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30 days in the hole

Posted on Tue Sep 1st, 2015 @ 7:45am by Lieutenant Colonel Wolfric Bannister & Commodore Lax Rendo're XVIII

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: Brig

Ed OOC: I figure that it might be fun to get a post with you two talking to the two assassins, I'm not sure if anything was started like this, but I thought we could maybe get a few ideas knocked out.

Wolf headed for the brig to get what answers he could before going out for the Commodore. He wore his marshal's getup, the only aspect of his uniform was the duster with marine green band with his marshal's badge in the place of a standard combadge and his rank on the green bad opposite it.

He checked his weapons at the guard post. The little things he often included in the field as well. Stepping forward, Marshal Bannister looked at his own would be killer first, then at Jill's.

Reminding himself this was supposed to be a joint venture, he looked at the guard and said, "Lt. Svardberg on her way?"

Dalliah looked up from cleaning her nails, still in the stolen Marine uniform and began to slow clap for Wolf. "You got me, by shucks" She turned back to her nails. "I'm sure this will be cute, good cop bad cop, bad cops, good cops."

"If you let me out of here, I'll spill the beans, as long as you don't leave me in here with her, she's going to kill me first chance she gets.." Vyshock pleaded with the officer standing before him. "This has just been one big misunderstanding."

"If you don't stop yammering, I probably will, claim you are the Marshal and take my money." The assassin rolled her eyes as she looked up at the ceiling.

"Good cop, bad cop? You've watched too many holodramas my dear. This will not be a session where one person will offer tea and crumpets only to have the other pull them away. We do not torture our prisoners either," Wolf said and trailed off to look at the other prisoner.

"I am sorry for the zeal of our private eye. It'll not happen again without severe repercussions. I am not pleased with either of you but the law is what it is. I will say that things will go easier if you just be honest and forthcoming," the lawman said with sincere earnestness.

"Anything, anything." Vyshock rubbed his eyes. "This was supposed to be a quick and easy job."

The woman sighed before turning back to her nails.

Tori had just passed through the security measures to hear Vyshock make the comment about a quick and easy job. "Well, that certainly ruins your innocent act, Vyshock."

The haggard Security Lieutenant looked at the assassin who was playing with her nails. She was obviously a career criminal with very little care for morals, or a set of morals that she made up herself. Self-serving, but too opposed to traditional authority to pander to it in order to save her skin. "Now, you, I don't expect to get anything important out of you. You're confident enough in your ability to handle a penal facility, but you're afraid of the Commodore and what he would do to a snitch. I'm fine with that."

She looked between the two assassins, then shot Wolf a look. "Reasonable fear, don't you think? People who snitch on the Commodore end up floating in space, bodies rarely found. In one piece. You're wasting my time, Colonel. Vyshock is an idiot, but he's not stupid enough to testify, and this piece of trash was smart enough to nearly decimate your hindquarters, which means she's at least ten times smarter than Vyshock."

Dalliah shrugged her shoulders. "This is just a minor setback, I'm sure it will all work out for the best really."

"Look, can't we come to some kind of agreement on this, umm, your people talk to my people, nice halfway house on Risa." Vyshock looked at the two fleeters, "If you guarantee my safety, I'll tell you everything I know, I won't even press charges against your detective for what she did to me. I'm just afraid of her" he motioned to the woman sitting on the bench "and of Lax. I know where he is."

Dalliah finally turned from her nails to look at Tori. "Don't listen to that fool, he doesn't know anything."

Tori raised an eyebrow at Vyshock, really surprised that he was actually talking about making a deal in front of the other assassin. "Listen, Mr. Vyshock, I'm going to get someone to bring you to another cell, under protective custody, and we can get you talking with the Marshall service. But... are you quite stupid to actually admit what you want to do in front of a woman you state you're afraid of, when she's in the same cell that you are? I mean. No offense, but, you really should wait to say things like Risa until you're not in the same cell."

She looked over to Bannister. "Want to take him while I talk to our other fine guest?"

Wolf nodded cordially to the Chief of Security, "It'd be my pleasure."

Gesturing to the guard then the prisoner, "Lower his field.....Let's go for a little walk. I think there are some items we may wish to discuss....After you of course."

As the marshal followed the prisoner out he motioned for the impromptu marine "Honor Guard" that had taken up with with him to follow. Victoria had a rather good security team on site and it made sense as XO as well as marshal to keep up the appearance of things.

Tori crossed her arms.over her chest and waited until Bannister and Vyshock were out of earshot. "I'm not going to insult your intelligence by offering leniency. Minor setback is all, right? Nice cushy prisons, New Zealand is pretty this time of year. Sound about right? Besides, leniency makes you look like a snitch, and snitches get killed."

The older woman lowered her arms and got close enough to the forcefield it made her nose warm. "I'm not above breaking you a deal with a light sentence at a minimum security resort prison on Risa with a pat on the butt and a kiss on the cheek goodbye to make sure everyone knows you spilled you sung like a canary as soon as you were caught. And Bannister? He would love to see you spend the rest of your life in jail, but he'd love seeing you spaced more, so I bet he would let me. Are you willing to take that risk? Or would you like to talk?"

"I've been in worse dungeons than this, and meaner security personnel than you and Pugsley over there." The bounty hunter stood up and moved towards the field. "You fleeters really have no idea what you are running into out in this neck of the woods, think you can just stroll in here, send some food to the poor people of the quadrant. You're right, if I snitch, sing like a canary or even breath a thought that I'd tell you what is going on, Lax or one of the others out there would have my head on a pike. I'm not sure you could even begin to protect me from that. The only thing that will protect me is my inevitable escape from here, and I'll be sure to send you a card from where ever I am."

The woman leaned against the frame of the cold cell, and brushed away what felt like dirt from her face. "At the end of the day though, I work for the highest bidder. That idiot you've got in the other cell wanted to tag along. He's not a professional, just needed some quick cash."

Tori shrugged, "I'm not mean security, nor is this a bad dungeon. Actually, it's kind of cozy, but inevitable escape? I think not. Think what you might about Fleeters and the like, but trust me, child, I am the highest bidder you're going to get."

"What are you offering and what am I giving up?" The woman sighed a bit. She had calculated the best way to get out and this seemed like one of them.

"New identity, new life, new world. Handled by the Marshalls, but Pugsley can live with that. Or life in New Zealand Colony as we vigorously prosecute you and make it look like you didn't say a word. Take your pick, I really don't care either way. Numb-nuts gets the prison on Risa and everyone assumes all information comes from him, he gets the hit. All I need is what parent company Lax is using to look legitimate, and the process for picking up a contract with them." Tori explained, backing up from the forcefield. "Any extra information you want to give is completely voluntary, but don't think about lying. I do not play games, and I am already rather irritated with these shenanigans."

"Alright, as long as he takes the fall, and is made to sound like I got spaced trying to make my escape. Fair?"

The assassin smiled. "You don't know what you are getting yourself into, but good luck if you really want to go down this rabbit hole."


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