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Backalley Diplomacy Part 2

Posted on Fri Sep 11th, 2015 @ 5:51am by Lieutenant Colonel Wolfric Bannister

Mission: Moving in

"He's mad.....He is totally out of his ever loving mind. It's almost insane enough to work though," was what ran through MG's mind.

"Fox crazy still, I suppose....This better work," the general muttered while his friend was in the other room and as he himself finished punching in the codes to contact S'Ranya on a a secure channel.

Alone in her office, S' Ranya was startled by the sound of her personal commcoming to life. 'By the Elements!' she thought, making an attempt to compose herself before answering. The Ambassador took a deep breath, noting the staleness in the Station's air, and then keyed in her authorization to accept the secure message.

"Hello Ambassador. I hope I have not caught you at a bad time," the Marine flag officer and pilot said amiably.

"Not at all, sir. What is it I can help you with?" S' Ranya's voice was dripping with sarcasm.

A small smirk crossed the human's lips as he said, "Nice to know some things are rather universal among the Rihansu...Irony."

"I'm not sure I understand your meaning." S' Ranya said, with a glimmer in her eye.

MG smiled and arched an eyebrow. His tone was light, "It's a compliment. At least that is how I mean it. I had a healthy respect of the Romulan Empire before the Dominion war. It only grew during and after. Despite the incident with the Majestic and subsequent tragedy --- And due to the kindness and diligence after even that."

Looking up, the shadow of profound loss crossed his face as he finished the last sentence. He stifled it before he continued, "I know the records of that incident have been buried by both our respective governments. May I inquire if and how much you know about that incident?"

S' Ranya allowed a smile to trace her lips, "What happened with the Majestic was a true tragedy." She paused, looking directly into the eyes of the man, "Was there something in particular you wished to know General?"

Corrus' face regained a completely business like poker face, "Before we get into that I need to make it quite clear.....This is, at present, a completely unofficial request. The less people that know of this, the less likely the wrong people will get hurt. I need to ensure you're okay with and agree to that before we move forward."

S' Ranya's face did not betray her sudden interest in the conversation. She raised an eyebrow, "You have my agreeance General."

"How'd you like to pay back a debt owed by the Rihansu," MG asked.

With a wave the General asked in addition, "How is Donatra these days?"

S' Ranya regarded him with amusement "What debt would that be?" She asked, disregarding the comment about Donatra.

The general typed a few commands into his console and the ambassador's respective console then said, "This aught to explain things...Well, at least a good part of the background."

"Do you plan to continue being vague , General, or can we get to the point?" S'Ranya spat, growing tired of the game.

"As you see on there I was granted a fair deal of leeway should I need anything. Seems someone got skittish after a Starfleet General's ship was sabotaged in the shadow of the homeworlds. The help that one of the ship's senior officers was also poisoned at the diplomatic reception held for the senior staff either. Luckly I am not greedy but am a sucker for a good cause. Can I presume you're aware of the piratical activity in this sector," Wolf asked.

"Of course." S' Ranya sighed, suddenly tired.

"Good. That leads to my next question....And I assure you ahead of time, I am not barking mad. But....Could we borrow a couple of ships," Corrus asked with an amazingly deadpan look save for the glint of good humor in his eyes.

S' Ranya instinctively looked around, "What exactly are you planning to do General?"

"I wish I could take all the credit. With the propaganda the pirates are putting out, it's going to take a while to stabilize the area if we to respond in kind. Unfortunately, with this 'Commodore' Lax on the loose, that's unlikelihood at best," the Mars born pilot said.

He continued, "The idea was put out...To a very, very limited few at this send a combined task group to take the good Commodore into custody, derail his organization and settle things down a bit so things are a bit more peaceful. Trade and diplomacy tend to go a bit smoother if one does not have to worry about their proverbial arse getting shot out from under them."

"Does Starfleet not have enough ships on its own,or are you planning to use my people as a scapegoat?" S' Ranya asked, pointedly.

"Scapegoat? Actually, that's quite the opposite of what we had in mind. This is to be a joint task force. Federation, Klingon....Hopefully Romulan....Hell, we might even talk to the Cardassians about coming in. What better propaganda about a multi-governmental peace keeping group riding in to take out a vicious, piratical slime ball terrorizing a region of space. Scapegoat my Martian backside. Down the road, you'll be painted as one of the heros if we play this right," the marine said.

After a pause the human tilted his head and added, "A cut of the trade agreements could be of benefit to any group that can get in on it. Might be easier for the Rihansu if they've got a few ships helping in the crusade."

S' Ranya spoke with intent, "Very well, General."She lifted a PADD and pretended to read." I have Twenty Three Ships at my disposal, I can spare Six. Six ships, and we take point on the operation for all the Galaxy to see." She raised an eyebrow, waiting for the Human's concessions.

"I've got a better offer: You get to make a big entrance that will steal the show. We'll work it into the operational plans that the Rihansu even get to upstage the Klingons in a way that comes across in fine dramatic fashion," MG said with matter of fact earnestness.

"You surprise me Major." She smiled, "I will agree to this plan, but I need something done in return."

MG tilted his head at the choice of rank mentioned and smiled, "I've got a little while until I think I'll get Major General, but I appreciate the vote of confidence. However, I am listening. What farther concessions did you have in mind?"

"There is a Hevam Starfleet Admiral aboard right now, as you know." She said, using a racial slur normally outside her vocabulary.

"I am aware," Corrus said keeping a straight face as well as tone.

"She has caused me great strife in my life and it's time she was put out of my misery." The Ambassador pursed her lips and raised an eyebrow.

This time one of the General's eyebrows rose some as he asked, "I assume you've got something in mind aside from the obvious....At the least, I hope as much."

"Your hopes are misplaced, General." S'Ranya said, a mischievous smile crept along her mouth.

"Unfortunately, that isn't exactly an option. Now if you have a compelling reason I might be able to have an investigation started.....That would limit her movements for a while, even longer if she is guilty of something. At the least as a favor to an important ally, I am sure that we can make the appropriate requests to keep her from getting under foot," Corrus said.

After a heartbeat he added, "We'd be much better situated with your ships, Ambassador. I'm already making a large point to make concessions for your assistance that are almost surely are going to ruffle feathers with my government, the Klingons and likely others. If there is something else that would help convince you to help, now's the time to ask. If you don't have anything that we can use for one of the situations I mentioned, kindly give me something that I am seriously able to work with."

S'Ranya tilted her head, "If you are unable to oblige, then I'm afraid the Empire will have no part in your little plan for heroism." He squared herself and looked straight ahead, "I had hoped you'd be reasonable like your superior's have been. Perhaps I should speak with some of them about the situation." Again a smile played on the Romulan's lips.

"The trade offer is something the Klingons will adore I am sure. However, that being said, I'd rather the Romulan Star Empire come out ahead on that one. So far as the admiral goes....I can make quiet inquiries, I suppose," Corrus said musingly.

"I'm not sure you understand me General." The Romulan said, supressing a yawn, "Inquiries will not suffice. I'm sure a man with a career as lengthly as you has made contacts who are able to do the job."

"I do. And I am happy to find ways to keep the Admiral out of your and the Rihansu's way. I am not betraying a colleague and fellow flag officer in any dishonorable way. I am pleased to assist you in most any other way. If you persist with that concept I will not go public with the situation unless last resort requires it. That aside, I will insure, quietly, that you are ended as a threat," MG said with a serious voice.

"Give me another option, Ambassador. I ask this from the deaths of my heart. The love of my life died at Romulan and Reman hands. I'd prefer to avoid another tragedy if we can," the marine said his eyes not leaving hers on the screen.

"l'm afraid there is no more to discuss General." S'Ranya gave the man a serious look.

MG nodded, and said, "Seems not for now. I'll contact you if any relevant information comes up. I just ask for the same. Otherwise suppose that will be it.....For now."

S'Ranya nodded, "It has been lovely speaking with you General." She promptly closed the secure channel and exhaled, slumping into her seat.

Only a moment passed before she erected herself. She reached across her desk and pressed the Intercom. "Mister Jaron, I need to know all there is to know about General Corrus, including his superiors."


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