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Backalley Diplomacy Part 1

Posted on Tue Aug 25th, 2015 @ 3:23am by Lieutenant Colonel Wolfric Bannister & Civilian Haqtaj Matlh

Mission: Moving in

Wolf ducked into his office and slipped into his trench coat....This one was non-marine issue....followed by pinning on his badge.

He had held off as long as he could. For this mission to work however, it needed something off the books. He touched the controls signalling a request to speak directly to Haqtaj.

Haqtaj was in the consulate pacing again. Vartog had learned to find a task elsewhere when she was like this. Haqtaj was itching for a fight. the skirmish in the Del Risa quarters had re-awakened the desire in her.

There was only so much paper work and cow-towing a warrior could do before she needed to punch someone's face to the back of their skull.

Her coms chimed and she stabbed the unit on the table with her finger.

"NuqneH? What do you want?" She gave the standard Klingon greeting to whoever was on the other end, but with all of her frustration bleeding through.

"Good evening to you as well, my friend. I have a proposition for you to rip the heart out of the prig that tried to kill your god child and my girl. Death would be easy....I want to make him suffer. Are you with me in that my sister in honor," Wolf asked with hate in his voice.

Haqtaj hesitated, not because she did not hear the call of vengeance, but rather she heard the passion in Wolf's voice.

"There is a saying amongst my people," she responded, 'Vengeance is a dish best served cold'. It does not mean that it is most enjoyable cold, but that it is more certainly delivered with cold reason than hot blood. Unbridled anger leads to mistakes."

"Perhaps it would be best to discuss this in person, rather than over the Comms? I was just about to take a stroll around the docking ring. Shall we meet by Docking arm 3 in five minutes?"

"Consider it done. See you there and then," Wolf said with a nod.

Haqtag had taken off her normal formal attire and was wearing serviceable Klingon armour/uniform while carrying a very business like blade at her hip. For all that she appeared to be casually strolling past the docking port when Wolf arrived. She motioned for him to walk with her as she strolled, without seeming in the least hurry.

After a short while however she muttered, "You're too angry. You're getting sloppy. You called me over a monitored Comm channel and divulged your intention aloud to me in my office. At least that tells me it was not you who planted the monitoring device there to spy on me."

"So we can assume we do not have much of an element of surprise left to us," she continued, a simple statement which assured Wolf that she was fully engaged in being involved, "What other assets do we have, beyond your plasma lance rage?"

"Oh, we have the chance for a surprise or two. Does the Empire have any assets within range that is willing to help bite this bastard's plans in the arse? I know we're pretty far from hom, as it were, but this....thing has painted the Federation as being some sort of monster. I'm thinking if we have other governments assisting, perhaps we can nail this slime AND restore our honor," Wolf said.

"It depends," Haqtaj responded, "On if this is an official request from Starfleet, or an unofficial request warrior-to-warrior."

"Completely off the books at this rate. Officially unofficial," the Federation marshal said.

"In that case I can offer you a highly skilled and motivated ex-Admiral and I may be able to get hold of a B'rel at short notice. Anything longer than that will take some time to get here."

"Of course there is another approach to take...."

Wolf tilted his head a bit and said, "I'm open to suggestions."

"This individual has been using smear campaigns to spread lies. It is easy to discredit these. He shows footage of Starfleet officers attacking a civilian group, you show footage of the same group of actors standing around and joking and laughing while drinking synthahol and practicing their lines. Expose it as a media show. Even better if you can make contact with the actual actors. Actors work for money, and the Federation has a much bigger purse than any pirate. It will also be easy to trace, given the amount of resources he will have to pour into this project; scripting, casting, staging, recording, editing, clean up, distributions, payroll, etc. This is no small industry., It will leave a big foot print. It will also leave a trail of disgruntled and underpaid staff; every industry does."

Nodding, the human said, "I'd been playing with the idea actually. The only issue is that it's logistically a bit of an issue with our little posse heading out all too soon."

"Then delegate," Hataj said simply, "You do not need to do everything yourself. I know Vartog is a trained Holo-engineer, and I am sure you have a wealth of other intelligence personnel here on the station who would manage to gather and broadcast propaganda. Meanwhile you go on a joy ride to unwind after your recent ordeal. I might join you. I've had quite an eventful few days as well."

"Vartog? So far he's proven to be a borderline bumbling idiot. He puked all over a crime scene......That is not proof of Klingon strength or a decent security officer in my experience," Wolf replied with severe honesty.

Haqtaj laughed, "And yet he and I have fought side by side against Species 8472, or whatever you call them, defending the civilians of a previous station. He is not a delicate hand, and many of my people have been accused of being far to blunt. However, if you play to his strengths rather than criticize his weaknesses, you will find all the decency you would wish for. I wonder how well you would be viewed if you had to live long term on a Klingon run facility?"

"I think I'd be called a lightweight drinker.....Actually I was called a lightweight drinker by a few," the Marshal said with a chuckle.

"Never the less, there are things to be done. When do we leave?"

"10 hours.....We've got to wrap up a few things and a few of us need a little rest before we finish planning," Wolf replied.

"I will make sure your Klingon observer is ready by then," Haqtaj acknowledged.


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