupted from all over the screen, yells, screams, orders being barked.

"Fire!" A Starfleet Marine Colonel appeared, obviously shot from a high angle "No one left alive. No survivors, we have to clear this area!"

The Colonel took a side arm and fired, the camera panned to a man running away, who exploded into a fine red mist.

The reporter reappeared.

"If that isn't convincing folks, you need to wake up."


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