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Challenge forward

Posted on Fri Dec 11th, 2015 @ 8:03am by Lieutenant Commander T'Siryik & Lieutenant Commander Jonas Flanigan & Private William McDouglas & Staff Sergeant Wyatt McRaven & Private 1st Class Val Borova

Mission: Moving in
Location: USS Challenger

The mission was routine. Everything screamed routine. That's what most missions were, routine. Boredom was a major issue in space missions. Things were boring, until they weren't. They had launched sixteen buoys without any incident. Launching the buoys had become routine. Jonas quit watching when they were launched. Things were normal, and then it changed.

Lieutenant JG Timothy White was sitting at the helm control. He was casually monitoring the nothingness. All of the sudden, the nothingness ceased being nothing. He sat up. "Captain, we have incoming vessels." He paused. "I'm reading three raiders."

Jonas leaned forward. "Shields up! Sound Red Alert!"

T’Siryik moved across to Tactical in her quick but seemingly unhurried way. “Preliminary scans lead me to concur with Lieutenant White,” she reported. “They are charging weapons.”

“Each ship is different,” T’Siryik said. “I am reading elements of many different races. My initial analysis is that they have been cobbled together from spare parts.”

McDouglass had been filing his report with the Marine Co when the commotion happened. He now stood at the back of the bridge watching it unfold. "Three against one? They don't stand a chance."

“My analysis indicates we have an 85.61 percent chance of taking out all three hostiles,” T’Siryik observed. “However, the vessels are such that they might have hidden weaponry. Given their unusual configurations, I calculate that to be 54.892 percent probable.”

The ship bucked from an explosion.

White was visibly shaken, "They're shooting at us!!!" He stammered.

“It was a warning shot, I believe, Lieutenant,” T’Siryik reported. “It detonated 2,593.8 kilometres ahead and on a bearing of 395. I recommend we continue on our present course at three-quarters impulse. That way, they might reveal their intentions.”

Jonas nodded in concurrence with T'Siryik. "Make it so, Timothy."

The command brought White back under control. It sounded like T'Siryik and Flanigan knew what they were doing. "Aye, Captain."The response from the three ships was immediate. They fell into place: one to starboard, one to port and one aft.

“They are charging phasers, Lieutenant,” T’Siryik reported from Tactical.

White looked at T'Siriyik for clarification.

“I do not believe their intentions are hostile, Lieutenant.”

"Oh, nay," McDouglas quipped, "I have had worse than that love kiss on dates with beautiful women."

“Allow me to clarify my statement. I do not believe they intend to take hostile action. Even allowing for the probability of their carrying other weaponry, I do not believe that they consider themselves capable of destroying a Starfleet vessel.”

Challenger rocked again as phaser fire hit from three sides.

White was getting agitated. "How is that not hostile intent, Sir?"

“My calculations have not changed,” T’Siryik said. “I believe this to be no more than do you put it...a bluff. I recommend we retaliate with our own phasers and await their response.”

Jonas nodded. "All right, target their shields and engines. Fire at will."

T’Siryik nodded and punched the requisite commands into the Tactical console. A tight beam of light shot out, catching one enemy vessel amidships. It momentarily stopped as its shields tried to absorb the energy.

“Direct hit,” McKenna called out.

Another beam lanced out. It caught a nacelle pylon, ripping it from the main hull.

“It’s breaking off.”

“Then I recommend we get back to the mission at hand,” T’Siryik said.


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