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The Messenger Returns

Posted on Wed Jun 24th, 2015 @ 7:37pm by Consul Jaron

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: Romulan Embassy

S' Ranya paced impatiently for several moments. Jaron was due back an hour ago. Knowing what she had learned, with her extensive background, S'Ranya always feared the worst.

Jaron fastened his tunic closed as he walked the familiar halls.He rounded a final corner and entered the appointed sitting room. He had almost forgotton the beauty of the Ambassador. He stopped just inside the entrance and bowed. "Your Excellency." He said dutifully.

"Jaron." S' Ranya said pointedly, Gesturing for him to rise, "Your travels were well I take it?"Despite the possible severity of the situation, S'Ranya always observed the pleasantries, if for appearances only.

The Romulan man nodded, "Yes, Your Excellency." He rounded a lush sofa and seated himself in a well stuffed arm chair.

S'Ranya seated herself opposite him, "What news?" she asked, busying herself with pouring Ettaberry tea from the set on her side table.

Jaron merely blinked, "I had an ear everywhere I could." he sighed, "There were no rumblings. Perhaps the rumour was a ploy to get you to return to New Romulus"

S' Ranya shook her head, "There are much easier ways to do that." She sipped her steaming tea, "Perhaps the traitors were silenced by other means." She mused.

Jaron watched his Mistress. "I hear we've had some excitement in my stead."

"Nothing too exciting." The Ambassador wiped her mouth with a napkin.

"I noticed, Eleanor Waldorf was listed on the visitor manifest. Anything of interest there?"

S'Ranya eyed her aide, "We needn't worry about her."

Behind the pairs meeting a comm chirped to life. The voice of Sub Commander Valk'o broke into the room. "Your Excellency, there is an Admiral Waldorf to see you."

Jaron raised an eyebrow at the Ambassador.

"I'm rather busy now, Sub Commander. Tell her to call again." S'Ranya said in response to the comm.


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