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Between the sunset of one battle and a sunrise...

Posted on Fri Jul 24th, 2015 @ 4:48pm by Lieutenant Commander Soraya Delrisa & Lieutenant Colonel Wolfric Bannister

Mission: Moving in
Location: Sickbay

Wolf had to smile at the feel of Annabella sleeping in his arms, her head on his shoulder. This was the first time he'd gotten to hold her in his arms as she slept and it was not lost on him.

He was going to be headed out before long and he'd not get a lot of alone time with her or his mother. He aimed to enjoy it while he could. One thing he'd learned.....Happiness was something you had to grab while you could in this life. As it was...

The doors of sickbay opened for the marshal and his girl allowing them to come in. There were a lot of warm smiles, many nods, even from the more worn faces. When he caught Raya reviewing some notes he headed her way calling softly in a stage whisper. The doctor looked up and smiled with relief.

"Rough night even for the little one," she said quietly. "I'm glad you're here, can you explain this?" she asked, turning a monitor. On screen was a teenaged girl on a biobed, then the view switched to a chubby targ on a different bed.

"The old contradiction of military intelligence struck again. The most danger was thanks to Haqtaj and she did the best for keeping things from getting too wild. The the over eager ones are helping clean up, save the medic who's watching Nero. They hit it off it seems, "Wolf said in a soft tone before nodding to the screens, "Speaking of which how are they?"

"Beth is Doctor Anderson's patient, she's stable, just unconscious. I have Morrissey with Daisy, and I'm sure I'll owe him a shift or a bottle of whiskey for his trouble. Last I saw him he was looking for Jrez to help him with targ anatomy," Soraya said with a chuckle. "Do you want to put her down? She's slept on the couch in my office before," she added with guilty look.

With a serenely happy grin he shook his head replying, "She's fine for now. As it is I'm enjoying the quiet."

Soraya stroked her sleeping daughter's head. "I'm afraid to ask about our quarters..."

"It could've been worse....A lot worse. In fact, it should be mostly if not totally set to rights inside of another 30 minutes or so. Over eager kids and paper pushing inflicted operational confusion never helps. Luckily everyone used stun and the situation got....Less then complete madness," Wolf sighed softly.

Annabella stirred slightly but mostly just shifted so that her other cheek was against Wolf. When he was rather sure she was settled he said, "Thinking we may need to streamline the interservice and intergovernmental enforcement policies a bit."

After a moment's thought, he nodded toward the couch that Soraya had mentioned earlier and gave her a light smile. He did want to talk to her for a moment or two. She handed her padd to another doctor and followed Wolf into her office.

"Thirsty?" she asked as she walked towards her replicator. A coffee that she had ordered earlier was still there; it was cold but she took a drink anyway.

With a pause, Wolf realized sleep was not going to be a luxury to be in large quantity anyway so he said, "Jasmine/Green Tea mix with ginseng if you'd be so kind. Chilled sounds good right now that I think of it." She nodded; half a minute later she walked over to him with the drink.

"What's on your mind?" Soraya asked as she sat next to him.

After accepting the cup, he sighed and said, "The whole situation. I've been up against some tough bad guys but this one is among if not the best. I am not...unduely worried rather seemed easier in the past. Part of the, well, extra considerations are that I've never had so much I love potentially at risk."

He fixed her with an affectionate smile, "And trust me, I am the happiest I've ever been since we've been together. I worry. Plus this 'Commodore's' smear campaign. He's making us look like a pack of brutal, tyrannical thugs when we're the exact opposite. I've always been very fond of the fact that the Federation is a united confederation of diverse........"

Wolf's eyes blinked a few times as his voice trailed off. He paused for a moment as his mind started to piece things together in different ways. He gave her a look of quiet wonder after the moment was through.

"A healer, a great mom, and intelligent to boot but you're a bloody genius too. That's almost crazy enough to work," he said thoughtfully then added with an impish grin, "You're sexy as all get out too I won't hesitate to add."

Soraya blinked, furrowing her brow. "Did I miss something?"

"They're painting us as domineering, merciless and intolerant tyrants. Could be interesting if reality is painted a rather bit different when they see us," Wolf said before leaning in and touching the Doctor's cheek.

"Who are you talking about? The pirates?" she asked.

Wolf nodded, "Yeah...The pirates. They've put out propaganda that makes us look like saints compared to any potential Mirror Universe counterparts. Before you ask, that includes the both of us. I think I'd better call in a few markers on this one....And I should see if MG can do so as well. We'll need the help if my idea has a hope of success."

His looked up and met Soraya's gaze. The absolute zero cold fury flickered in his eyes before it was mercilessly squelched again. He was at a point where he'd not kill Lax now if he could avoid it. That'd be too quick. Too easy. Too much of what the other man would want or expect. Life in prison would be a deliciously torturous sentence for the pirate. That's what the marshal wanted....And to set things to rights with the truth.

The doctor sighed, and stroked her sleeping child's head again.

"So this isn't over, is it," she said softly; it was a statement rather than a question.

"Not yet. But I intend to finish what I should have ended last outing. This time I will not underestimate him and we will have the appropriate support this time," he said with quiet determination.

Wolf smiled slightly, "Haqtaj have many friends in Imperial High Command?"

"I would think so. House Matlh is very well respected," she said.

"Good. With her help and MG's connections, I intend to end this thing so we can move on without having to constantly look over our shoulders," the marshal responded.

"The sooner this is finished the better," the doctor said, stifling a yawn.

The marine gently took Soraya's hand and squeezed it with affection and smiled weakly at her. He added, "I think I might have a couple of decisions to make when I get home. I might even have a little something for you then too."

"I already have everything I need," she said with a smile.


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