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Unleash the Cat

Posted on Sat Jun 20th, 2015 @ 10:03am by Mac Mohune & S'Kitty Maines

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: Moonfleet

S'kitty had been stalking his prey for over an hour now, he could have killed it sooner but what was the fun in that. No, this was the only way, it sharpened the senses and kept the mind alert and active. Besides he always liked to play with his food before he ate it and it made him appreciate it so much more. His mouth watered at the prospect of the meal to come.

S'kitty's pupils widened in anticipation of the kill. His ears focused forward on the noise his prey was making. Twice he had caught it and twice he had let it go, the space mouse thought it was now safe but how great was its error.

His muscles flexed in readiness to pounce; tail straight, powerful back legs gripping the ground and then... launch.

The space mouse never knew what hit it; within seconds of flying through the air S'kitty had landed on his prey and this time he showed no mercy. The mouse squealed in fear. The wild animal in S'Kitty growled in triumph as he deftly sank his teeth into the creatures neck. It died instantly. S'kitty carried his prize, which was twice his size, back into the shadows to eat in peace.

An hour later S'Kitty luxuriated in his bed, full, contented and happy. He was dreaming of his home planet Blaze.

Before Lieutenant S'kitty Maines had joined the Intellegence core of the Royal Flamecat Fleet he was regarded as being one of the best free runners on the planet Blaze, overcoming any obstacle in his way. He pushed himself and his team to the limit. He said it was a skill he was born with but others think that its a bit more than that. He is a Flamecat that lives life to the full.

His last posting was on Prometheus Station as Chief of Security to a contingent of Falmecats and he had enjoyed that. But now he was on extended LOA and he was traveling. He had stopped at a few touristy places but had somehow ended up on Moonfleet and that appealed to him. It reminded him of home and the area he grew up in.

His comm button beeped four times before he finally answered it. It was his friend Mac.

"Did you have a good hunt last night S'Kitty?"

S'Kitty yawned. It was almost midday and he was on his second nap of the morning.

"One less space mouse to worry about," he replied "What can I do for you, Mac?"

"Drop by the office sometime today. I have a proposal for you that I think you might like."

"Be with you soon," he replied

S'Kitty headed for the bathroom. Like all Flamecats he loved the water and would have wallowed in the bath for an hour or two. But he sensed that Mac wanted to see him sooner rather than later. In his human form, S'Kitty was tall and dark with intense green eyes and short black hair. His fangs protruded slightly as he brushed his teeth and showed no signs of the meal he had finished in the early hours.

He opened the windows of his hotel room deciding to take the short cut to Mac's office, 'changed' and leaped from the balcony.


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