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Jeffery, Party of 4

Posted on Thu Aug 20th, 2009 @ 7:44am by Lieutenant Thomas Jenkins & Lieutenant JG Jasmine Butler

Mission: Seraphim Requiem: Season 1, Episode 2.
Timeline: After the Genesis arrives, before they senior staff spilt up

Crouched again next to the console he'd been working at earlier, Thomas checked the side bag he was packing one last time. Type II hand phaser, flashlight, emergency medical kit, and a basic engineering kit. No sense in packing anything fancy as far as the engineering tools went, he wouldn't know how to use the advanced stuff anyway. There wasn't much to the bag he'd packed, but it should be all they'd need to get below deck and restore power. Throwing the bag over his shoulder he stood up and took a quick look around for Lieutenant Butler.

She she finally tied up her hair and looked behind her for Jenkins. "Are you ready?"

Thomas nodded. "All set here, Lieutenant."

She smiled at him and looked over to Henk. "And what about you, O'Brien?"

"Yeah I'm ready." Henk said with a sight. "I can't do any good here. the Borg have shut me out of the system."
He picked up his sword and walked toward the corridor.
"Stay close."

"Hold up!" A voice called from behind causing the team to halt and turn.

Clicking the torch up her wrist to a more suitable angle Mason fell into line with the others. "Don't think your going without more support,"

"Since when did you get here?" Henk said, surprised.
When he saw Mason he wanted to jump right into her arms. But he managed stop himself on the last moment.
"Well if you are up to it."

She chucked dryly actually enjoying a varied company again. "I'm only running on adrenaline at the moment but I'm sure I'll be able to keep up." She peered into the gloom of the open tube hatchway.

Henk looked at Mason and then into the Tube.
"I'll take point." Henk said as he dived in. "Come on ladies, you don't want to be left behind."
Henk lead the way crawling expertly along the narrow tubes turning at the correct intersections hearing the rest of the group coming up behind him.
He made good progress even in the rising humidity and bought them to a halt at their destination. He sat to one side while Butler and Jenkins set to work.

Jasmine nodded and started tearing open panels and boxes to get to circuits "Lets go halves, I suppose."

"Yeah, the sooner this is done the better," Thomas answered removing the correct tools from the kit tracing through the circuts hunting for the damaged sections." He'd doubted his usefulness on the way here, but once he got his hands on the circuits he realized they were identical to those he'd worked with on the Stardock Class.

With some difficulties Mason drew up beside Henk staring into the gloom ahead of them which their flashlights barley pieced.
Since being on the ice planet everything felt too warm, and the tube was worse then she had expecting. Sweat was running rivets down her face, she whipped them irritably upon the shoulder of her uniform which likewise was soggy.
"Here, hold this." She passed her rifle and flashlight to Henk, then fumbled a little to remove the tunic, toss it aside and replace her badge on the undershirt even if they comm was down she still might need it later.

She turned back holding out her hands for her weapon Henk was still hold but he hesitated.
"Henk?" she called softly lifting him from his stupor.

"Yeah, sorry" Henk muttered as he handed her the rifle and flashlight back.
He rested his head against the bulkhead and closed his eyes to focus his mind.
~Oh my god.~ Henk thought ~don't do anything~

Removing a layer had barley made a difference to Mason's over heating body but it gave her more freedom to move. Snapping the flashlight back on her wrist the beam passed across Henk's face.
"You alright?" She asked gently.

"Yeah I'm fine." Henk said. "Just a bit uncomfartable with al these Borg around."

Satisfied she turned her attention back their surroundings, then to the team who were working talking quietly to one another. Who ever the lieutenant was she seemed to know her way around the conduits ripping them out at two to a dozen successfully avoiding the shower of sparks that followed.

With an ever watchful eye on the surrounds Krissy made herself as comfortable as possible sitting between the repair team and Henk. "How long has the station been infected with Borg?" she asked.

"Long enough to assimilated most of the crew and station." Henk said. "Let's hope that we are not to late."

Henk suddenly heared a sound comming from further in the tube. His head snapped toward it automaticlly.

Inruiged Mason watched ready to move in an instant.
"Jenkins, stay here, keep working we'll be right back." Mason called following Henk who was in seach of the sound.

Jasmine gave the thumbs up and continued working "So, Tom, what have you done in the past? I'm talking about ships... not anything else... that would be perverted." she giggled for a moment and then watched him doing some more work.

With a grunt another pannel popped off in his hands. "Don't worry I know what you meant, although if you wanted to.." he trailed off with a deep smile leaving some things unsaid. "I've been pilot must of the time since I left the academy. Ship's helmsman, shuttle pilot whichever assignment I could fine. As long as it could fly I would be there."

"I see. Quite interesting. I have a revelation for you though, Starbases don't fly."

Thomas looked down slightly at the reference to his past assignment. It was getting really, really warm in here. He pulled his sleeves up to his elbows before tackling the comment. "Valid point, the starbase definitely didn't fly. Actually, I didn't do a whole lot of flying on that assignment and I didn't have a great time - wasn't there by choice, honestly."

Downing his tools for a moment Thomas moving his flashlight toward the direction where Mason and Henk had vanished to. There was no sign of them returning yet, so with a sigh he returned back to the task at hand.
"What about you Jas? May I call you Jas? What has life thrown out you along the way, except being in the hell hole?"

"Call me whatever you see fit to call me, as long as I have approved of it. So, I've just done some general engineering stuff over my time in Starfleet, you know, I did one of those sorts of extended assignments aboard the USS Genovia; the fleet's very own testosterone centerpiece--"

"You.. what were you thinking?" Came a lound irrate voice from the direction Mason and Henk had headed to.

Tom gave Jasime a mixed look and resumed the delicate work. Beyond them the fierce words continued and Tom was being to wonder of Ensign O'Brien would be coming back in once peice after Commander Mason had finshed with him.

"No wonder nobody likes you, everybody makes fun of you, and that you never have, and shall never have friends!"

Clearly O'Brien had a death wish... More continued but determined to allow the two of them to let out what ever they needed to Tom forced himself not to listen any longer to concentrate on what he was here to do. To fix these damn circuts and restore some power back to the overran station even it was the last thing he did.

"Don't listen to it. I got put on report by my CO for accidentally listening in on a argument once. That guy had a very small teather."

After the argument the silence was ringing and eerie.

"Do you think she's killed him?" he asked drawing level with Jasmine.

"From my first impression of Mason, she would've probably cut his arms off, then let him die slowly."

"Hmm maybe. I wouldn't stand for it if I were her, although I don't know I'd explain it to the Captain." Tom mused.

The tense silence continued to draw out from quite some time which was beginning to make the two of them uncomfortable in the rising humanity.
Then, finally they could hear the sounds of them returning, crawling stiffly through the confides of the tube with Henk leading the away and Mason some distance behind him.

They couldn't see anything obviously wrong with Henk's appearance save for the darkening bruise on his cheek. Shadows hid their faces leaving Butler and Jenkins to only speculate what happened but they were pretty certain they could piece somethings together.

"Are you guys ready?" Henk asked. "I want to get back to ops."

Jasmine gave a firm glare at Henk, still trying to work out what was going on in the Jeffries Tube "I'm not going to argue with you."

Thomas sighed and leaned away from what he was working on, resting against the opposite wall of the tube. "This is all set to go save for a couple of overloaded circuits I can't bypass.. He looked over at Jasmine. "Care to take a look, grease monkey?" He grinned.

"In my defense, I am a pilot, not an engineer." He joked, before going very silent. He paused and stared out into the darkness ahead of them, slowly pulling out his phaser. There it was again. A soft thud in the distance.

Having emerdged from the ajencent tube in time to catch the playful banter Mason was back in bussiness mode now. The activty in the darkness played at her senses, the tube with its confindness seemed to distort the sound making harder to pinpoint but she was certain it was coming from the way Henk and herself had come from.
Raising the rifle with is mounted flashlight she expolered the darkness with no affeect. Whatever it was in was moving, drawing closer to their postion.

Henk looked down both tunnels when he suddenly heard an sound from the third tunel.
"Damn we are surrounded." Henk said. "Jasmine get that circuit up and running, we will cover you."

Thomas regretted having been joking around a moment ago. With noises approaching from three different directions, things just got a lot more serious. "Houston," he whispered. "We have a problem."


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