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Where am I?

Posted on Sat Sep 19th, 2015 @ 10:22am by Lieutenant Thomas Stills & Lieutenant Serge Maschnost

Mission: Trouble on the frontier

Maxx woke up he was covered in sweat as usual. He reached out for the whiskey by his bedside. It would block the pain along with the pills and then he'd be able to sleep for a little while longer. He got up to pour water over his face and looked at himself in the mirror. His finger traced the scar that led from his right temple to his jaw. He wondered who this person was looking back at him, it was as if he didn't know this person anymore.

"I know us, his simbiote told him vaguely "We are Kriss Maxx, we have had many good times together and we will remember more when our memory returns. But for now we must stay as Maxx in case we are found."

The Trill looked at himself again, running his fingers over the stubble on his face. His cheeks were hollow there was a haunted look in his eyes that told him he had either seen or done too much in the past that was wrong. But he couldn't remember, they said he had hit his head quite badly during the rescue and that his memory might recover in days, weeks, months or maybe never.

"We will cope."

He lay back down on the bed after taking the pills and whiskey and now he should get a few hours dream free sleep but then a knock sounded on his door.

Maxx sighed and went to open the door.

"What do you want?" he snapped.

Bruttius Praescens was taken aback but then, he thought in reflection, there was no reason this man should know who he was. “My name is Titus Bruttius Praescens,” he said with a smart Roman salute, arm across his chest and parallel to the ground. “I am the one who gave you the directions to find this place.”

Realizing his lack of sleep had gotten the better of him, Maxx apologized. "Sorry. I'm not quite myself yet, my memory is still a little hazy. Please come in."

The room was a good size with a bed in the center, it was very basic with a sink in the corner. Someone had been kind enough to put some wash things in there for him.

That goes for both of us.

"Thanks for bringing me here," Maxx said, "but can you tell me where I am?"

“It is an outlying base of an organization called Moonfleet. They are building this region.”

"Why were you there too?" Maxx asked him

“I was escorting a convoy that was ambushed by Romulans. They must have thought you were part of the escort. Why were you there?”

"I was...." Maxx shook his head while word went through his head:
"Somewhere waiting for others, my friend was dying and I couldn't save him."

Bruttius Praescens could see the look of consternation on the man's face. "Anyway, you're safe now."

"I'm not sure I've heard of Moonfleet but I might be wrong. Who knows?"

“Since Hobus went hyper-nova, the Romulans have been supplementing supplies by what they can steal from convoys." Bruttius Praescens explained.

"I suppose that would make sense to them, if they were so desperate to steal"

"So what was it you wanted from me?" asked Max.

“It’s not so much what I want from you as what I can offer.”

More than anything Maxx wanted a drink, but more than that he really needed a job. A change might do him good and would stop him from feeling so wretched about himself all the time. But a change from what if only he could remember.

"Tell me about your offer." asked Maxx

“Despite the way we met, you seem a capable sort. I took the liberty of inspecting your gun cameras. You handled yourself well up there. I could do with someone like that; a capable wingman.”

I must have had plenty of practice thought Maxx
'I think we did' his other voice told him 'Take the job. It might be the only one we'll ever get.

"What do I stand to make out of all of this if I take up your offer as your...wingman?"

“You stand to make a lot of money...provided you live long enough to spend it. We will be joining a gang of pirates which is active in this sector. You might have heard of them.... They are run by a man who styles himself Commodore Lax Vend’re, or something like that.”

Maxx shook his head unable to remember anything much but it wouldn't matter any way, he had already decided that he needed this job. Pirates One look in the mirror told him that he would probably blend in quite well. "Nope haven't come across that name before.

“I would prefer not to turn up alone but the woman who was to accompany me had the misfortune to get herself killed in that attack you stumble into. I am, therefore, in need of a replacement and you seem to fit the bill nicely.”

Maxx offered a small smile that didn't quite reach his eyes. "Seems like you got yourself a wingman, I'm in."
'Good that makes two of us. Maybe it'll help us remember what ever it is we've forgot. Ask him for a loan and get yourself smartened up a bit. You look terrible.


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