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Late night echos

Posted on Mon Jul 20th, 2015 @ 8:39am by Cassius Lincoln

Mission: Moving in
Location: Starfire Bar and Grill

Cass was counting down the drawer at the end of a very long day. The store was open 20 hours a day, allowing 4 hours to clean up and reset for the next day. 03:30 was a quiet part of the station's day.

Everyone went home and the storefront was closed, lights dimmed as he counted out the various denominations he allowed the bar to take. That was a trick in itself due to the rise and fall of each compared to the price of latinum but it evened out and it brought in more customers as a rule.

Boots struck the deck behind him, one step at a time, with a sudden start and, after maybe a half dozen steps, they stopped. He sighed with the following temperature dive. He sighed and shook his head as a familiar rash of "goosebumps" popped up. He knew it'd happen here too considering the history. There was at talent he passed down from his family before him and it was more than annoying at times.

Cassius said softly, "Look, I know you're here. 'Least I'm happy to help but I don't have tonight. I'll do what I can but it won't be tonight. I will set the time aside soon though....Ya hear me?"

Slowly, the area around him warmed. He shook his head and finished his count and stashed the extra leaving the standard minimum for the register. The rest went into a departmental armored briefcase to separate the standard gold pressed latinum from the other currencies which had to be exchanged later.

He headed out for his home for rest after he secured the earnings in a private and very secure spot. It was going to be another short night but what time he got to sleep, he'd be happy with all the well earned sleep he could manage tonight..


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