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Division and Discussion

Posted on Tue Sep 1st, 2015 @ 6:51am by Lieutenant Colonel Wolfric Bannister & Commodore Lax Rendo're XVIII

Mission: Moving in
Location: Corridore
Timeline: Concurrent with 30 days in the hole

Wolf seemed to almost stroll along side Jill's almost assassin. They were both lead and trailed by a combined by a marine / security guard detail.

"I feel the need to apologize again for the.....Unpleasant circumstances you faced earlier, Mr. Vyshock. Our resident P.I. took something personal that was just a job...purely business, am I right," the marshal asked.

"I mean, she had no right to do that to me, I mean, did you see the bruises she left? I don't know if I'm going to be able to play Dabo right anymore." He grinned. "So what do you say, slap on the wrist, you send me to Risa, and I don't press charges against your little girlfriend huh?"

Wolf smirked slightly as they walked, "Yeah, that one has quite a temper. I really have to admire how she took care of Lax's little squadron. Lax was the only survivor and every ship is scrap..."

He glanced over at Vyshock, "I mean I can be a devious bastard when I put my mind to it. I've gotten so many awards and citations for marksmanship....Really, both are great for my line of work. The big difference between me and her is that her temper can run kinda hot. Me....I've found ways to make people suffer for years. I mean a kid that bullied me in 2nd grade is still having one hell of a scare every Halloween. Every year I hit him with a different bit of fun that cause him to require a change of underwear without fail."

Slowing to a stop, the marshal turned to face Vyshock, "Not that it's an insult but do you really want to stick with calling my partner my girlfriend AND try to blackmail a trip to Risa out of me with that in mind?"

"She isn't your girlfriend? Sorry, intel I had on her said that you two were together. My mistake, this hasn't been exactly the most easy of gigs. So" he kind of kicked his foot a bit. "About Risa.."

"I'm sure that my actual girlfriend wouldn't find that as amusing as I find it......I suspect my partner might be quite miffed as well," Wolf said and paused to let that last part sink in.

"As of right now, you've information that might or might not be worth something. Risa is not likely going to be on the table unless you have some insanely good information. I'm willing to listen. If your information pans out, we'll work out a deal that is fluffy for you. If it doesn't pan out or the worst happens......"

The human from Mars' voice trailed off. The look on his face was one that might be reserved for the viewing before a funeral....Only more somber.

"Oh trust me, I've got names, dates, contacts. It's just." Vyshock stopped. "They were stolen from me by that woman. She's got them. Get them back, and I'll give you the decryption code. Deal?" He was already picturing his new life on Risa, away from Lax, away from the rat race. Away from all of this.

"I can arrange that. If it pans out, I can promise I will call in favors to make sure you get a better deal than anyone else will be willing to give you," Wolf promised earnestly.

"Well, of all my options, that seems like the best right now." The man rubbed his face this was more than he bargained for.

"I will have to ask that you remain in the...Well, the security offices. Appearances, you understand. I will talk to the guards about classing up the menu a bit however as a sign of good faith," the marshal said helpfully.


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