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The Temeraire

Posted on Fri Aug 28th, 2015 @ 10:08pm by Lieutenant Thomas Stills

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: Moonfleet

The battle had been going badly, they were surrounded and were attacked from all different sides. He wasn't far enough away yet to escape them. His group had split up and he had no idea where his friends where or even if they had made it out alive. He remembered the coordinates for the rendezvous, they were all to meet there within so many hours and then transfer to the Temeraire and make their way home.

Home, home, he thought. All I want to do is get home. His other voice, Maxx the symbiote he was joined to, urged him on.

His ship took another pounding from his attackers and it was a miracle that it was still holding together. His partner was dead and lay sprawled on the floor alongside of him. He'd been hit just as they had reached the ship but he couldn't do anything for him until they had escaped.

I could have saved him, if only he could have held on. I could have saved him.
Couldn't have saved him, couldn't he was dead already. Go faster....

He was on his own now weaving in and out of a battlefield, caught up in a war that he and his friends had no right to be part of, none of them had. He was almost out of range, just a little while longer.

He forced the ship to fly harder, the Temeraire wouldn't take this pace for much longer. The fighters had began to fall back but a last stray hit had caught the ship across the bow and sent it into an uncontrollable spin at top speed.

Suddenly there was a lull in the firing; a lull which grew longer.

He wiped away the blood from his right eye. Out of the view screen he saw a ship approaching, it was fighting off the attackers. He had never been so thankful before, it seemed fate was lending a hand.

=^=This is Tiberius Brutius Praecens. I know a safe haven nearby. Turn to Bearing 395; Mark 6.4. I will hold them off.=^=

The unknown ship rolled up and over then came up above and behind the enemy.

"Many thanks," he replied. "Will set course for Bearing 395; Mark 6.4. Hope to see you there...and...."

He never got to finish what he was saying but a final hit on the Temeraire sends him flying against a bulkhead and the last thing he saw before he lost conscious was a very bright light.


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