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An offer

Posted on Tue Jul 21st, 2015 @ 3:38am by Mac Mohune

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: Mac's office

S'Kitty was out in the open and into the bright sunshine and warm weather of Moonfleet Bay. On his way to see Mac the Flame Cat passed certain vantage points and ledges where he normally would have stopped for a cat nap. But he was on a mission and didn't have time to waste.

There was nothing like the freedom of running and he did this for the thrill and the adventure of being a 'Free Runner'. S'Kitty bounded and leapt from rooftop to outcrop with incredible speed and agility just for the sheer joy of it all.

He was sleek, black and to everyone else looked like a very large cat. He took a few moments to sit and admire the view from one of the tallest towers overlooking Moonfleet Bay. He was a dark shadow against an azure blue sky, as he sat there looking down on all he surveyed.

No time to waste here, he thought.

He scaled the outside wall of the Why Not Inn and jumped through the open window of Mac's office just as he opened it. Then went to find somewhere comfortable to sit.

The chair was cosy and softly furnished and S'Kitty resisted the urge to drag his claws through it. He looked up at Mac and waved a paw.

"You should get out of the office more Mac, weather's good and warm out there. We could run together."

Mac shrugged his shoulders, unable to understand his friend, and indicated to the next room. The cat sighed and went to change into his human form. This was a very private thing and not something a Flamecat could do in front of others...except other Flamecats, that is. Moments later he was back and taking up the chair he had just vacated.

For all appearances he looked human except for the intense green eyes with their elliptical, slit-shaped pupils. Flamecats don't blink, so their gaze is direct, intense and mesmerizing.

"What can I do for you?" S'kitty asked Mac.

Before Mac could reply, there was a knock at the door.

Titus Bruttius Praescens entered and bowed in the formal fashion of Magna Roma, his home planet. He caught sight of S’Kitty but did not turn to acknowledge the Flamecat’s presence. Bruttius Praescens had a job to do and once done he would be leaving. He had long since learnt not to hang around in the presence of Mac Mohune. Such was an unhealthy practise. He had also learnt that anyone who was in the presence of Mohune was someone to also be wary of.

Cat's, even Flamecats don't like to be ignored and S'Kitty wanted to find out more about him. He fought his feline urges to get up and go and sit next to this stranger and instead decided to stare him out.

“I have a report on the attack on the refugee convoy.”

"Lets hear it" replied Mac

“Firstly, it is the opinion of Captain Ratsey that its destination is indeed the old Romulan base; the one they called Ch'Areinnye. I believe the Federation has renamed it....

"I'm not interested in what they have decided to name it. Get on with the report." snapped Mac

Bruttius Praescens nearly rebuked Mohune. He did not appreciate being interrupted but he saw what looked very much like claws appear on the fingers of the man sitting opposite Mohune. With an effort he continued. “The attack was going well until Klingon and Romulan ships appeared. As planned, we staged a feint which drew off the main force of the convoy’s escort. Then fighters like my own came out of warp and hit their flank. We were scoring hits left, right and centre. Only a few more strafing runs and the convoy would have been unable to continue.

“How the Klingons and Romulans knew we were going to attack and when I do not know. I doubt the Romulans organised it. They’ve shown no interest in the refugees up until now so why try to save them. As for the Klingons....the gods alone know what they were doing there. Suffice to say that their intervention turned the tide of the battle. One sight of them and the Nausicans turned tail and fled. I was left almost on my own. My gun cameras will show I endeavoured to fight on but it was futile. I opted for the better part of valour and retreated.”

"Damn it" Mac cursed "I was hoping we could have done a better job of it than this. What a mess."

“The convoy will soon reach Deep Space 14. It is Captain Ratsey’s estimation that we will be unable to form a new attack force in time to prevent it doing so. The Nausican’s show no inclination to risk their ships again and we have too few of our own vessels available what with new operations being staged on the far side of the Alpha Quadrant.”

"Leave the ships to me," replied Mac "I know where we can aquire some more for the fleet."

“Captain Ratsey went on to Deep Space 14. He is scouting it with a view to ascertaining its preparedness for the arrival of the main Starfleet party. You can reach him on this secure channel.”

Bruttius Praescens handed over a PADD which Mohune accepted.

Mac looked at the PADD, he had his own way of contacting Ratsey. He wouldn't trust this if his life depended on it. Still Bruttius Praescens had done what was required of him and he deserved some payment.

Mac opened a draw and then passed a drawstring bag to Praescens. That should pay him above enough for his trouble. Mac intended to see him again later and offer him another job if he was willing to accept it.

"Come back in a couple of hours." Mac told him

Bruttius Praescens bowed again and withdrew, thankful to be out of there. He had expected.... He was not sure just what he’d expected. At best to get a stern dressing down for the failure of the mission; at worst to be thrown into prison for being the bearer of such bad tidings.

Maybe that was just being held over until the next encounter. Maybe Mohune just didn't want to cause a scene in front of his guest.

The door closed silently behind him and after a few moments Mac turned to S'Kitty. "I know you're on LOA from Blaze but I have an offer for you."


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