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The lost and found

Posted on Sat Aug 15th, 2015 @ 4:02am by Lieutenant Colonel Wolfric Bannister & Jillian Forst
Edited on on Wed Sep 2nd, 2015 @ 3:29am

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Timeline: Between the planning and execution of tackling the pirate issue

Wolf was in his office prepping for the mission when he got a com, "Colonel, ship coming in. Merchant got an escape pod with a little girl. Her.....Colonel, her family was murdered. The whole station was killed. Right in front of her."

"Easy, Dave..... Give me the details. Concentrate on the facts," Wolf said cooly.

"Sir....It sounds like the pirate. She...Described a man straight from the reports," the young marine said. He added, "Human, female.....Really young sir. She's scared."

"On my way. Hold tight and do what you can for her as best you can," Wolf said before cutting the link.

He swore before tapping his badge and heading out in a jog, "Councilor O'Reily.....Sorry Nick. We've got an inbound who I think may need your help is coming in at Airlock 6." Another tap he said, "All DS12 Marine detachment fire teams. Coordinate with whichever medic is closest to Airlock 6 and deploy them there with 1 experienced point guard. Bannister out."

The girl, sad, tired, and dirty watched the goings on. She had heard that the Federation was just as mean as the Pirates who had just killed her family.

Dave Micheals was doing his best to keep the girl calm, realizing how scared she might be and how tired she seemed as Wolf came around a bend at a brisk walk. He was wearing his usual green colored shirt, blue denim pants, black boots and his marine uniform duster with marshal badge rather than standard combadge.

Giving the young marine a peremptory wave to avoid a pop to attention, Wolf quietly noticed that, despite having little obviously in common with her, something in this girl reminded him of Anna. It didn't make sense to him at all but there it was.

"Hi there," the senior marine said with a soft but sincere voice, "My name is Wolf....What's your name?"

The girl was silent, she tried to push herself back farther into the capsule away from the marine. "You are going to hurt me, I am just going to stay in here." She was tired, she didn't want to say much more than that.

The marshal, who was very much out of marine uniform and very much in Federation Marshal getup save the armory, smiled a little before saying, "Nah. I don't hurt little girls. I try not to hurt anyone come to think of it."

His head cocked to one side thoughtfully as he added, "Actually you kind of remind me of my own girl. Well, she's kind of mine, but anyway, she's one of the most kindly and sweet people I've ever met. She's pretty fun to be around."

"How do I know you aren't going to eat me." She looked at the Marine quizically, "How do I know that this isn't a trick. She folded her arms and frowned."

"Well, I suppose I could.....But I've found little girls are sweeter and more fun to simply hang out with. One of our best friends is a little dachshund actually. Nero's a very nice dog actually. He's a beagle," Wolf explained.

Tentatively, she moved out of the corner of the escape pod and towards the opening. She had been in there for a few days, so it felt good to move around. Her face was marred by dust and sweat and dirt. Her eyes a bit dull. "This had better not be a trick."

"Hon, I don't even like surprise birthday parties," he paused and looked thoughtful, "Well, not usually."

"No games, no lies, nothing of the kind. I promise," Wolf said with a small smile.

The girl looked tired. She felt tired, exhausted. Hurt. "Now what?" she finally stepped out onto the deck and awaited her fate. She had enough time to think about things in that pod. She ran through the events in her head over and over of the scene that led her to this point.

"Well, usually the first stem is a medical eval. Annabelle is actually in sickbay, actually. I left her there a bit ago with her mom and Daisy. Her pet in addition to the pup I mentioned. Between the three of us, you'll be quite safe I think," Wolf said confidently and with sincere warmth.

Having heard Bannister's call for help Nick arrived at the airlock to assist. A quick information gathering from the guard he stood back as Wolf charisma lulled the child out of hiding. Naturally she was confused and frightened her emotions were highly strung making her quite unpredictable. Until Wolf signaled him Nick continued to stay back worried his early introduction could break the fragile trust.

"Would that be okay with you? I think I may even be able to introduce you to Annabelle and Daisy if you'd like," Wolf offered. He was sincerely worried about this girl and wanted to do everything he could for her.

It was pretty obvious who might fire off a little girl into an escape pod alone with the allusions she seemed to have. The light colonel pushed down the additional hate growing toward the Commodore even deeper than before, not willing to let the cold fury show.

"Yeah, I think so" She frowned, "I'm not sure what to do now. Everything I had was on our ship." She sat down on the deck and started crying. The reality of her new life was starting to sink in. "I want to go back. Maybe I can see them again."

Not knowing what else to do, Wolf did....What felt right. He slid in and sat next to the little girl, gently touching her hand. With a sincere, warm and soft voice he said, "You can't go back....Not quite yet. I will promise you though that if there is a way to get them back to you, I will find it. I will also say that while I am doing that, I have some friends who would be very happy to be your friend too. You'll have a nice place to stay, good food, friends.....It'll be a start until I can do all I can to make my promise real."

"Ok", it came out as barely a whisper. "That might be nice."

"Can I take you to see everyone," Wolf asked opening his arms in a fatherly fashion without realizing it.

She looked at him and hung her head. "Yeah that is fine." The girl wrapped her arms around herself. "I want some ice cream."

"We can get some on the way. What's your favorite flavor," the marshal asked.

"Strawberry" The girl spit out the words. They felt unnatural and pained.

Wolf watched the girl, suddenly more worried than he had been. wished he'd had some of Nick's insights right now. He winged it though and asked with sincere curiousness, "The way you said that.....If it's your favorite.."

He signed, "What they must've.......Come here sweetie. Let's get you some place we can get you some food and where you can rest safely, okay?"

The girl nodded to starfleet officer, unsure of what was going to come next as they walked down the corridor.


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