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The Challenge continues

Posted on Fri Jul 31st, 2015 @ 12:52am by Lieutenant Commander Jonas Flanigan & Staff Sergeant Wyatt McRaven & Private 1st Class Val Borova

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: USS Challenger

USS Challenger: Mission Operations Control Center

The mission team was assembled in the MOCC, less the guard detail in the cargo bay. Cashard looked at his padd. "These readings are off." He looked around the room. "Have any of you made any modifications to the buoys?"

“I have reviewed surveillance logs for all the cargo ports,” T’Syrik advised. “They show no untoward activity. The logical conclusion is that whoever modified the buoys is aboard this vessel.”

Cashard nodded his head then looked around the room. "Where is Lieutenant Hume?"

When there was no answer, Cashard continued. "All right. We'll try to find her later. On to the next item, the latest reports show an increase in patrols on the Cardassian side of the border, can we adjust our course to avoid them without looking like we're avoiding them?"

"I have been reviewing the course we are on to the current patrols in the area and I do believe there is a weak point in the Cardassian formations of patrols we can exploit to get through," Brian added sitting back reviewing his PADD.

“We are not ‘going through’ the Cardassian patrols,” T’Siryik pointed out. “We will be laying the buoys on our side of the frontier. However, I would be interested to see your analyses, Lieutenant. It might be worth our paying attention to those ‘holes’ once the net is in place. Perhaps that is where the pirates are entering Federation space.”

Cashard nodded his assent to T'Siryik's directive for Lieutenant McKenna. It was a little off for him to be the junior officer on the mission, but the project leader. Cashard looked to T'Siryik. "See if you can find out about the buoys." (OOC: This post takes place before the post between T'Siryik and Hume)

T’Siryik nodded. “Lieutenant,” she said, turning her attention to Hume. “Your assistance please.” T’Siryik turned to leave, fully expecting Hume to fall into place behind her.


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